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May 2015 CoverMay 2015 | Volume 123 | Issue 5

On the Cover

In recent years, under mounting pressure from advocacy groups, a number of major manufacturers and retailers have begun eliminating controversial ingredients from the personal care products they produce and sell. Companies are investing considerable resources to reformulate their products, even as they universally defend the questioned ingredients.

© Rebecca Kessler

May 2015 | Volume 123 | Issue 5


More than Cosmetic Changes: Taking Stock of Personal Care Product Safety

Rebecca Kessler | A120

Chemical Footprinting: Identifying Hidden Liabilities in Manufacturing Consumer Products

Lindsey Konkel | A130

Air Pollution and Diabetes Risk: Assessing the Evidence to Date

Wendee Nicole | A134

Also see Eze et al., p. 381

Tracking Organophosphates: New Method for Assessing Long-Term Dietary Exposures

Carol Potera | A135

Also see Curl et al., p. 475

Profiles in Cytotoxicity: A First Step Toward Chemical-Specific Adjustment Factors

Julia R. Barrett | A136

Also see Abdo et al., p. 458

Arsenic Exposure in Infancy: Estimating the Contributions of Well Water and Human Milk

Charles W. Schmidt | A137

Also see Carignan et al., p. 500


Association between Ambient Air Pollution and Diabetes Mellitus in Europe and North America: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Ikenna C. Eze, Lars G. Hemkens, Heiner C. Bucher, Barbara Hoffmann, Christian Schindler, Nino Künzli, Tamara Schikowski, and Nicole M. Probst-Hensch | 381

Also see Science Selections, p. A134

Metro Nature, Environmental Health, and Economic Value

Kathleen L. Wolf and Alicia S.T. Robbins | 390

MicroRNAs as Potential Signatures of Environmental Exposure or Effect: A Systematic Review

Karen Vrijens, Valentina Bollati, and Tim S. Nawrot | 399

Association of Arsenic with Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes/Infant Mortality: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Reginald Quansah, Frederick Ato Armah, David Kofi Essumang, Isaac Luginaah, Edith Clarke, Kissinger Marfoh, Samuel Jerry Cobbina, Edward Nketiah-Amponsah, Proscovia Bazanya Namujju, Samuel Obiri, and Mawuli Dzodzomenyo | 412


Association between Lung Function in Adults and Plasma DDT and DDE Levels: Results from the Canadian Health Measures Survey

Ming Ye, Jeremy Beach, Jonathan W. Martin, and Ambikaipakan Senthilselvan | 422

Developmental Exposure to a Commercial PBDE Mixture: Effects on Protein Networks in the Cerebellum and Hippocampus of Rats

Prasada Rao S. Kodavanti, Joyce E. Royland, Cristina Osorio, Witold M. Winnik, Pedro Ortiz, Lei Lei, Ram Ramabhadran, and Oscar Alzate | 428

Fine Particulate Matter Components and Emergency Department Visits for Cardiovascular and Respiratory Diseases in the St. Louis, Missouri–Illinois, Metropolitan Area

Stefanie Ebelt Sarnat, Andrea Winquist, James J. Schauer, Jay R. Turner, and Jeremy A. Sarnat | 437

Lead Exposure and Tremor among Older Men: The VA Normative Aging Study

John S. Ji, Melinda C. Power, David Sparrow, Avron Spiro III, Howard Hu, Elan D. Louis, and Marc G. Weisskopf | 445

Interaction between Arsenic Exposure from Drinking Water and Genetic Polymorphisms on Cardiovascular Disease in Bangladesh: A Prospective Case-Cohort Study

Fen Wu, Farzana Jasmine, Muhammad G. Kibriya, Mengling Liu, Xin Cheng, Faruque Parvez, Tariqul Islam, Alauddin Ahmed, Muhammad Rakibuz-Zaman, Jieying Jiang, Shantanu Roy, Rachelle Paul-Brutus, Vesna Slavkovich, Tariqul Islam, Diane Levy, Tyler J. VanderWeele, Brandon L. Pierce, Joseph H. Graziano, Habibul Ahsan, and Yu Chen | 451

Population-Based in Vitro Hazard and Concentration–Response Assessment of Chemicals: The 1000 Genomes High-Throughput Screening Study

Nour Abdo, Menghang Xia, Chad C. Brown, Oksana Kosyk, Ruili Huang, Srilatha Sakamuru, Yi-Hui Zhou, John R. Jack, Paul Gallins, Kai Xia, Yun Li, Weihsueh A. Chiu, Alison A. Motsinger-Reif, Christopher P. Austin, Raymond R. Tice, Ivan Rusyn, and Fred A. Wright | 458

Also see Science Selections, p. A136

Associations between Long-Term Exposure to Chemical Constituents of Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5) and Mortality in Medicare Enrollees in the Eastern United States

Yeonseung Chung, Francesca Dominici, Yun Wang, Brent A. Coull, and Michelle L. Bell | 467

Estimating Pesticide Exposure from Dietary Intake and Organic Food Choices: The Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA)

Cynthia L. Curl, Shirley A.A. Beresford, Richard A. Fenske, Annette L. Fitzpatrick, Chensheng Lu, Jennifer A. Nettleton, and Joel D. Kaufman | 475

Also see Science Selections, p. A135

E2F1-Mediated FOS Induction in Arsenic Trioxide–Induced Cellular Transformation: Effects of Global H3K9 Hypoacetylation and Promoter-Specific Hyperacetylation in Vitro

Sunniyat Rahman, Zjwan Housein, Aleksandra Dabrowska, Maria Dolores Mayán, Alan R. Boobis, and Nabil Hajji | 484

Effects of Atrazine on Estrogen Receptor α– and G Protein–Coupled Receptor 30–Mediated Signaling and Proliferation in Cancer Cells and Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts

Lidia Albanito, Rosamaria Lappano, Antonio Madeo, Adele Chimento, Eric R. Prossnitz, Anna Rita Cappello, Vincenza Dolce, Sergio Abonante, Vincenzo Pezzi, and Marcello Maggiolini | 493

Children’s Health

Estimated Exposure to Arsenic in Breastfed and Formula-Fed Infants in a United States Cohort

Courtney C. Carignan, Kathryn L. Cottingham, Brian P. Jackson, Shohreh F. Farzan, A. Jay Gandolfi, Tracy Punshon, Carol L. Folt, and Margaret R. Karagas | 500

Also see Science Selections, p. A137


Alternatives to PFASs: Perspectives on the Science

Linda S. Birnbaum and Philippe Grandjean | A104

Editor’s Note


Brief Communications

The Madrid Statement on Poly- and Perfluoroalkyl Substances (PFASs)

Arlene Blum, Simona A. Balan, Martin Scheringer, Xenia Trier, Gretta Goldenman, Ian T. Cousins, Miriam Diamond, Tony Fletcher, Christopher Higgins, Avery E. Lindeman, Graham Peaslee, Pim de Voogt, Zhanyun Wang, and Roland Weber | A107

Fluorotechnology Is Critical to Modern Life: The FluoroCouncil Counterpoint to the Madrid Statement

Jessica S. Bowman | A112


Ambient Air Pollution and Depressive Symptoms in Older Adults

Yongqing Gao, Tan Xu, and Wenjie Sun | A114

Ambient Air Pollution and Depressive Symptoms in Older Adults:
Wellenius et al. Respond

Gregory A. Wellenius, Petros Koutrakis, and Yi Wang | A114


Erratum: Association between Lung Function in Adults and Plasma DDT and DDE Levels: Results from the Canadian Health Measures Survey


Erratum: Estimated Exposure to Arsenic in Breastfed and Formula-Fed Infants in a United States Cohort


Erratum: Climate Change, Crop Yields, and Undernutrition: Development of a Model to Quantify the Impact of Climate Scenarios on Child Undernutrition


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