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January 2015 CoverJanuary 2015 | Volume 123 | Issue 1

On the Cover

Emergency situations are prime settings for outbreaks of diseases spread by fecal–oral transmission. In times of scarcity, water tends to go first to drinking and cooking, while hygiene often gets short shrift. Having adequate water is not enough, however; health-protective behaviors are critically important for preventing the spread of waterborne diseases.

© Wendee Nicole

January 2015 | Volume 123 | Issue 1


The WASH Approach: Fighting Waterborne Diseases in Emergency Situations

Wendee Nicole | A6

In Search of “Just Right”: The Challenge of Regulating Arsenic in Rice

Charles W. Schmidt | A16

ToxCast™ Wants You: Recommendations for Engaging the Broader Scientific Community

Carrie Arnold | A20

Also see McPartland et al., p. 1

Inner Workings of Arsenic: DNA Methylation Targets Offer Clues to Mechanisms of Toxicity

Lindsey Konkel | A21

Also see Argos et al., p. 64

“Exported” Deaths Attributable to Short-Term PM10 Exposure: Factoring the Impact of Commuting into Mortality Estimates

Julia R. Barrett | A22

Also see Baccini et al., p. 27

Potential Mitochondrial Toxicants: Tox21 Identifies Chemicals of Interest

Carol Potera | A23

Also see Attene-Ramos et al., p. 49


Building a Robust 21st Century Chemical Testing Program at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: Recommendations for Strengthening Scientific Engagement

Jennifer McPartland, Heather C. Dantzker, and Christopher J. Portier | 1

Also see Science Selections, p. A20


Indoor Environmental Exposures and Exacerbation of Asthma: An Update to the 2000 Review by the Institute of Medicine

Watcharoot Kanchongkittiphon, Mark J. Mendell, Jonathan M. Gaffin, Grace Wang, and Wanda Phipatanakul | 6


Proximity to Natural Gas Wells and Reported Health Status: Results of a Household Survey in Washington County, Pennsylvania

Peter M. Rabinowitz, Ilya B. Slizovskiy, Vanessa Lamers, Sally J. Trufan, Theodore R. Holford, James D. Dziura, Peter N. Peduzzi, Michael J. Kane, John S. Reif, Theresa R. Weiss, and Meredith H. Stowe | 21

Commuting-Adjusted Short-Term Health Impact Assessment of Airborne Fine Particles with Uncertainty Quantification via Monte Carlo Simulation

Michela Baccini, Laura Grisotto, Dolores Catelan, Dario Consonni, Pier Alberto Bertazzi, and Annibale Biggeri | 27

Also see Science Selections, p. A22

Effect of Exposure to Atmospheric Ultrafine Particles on Production of Free Fatty Acids and Lipid Metabolites in the Mouse Small Intestine

Rongsong Li, Kaveh Navab, Greg Hough, Nancy Daher, Min Zhang, David Mittelstein, Katherine Lee, Payam Pakbin, Arian Saffari, May Bhetraratana, Dawoud Sulaiman, Tyler Beebe, Lan Wu, Nelson Jen, Eytan Wine, Chi-Hong Tseng, Jesus A. Araujo, Alan Fogelman, Constantinos Sioutas, Mohamed Navab, and Tzung K. Hsiai | 34

Effects of the Endocrine-Disrupting Chemical DDT on Self-Renewal and Differentiation of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Amy L. Strong, Zhenzhen Shi, Michael J. Strong, David F.B. Miller, Douglas B. Rusch, Aaron M. Buechlein, Erik K. Flemington, John A. McLachlan, Kenneth P. Nephew, Matthew E. Burow, and Bruce A. Bunnell | 42

Profiling of the Tox21 Chemical Collection for Mitochondrial Function to Identify Compounds that Acutely Decrease Mitochondrial Membrane Potential

Matias S. Attene-Ramos, Ruili Huang, Sam Michael, Kristine L. Witt, Ann Richard, Raymond R. Tice, Anton Simeonov, Christopher P. Austin, and Menghang Xia | 49

Also see Science Selections, p. A23

Perfluorochemicals and Human Semen Quality: The LIFE Study

Germaine M. Buck Louis, Zhen Chen, Enrique F. Schisterman, Sungduk Kim, Anne M. Sweeney, Rajeshwari Sundaram, Courtney D. Lynch, Robert E. Gore-Langton, and Dana Boyd Barr | 57

Gene-Specific Differential DNA Methylation and Chronic Arsenic Exposure in an Epigenome-Wide Association Study of Adults in Bangladesh

Maria Argos, Lin Chen, Farzana Jasmine, Lin Tong, Brandon L. Pierce, Shantanu Roy, Rachelle Paul-Brutus, Mary V. Gamble, Kristin N. Harper, Faruque Parvez, Mahfuzar Rahman, Muhammad Rakibuz-Zaman, Vesna Slavkovich, John A. Baron, Joseph H. Graziano, Muhammad G. Kibriya, and Habibul Ahsan | 64

Also see Science Selections, p. A21

Modification of the Association between PM10 and Lung Function Decline by Cadherin 13 Polymorphisms in the SAPALDIA Cohort: A Genome-Wide Interaction Analysis

Medea Imboden, Ashish Kumar, Ivan Curjuric, Martin Adam, Gian Andri Thun, Margot Haun, Ming-Yi Tsai, Marco Pons, Robert Bettschart, Alexander Turk, Thierry Rochat, Nino Künzli, Christian Schindler, Florian Kronenberg, and Nicole M. Probst-Hensch | 72

Genistein Disrupts Glucocorticoid Receptor Signaling in Human Uterine Endometrial Ishikawa Cells

Shannon Whirledge, Linda T. Senbanjo, and John A. Cidlowski | 80

Children’s Health

Preconception Maternal and Paternal Exposure to Persistent Organic Pollutants and Birth Size: The LIFE Study

Candace A. Robledo, Edwina Yeung, Pauline Mendola, Rajeshwari Sundaram, Jose Maisog, Anne M. Sweeney, Dana Boyd Barr, and Germaine M. Buck Louis | 88

Prenatal Exposure to Phthalate Esters and Behavioral Syndromes in Children at 8 Years of Age: Taiwan Maternal and Infant Cohort Study

Yin-Ju Lien, Hsiu-Ying Ku, Pen-Hua Su, Suh-Jen Chen, Hsiao-Yen Chen, Pao-Chi Liao, Wei-J. Chen, and Shu-Li Wang | 95

Prenatal Phthalate Exposures and Anogenital Distance in Swedish Boys

Carl-Gustaf Bornehag, Fredrik Carlstedt, Bo AG. Jönsson, Christian H. Lindh, Tina K. Jensen, Anna Bodin, Carin Jonsson, Staffan Janson, and Shanna H. Swan | 101

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