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October 2015 CoverOctober 2015 | Volume 123 | Issue 10

On the Cover

In recent years researchers have dramatically expanded their understanding of health benefits tied to visiting parks and some of the many pathways through which these benefits occur. Now park visits are being integrated into children’s health care through “park prescriptions” and community health programs.

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October 2015 | Volume 123 | Issue 10


Just What the Doctor Ordered: Using Parks to Improve Children’s Health

Nate Seltenrich | A254

Growing a New Study: Environmental Influences on Child Health Outcomes

Charles W. Schmidt | A260

A One–Two Punch to Bone: Assessing the Combined Impact of Lead and a High-Fat Diet

Julia R. Barrett | A264

Also see Beier et al., p. 935

Obesogen Holdover: Prenatal Exposure Predicts Cardiometabolic Risk Factors in Childhood

Lindsey Konkel | A265

Also see Vafeiadi et al., p. 1015

POPs and Pubertal Timing: Evidence of Delayed Development

Nate Seltenrich | A266

Also see Windham et al., p. 1046

Exploring a Little-Known Pathway: Dermal Exposure to Phthalates in Indoor Air

Lindsey Konkel | A267

Also see Weschler et al., p. 928


The NIEHS Superfund Research Program: 25 Years of Translational Research for Public Health

Philip J. Landrigan, Robert O. Wright, Jose F. Cordero, David L. Eaton, Bernard D. Goldstein, Bernhard Hennig, Raina M. Maier, David M. Ozonoff, Martyn T. Smith, and Robert H. Tukey | 909


Uses of NHANES Biomarker Data for Chemical Risk Assessment: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities

Jon R. Sobus, Robert S. DeWoskin, Yu-Mei Tan, Joachim D. Pleil, Martin Blake Phillips, Barbara Jane George, Krista Christensen, Dina M. Schreinemachers, Marc A. Williams, Elaine A. Cohen Hubal, and Stephen W. Edwards | 919


Transdermal Uptake of Diethyl Phthalate and Di(n-butyl) Phthalate Directly from Air: Experimental Verification

Charles J. Weschler, Gabriel Bekö, Holger M. Koch, Tunga Salthammer, Tobias Schripp, Jørn Toftum, and Geo Clausen | 928

Also see Science Selections, p. A267

Effects of Combined Exposure to Lead and High-Fat Diet on Bone Quality in Juvenile Male Mice

Eric E. Beier, Jason A. Inzana, Tzong-Jen Sheu, Lei Shu, J. Edward Puzas, and Robert A. Mooney | 935

Also see Science Selections, p. A264

Effects of Adipocyte Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Deficiency on PCB-Induced Disruption of Glucose Homeostasis in Lean and Obese Mice

Nicki A. Baker, Robin Shoemaker, Victoria English, Nika Larian, Manjula Sunkara, Andrew J. Morris, Mary Walker, Frederique Yiannikouris, and Lisa A. Cassis | 944

Long-Term Air Pollution Exposure and Blood Pressure in the Sister Study

Stephanie H. Chan, Victor C. Van Hee, Silas Bergen, Adam A. Szpiro, Lisa A. DeRoo, Stephanie J. London, Julian D. Marshall, Joel D. Kaufman, and Dale P. Sandler | 951

Forest Fire Smoke Exposures and Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrests in Melbourne, Australia: A Case-Crossover Study

Martine Dennekamp, Lahn D. Straney, Bircan Erbas, Michael J. Abramson, Melita Keywood, Karen Smith, Malcolm R. Sim, Deborah C. Glass, Anthony Del Monaco, Anjali Haikerwal, and Andrew M. Tonkin | 959

Analysis of Environmental Chemical Mixtures and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Risk in the NCI-SEER NHL Study

Jenna Czarnota, Chris Gennings, Joanne S. Colt, Anneclaire J. De Roos, James R. Cerhan, Richard K. Severson, Patricia Hartge, Mary H. Ward, and David C. Wheeler | 965

Occupational Exposure to Benzene and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in a Population-Based Cohort: The Shanghai Women’s Health Study

Bryan A. Bassig, Melissa C. Friesen, Roel Vermeulen, Xiao-Ou Shu, Mark P. Purdue, Patricia A. Stewart, Yong-Bing Xiang, Wong-Ho Chow, Tongzhang Zheng, Bu-Tian Ji, Gong Yang, Martha S. Linet, Wei Hu, Heping Zhang, Wei Zheng, Yu-Tang Gao, Nathaniel Rothman, and Qing Lan | 971

Insights into PBDE Uptake, Body Burden, and Elimination Gained from Australian Age–Concentration Trends Observed Shortly after Peak Exposure

Tenzing Gyalpo, Leisa-Maree Toms, Jochen F. Mueller, Fiona A. Harden, Martin Scheringer, and Konrad Hungerbühler | 978

The Genetic Architecture of Arsenic Metabolism Efficiency: A SNP-Based Heritability Study of Bangladeshi Adults

Jianjun Gao, Lin Tong, Maria Argos, Molly Scannell Bryan, Alauddin Ahmed, Muhammad Rakibuz-Zaman, Muhammad G. Kibriya, Farzana Jasmine, Vesna Slavkovich, Joseph H. Graziano, Habibul Ahsan, and Brandon L. Pierce | 985

A Case-Cohort Study of Cadmium Body Burden and Gestational Diabetes Mellitus in American Women

Megan E. Romano, Daniel A. Enquobahrie, Christopher D. Simpson, Harvey Checkoway, and Michelle A. Williams | 993

Blood Pressure Changes in Relation to Arsenic Exposure in a U.S. Pregnancy Cohort

Shohreh F. Farzan, Yu Chen, Fen Wu, Jieying Jiang, Mengling Liu, Emily Baker, Susan A. Korrick, and Margaret R. Karagas | 999

Association of Roadway Proximity with Fasting Plasma Glucose and Metabolic Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease in a Cross-Sectional Study of Cardiac Catheterization Patients

Cavin K. Ward-Caviness, William E. Kraus, Colette Blach, Carol S. Haynes, Elaine Dowdy, Marie Lynn Miranda, Robert B. Devlin, David Diaz-Sanchez, Wayne E. Cascio, Shaibal Mukerjee, Casson Stallings, Luther A. Smith, Simon G. Gregory, Svati H. Shah, Elizabeth R. Hauser, and Lucas M. Neas | 1007

Children’s Health

Association of Prenatal Exposure to Persistent Organic Pollutants with Obesity and Cardiometabolic Traits in Early Childhood: The Rhea Mother–Child Cohort (Crete, Greece)

Marina Vafeiadi, Vaggelis Georgiou, Georgia Chalkiadaki, Panu Rantakokko, Hannu Kiviranta, Marianna Karachaliou, Eleni Fthenou, Maria Venihaki, Katerina Sarri, Maria Vassilaki, Soterios A. Kyrtopoulos, Emily Oken, Manolis Kogevinas, and Leda Chatzi | 1015

Also see Science Selections, p. A265

Prenatal Phthalate Exposure and Childhood Growth and Blood Pressure: Evidence from the Spanish INMA-Sabadell Birth Cohort Study

Damaskini Valvi, Maribel Casas, Dora Romaguera, Nuria Monfort, Rosa Ventura, David Martinez, Jordi Sunyer, and Martine Vrijheid | 1022

Exposure to Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals during Pregnancy and Weight at 7 Years of Age: A Multi-pollutant Approach

Keren Agay-Shay, David Martinez, Damaskini Valvi, Raquel Garcia-Esteban, Xavier Basagaña, Oliver Robinson, Maribel Casas, Jordi Sunyer, and Martine Vrijheid | 1030

The Association of Prenatal Exposure to Perfluorinated Chemicals with Maternal Essential and Long-Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids during Pregnancy and the Birth Weight of their Offspring: The Hokkaido Study

Reiko Kishi, Tamie Nakajima, Houman Goudarzi, Sachiko Kobayashi, Seiko Sasaki, Emiko Okada, Chihiro Miyashita, Sachiko Itoh, Atsuko Araki, Tamiko Ikeno, Yusuke Iwasaki, and Hiroyuki Nakazawa | 1038

Brominated Flame Retardants and Other Persistent Organohalogenated Compounds in Relation to Timing of Puberty in a Longitudinal Study of Girls

Gayle C. Windham, Susan M. Pinney, Robert W. Voss, Andreas Sjödin, Frank M. Biro, Louise C. Greenspan, Susan Stewart, Robert A. Hiatt, and Lawrence H. Kushi | 1046

Also see Science Selections, p. A266

Using Satellite-Based Spatiotemporal Resolved Air Temperature Exposure to Study the Association between Ambient Air Temperature and Birth Outcomes in Massachusetts

Itai Kloog, Steven J. Melly, Brent A. Coull, Francesco Nordio, and Joel D. Schwartz | 1053

Exposure to Elemental Carbon, Organic Carbon, Nitrate, and Sulfate Fractions of Fine Particulate Matter and Risk of Preterm Birth in New Jersey, Ohio, and Pennsylvania (2000–2005)

Kristen M. Rappazzo, Julie L. Daniels, Lynne C. Messer, Charles Poole, and Danelle T. Lobdell | 1059

Manganese Exposure and Neurocognitive Outcomes in Rural School-Age Children: The Communities Actively Researching Exposure Study (Ohio, USA)

Erin N. Haynes, Heidi Sucharew, Pierce Kuhnell, Jody Alden, Mary Barnas, Robert O. Wright, Patrick J. Parsons, Kenneth M. Aldous, Meredith L. Praamsma, Caroline Beidler, and Kim N. Dietrich | 1066

Prenatal and Childhood Traffic-Related Pollution Exposure and Childhood Cognition in the Project Viva Cohort (Massachusetts, USA)

Maria H. Harris, Diane R. Gold, Sheryl L. Rifas-Shiman, Steven J. Melly, Antonella Zanobetti, Brent A. Coull, Joel D. Schwartz, Alexandros Gryparis, Itai Kloog, Petros Koutrakis, David C. Bellinger, Roberta F. White, Sharon K. Sagiv, and Emily Oken | 1072

Maternal Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether (PBDE) Exposure and Thyroid Hormones in Maternal and Cord Sera: The HOME Study, Cincinnati, USA

Ann M. Vuong, Glenys M. Webster, Megan E. Romano, Joseph M. Braun, R. Thomas Zoeller, Andrew N. Hoofnagle, Andreas Sjödin, Kimberly Yolton, Bruce P. Lanphear, and Aimin Chen | 1079

Effect of Organic Diet Intervention on Pesticide Exposures in Young Children Living in Low-Income Urban and Agricultural Communities

Asa Bradman, Lesliam Quirós-Alcalá, Rosemary Castorina, Raul Aguilar Schall, Jose Camacho, Nina T. Holland, Dana Boyd Barr, and Brenda Eskenazi | 1086


In Memoriam

In Memoriam: Louis J. Guillette, Jr.

Caren C. Helbing, Charles R. Tyler, and Taisen Iguchi | A250


Comment on “Using Satellite-Based Spatiotemporal Resolved Air Temperature Exposure to Study the Association between Ambient Air Temperature and Birth Outcomes in Massachusetts” 

Cristina Linares and Julio Díaz | A251


Erratum: “Pollinator Power: Nutrition Security Benefits of an Ecosystem Service”


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