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The Urban Exposome during Pregnancy and Its Socioeconomic Determinants

Oliver Robinson, Ibon Tamayo, Montserrat de Castro, Antonia Valentin, Lise Giorgis-Allemand, Norun Hjertager Krog, Gunn Marit Aasvang, Albert Ambros, Ferran Ballester, Pippa Bird, Leda Chatzi, Marta Cirach, Audrius Dėdelė, David Donaire-Gonzalez, Regina Gražuleviciene, Minas Iakovidis, Jesus Ibarluzea, Mariza Kampouri, Johanna Lepeule, Léa Maitre, Rosie McEachan, Bente Oftedal, Valerie Siroux, Remy Slama, Euripides G. Stephanou, Jordi Sunyer, Jose Urquiza, Kjell Vegard Weyde, John Wright, Martine Vrijheid, Mark Nieuwenhuijsen, and Xavier Basagaña

July 2018 | Volume 126 | Issue 7 | doi:10.1289/EHP2862

Weight of Evidence for Hazard Identification: A Critical Review of the Literature

Pierre Martin, Claire Bladier, Bette Meek, Olivier Bruyere, Eve Feinblatt, Mathilde Touvier, Laurence Watier, and David Makowski

July 2018 | Volume 126 | Issue 7 | doi:10.1289/EHP3067

Expanding the Concept of Translational Research: Making a Place for Environmental Health Sciences

Kristianna G. Pettibone, David M. Balshaw, Caroline Dilworth, Christina H. Drew, Janet E. Hall, Michelle Heacock, Alfonso R. Latoni, Kimberly A. McAllister, Liam R. O’Fallon, Claudia Thompson, Nigel J. Walker, Mary S. Wolfe, Demia S. Wright, and Gwen W. Collman

July 2018 | Volume 126 | Issue 7 | doi:10.1289/EHP3657

Evaluation of a Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic (PBPK) Model for Inorganic Arsenic Exposure Using Data from Two Diverse Human Populations

Hisham A. El-Masri, Tao Hong, Cara Henning, William Mendez, Edward E. Hudgens, David J. Thomas, and Janice S. Lee

July 2018 | Volume 126 | Issue 7 | doi:10.1289/EHP3096

Residential Surrounding Greenness and Cognitive Decline: A 10-Year Follow-up of the Whitehall II Cohort

Carmen de Keijzer, Cathryn Tonne, Xavier Basagaña, Antònia Valentín, Archana Singh-Manoux, Jordi Alonso, Josep Maria Antó, Mark J. Nieuwenhuijsen, Jordi Sunyer, and Payam Dadvand

July 2018 | Volume 126 | Issue 7 | doi:10.1289/EHP2875

Down to Earth: The Emerging Field of Planetary Health

Nate Seltenrich

July 2018 | Volume 126 | Issue 7 | doi:10.1289/EHP2374

Erratum: “Climate Change and Future Pollen Allergy in Europe”

Iain R. Lake, Natalia R. Jones, Maureen Agnew, Clare M. Goodess, Filippo Giorgi, Lynda Hamaoui-Laguel, Mikhail A. Semenov, Fabien Solmon, Jonathan Storkey, Robert Vautard, and Michelle M. Epstein

July 2018 | Volume 126 | Issue 7 | doi:10.1289/EHP2073

Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic (PBPK) Modeling of the Bisphenols BPA, BPS, BPF, and BPAF with New Experimental Metabolic Parameters: Comparing the Pharmacokinetic Behavior of BPA with Its Substitutes

Cecile Karrer, Thomas Roiss, Natalie von Goetz, Darja Gramec Skledar, Lucija Peterlin Mašič, and Konrad Hungerbühler

July 2018 | Volume 126 | Issue 7 | doi:10.1289/EHP2739

Organophosphate and Pyrethroid Pesticide Exposures Measured before Conception and Associations with Time to Pregnancy in Chinese Couples Enrolled in the Shanghai Birth Cohort

Yi Hu, Lin Ji, Yan Zhang, Rong Shi, Wenchao Han, Lap Ah Tse, Rui Pan, Yiwen Wang, Guodong Ding, Jian Xu, Qingying Zhang, Yu Gao, and Ying Tian (Shanghai Birth Cohort Study)

July 2018 | Volume 126 | Issue 7 | doi:10.1289/EHP2987

Erratum: “Prenatal Organophosphate Pesticide Exposure and Traits Related to Autism Spectrum Disorders in a Population Living in Proximity to Agriculture”

Sharon K. Sagiv, Maria H. Harris, Robert B. Gunier, Katherine R. Kogut, Kim G. Harley, Julianna Deardorff, Asa Bradman, Nina Holland, and Brenda Eskenazi

July 2018 | Volume 126 | Issue 7 | doi:10.1289/EHP4002

WIC Participation and Blood Lead Levels among Children 1–5 Years: 2007–2014

Yutaka Aoki and Debra J. Brody

June 2018 | Volume 126 | Issue 6 | doi:10.1289/EHP2384

Elucidating Gene-by-Environment Interactions Associated with Differential Susceptibility to Chemical Exposure

Michele Balik-Meisner, Lisa Truong, Elizabeth H. Scholl, Jane K. La Du, Robert L. Tanguay, and David M. Reif

June 2018 | Volume 126 | Issue 6 | doi:10.1289/EHP2662

Beyond the RfD: Broad Application of a Probabilistic Approach to Improve Chemical Dose–Response Assessments for Noncancer Effects

Weihsueh A. Chiu, Daniel A. Axelrad, Chimeddulam Dalaijamts, Chris Dockins, Kan Shao, Andrew J. Shapiro, and Greg Paoli

June 2018 | Volume 126 | Issue 6 | doi:10.1289/EHP3368

Erratum: “Diversity Outbred Mice Identify Population-Based Exposure Thresholds and Genetic Factors that Influence Benzene-Induced Genotoxicity”

John E. French, Daniel M. Gatti, Daniel L. Morgan, Grace E. Kissling, Keith R. Shockley, Gabriel A. Knudsen, Kim G. Shepard, Herman C. Price, Deborah King, Kristine L. Witt, Lars C. Pedersen, Steven C. Munger, Karen L. Svenson, and Gary A. Churchill

June 2018 | Volume 126 | Issue 6 | doi:10.1289/EHP3950

Spatial Modeling to Identify Sociodemographic Predictors of Hydraulic Fracturing Wastewater Injection Wells in Ohio Census Block Groups

Genevieve S. Silva, Joshua L. Warren, and Nicole C. Deziel

June 2018 | Volume 126 | Issue 6 | doi:10.1289/EHP2663

Erratum: “Projecting Age-Stratified Risk of Exposure to Inland Flooding and Wildfire Smoke in the United States under Two Climate Scenarios”

David Mills, Russell Jones, Cameron Wobus, Julia Ekstrom, Lesley Jantarasami, Alexis St. Juliana, and Allison Crimmins

June 2018 | Volume 126 | Issue 6 | doi:10.1289/EHP3878

Metabolic Effects of a Chronic Dietary Exposure to a Low-Dose Pesticide Cocktail in Mice: Sexual Dimorphism and Role of the Constitutive Androstane Receptor

Céline Lukowicz, Sandrine Ellero-Simatos, Marion Régnier, Arnaud Polizzi, Frédéric Lasserre, Alexandra Montagner, Yannick Lippi, Emilien L. Jamin, Jean-François Martin, Claire Naylies, Cécile Canlet, Laurent Debrauwer, Justine Bertrand-Michel, Talal Al Saati, Vassilia Théodorou, Nicolas Loiseau, Laïla Mselli-Lakhal, Hervé Guillou, and Laurence Gamet-Payrastre

June 2018 | Volume 126 | Issue 6 | doi:10.1289/EHP2877

Identifying Cost Savings Associated with NIEHS-Funded Research

Linda S. Birnbaum

June 2018 | Volume 126 | Issue 6 | doi:10.1289/EHP3841

Assessing the Economic and Societal Benefits of SRP-Funded Research

William A. Suk, Michelle L. Heacock, Brittany A. Trottier, Sara M. Amolegbe, Maureen D. Avakian, Heather F. Henry, Danielle J. Carlin, and Larry G. Reed

June 2018 | Volume 126 | Issue 6 | doi:10.1289/EHP3534

Evaluation and Management Strategies for Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFASs) in Drinking Water Aquifers: Perspectives from Impacted U.S. Northeast Communities

Jennifer L. Guelfo, Thomas Marlow, David M. Klein, David A. Savitz, Scott Frickel, Michelle Crimi, and Eric M. Suuberg

June 2018 | Volume 126 | Issue 6 | doi:10.1289/EHP2727

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