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EHP Publishing Staff

The EHP Publishing staff is responsible for daily operations of each journal, as well as representing the program at events relevant to environmental health sciences scholars and scholarly publishing.

The Editorial team triages new submissions, manages the peer review process, and coordinates communications with editorial boards and other journal contributors. The Production team moves papers through the post-acceptance procedures, such as copyediting and proofing, and organizes content on the website as new publications and other resources become available.

Visit the editorial boards pages of Environmental Health Perspectives and Journal of Health and Pollution to learn more about the editors, reviewers, and committees that contribute to each journal.


Joel D. Kaufman, MD, MPH

Windy A. Boyd, PhD, MPH
Senior Science Editor

Sabah M. Quraishi, PhD, MPH
Science Editor

Kim A. Gaetz, PhD, MSPH
Science Editor

Kristin S. Inman, PhD, ELS, Contractor
Science Editor

Kristen E. Cosselman, PhD, MPA, Contractor
Science Editor

Julia Boyle Warren, MA
Managing Editor

Susan Booker Woolard
Senior Staff Editor

Kelly Lenox, MFA
News Editor

Erin Dooley, MA
Assistant News Editor



Shaun R. Halloran
Chief Operating Officer

Adam Palumbo
Deputy Chief Operating Officer

Kathy Crabtree
Staff Specialist

Robert Leon, Contractor
Senior Production Editor

Chloe J. Miller, Contractor
Communications Manager

James T. Rebenski, MMB, Contractor
Marketing Specialist