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Environmental Health Perspectives

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Issue 7 | July
Brief Communication

The Imperial County Community Air Monitoring Network: A Model for Community-based Environmental Monitoring for Public Health Action

Paul B. English, Luis Olmedo, Ester Bejarano, Humberto Lugo, Eduardo Murillo, Edmund Seto, Michelle Wong, Galatea King, Alexa Wilkie, Dan Meltzer, Graeme Carvlin, Michael Jerrett, and Amanda Northcross

Issue 6 | June
Brief Communication

The Exposome Paradigm in Human Health: Lessons from the Emory Exposome Summer Course

Megan M. Niedzwiecki, and Gary W. Miller

Issue 6 | June
Brief Communication

The Florence Statement on Triclosan and Triclocarban

Rolf U. Halden, Avery E. Lindeman, Allison E. Aiello, David Andrews, William A. Arnold, Patricia Fair, Rebecca E. Fuoco, Laura A. Geer, Paula I. Johnson, Rainer Lohmann, Kristopher McNeill, Victoria P. Sacks, Ted Schettler, Roland Weber, R. Thomas Zoeller, and Arlene Blum

Issue 5 | May
Brief Communication

An Integrated Chemical Environment to Support 21st-Century Toxicology

Shannon M. Bell, Jason Phillips, Alexander Sedykh, Arpit Tandon, Catherine Sprankle, Stephen Q. Morefield, Andy Shapiro, David Allen, Ruchir Shah, Elizabeth A. Maull, Warren M. Casey, and Nicole C. Kleinstreuer

Issue 3 | March | 2017 | Vol. 125
Brief Communication

Rethinking Environmental Protection: Meeting the Challenges of a Changing World

Thomas A. Burke, Wayne E. Cascio, Daniel L. Costa, Kacee Deener, Thomas D. Fontaine, Florence A. Fulk, Laura E. Jackson, Wayne R. Munns Jr., Jennifer Orme-Zavaleta, Michael W. Slimak, and Valerie G. Zartarian

Issue 2 | February | 2017 | Vol. 125
Brief Communication

DERBI: A Digital Method to Help Researchers Offer “Right-to-Know” Personal Exposure Results

Katherine E. Boronow, Herbert P. Susmann, Krzysztof Z. Gajos, Ruthann A. Rudel, Kenneth C. Arnold, Phil Brown, Rachel Morello-Frosch, Laurie Havas, and Julia Green Brody

Issue 1 | January | 2017 | Vol. 125
Brief Communication

Implementation Science to Accelerate Clean Cooking for Public Health

Joshua Rosenthal, Kalpana Balakrishnan, Nigel Bruce, David Chambers, Jay Graham, Darby Jack, Lydia Kline, Omar Masera, Sumi Mehta, Ilse Ruiz Mercado, Gila Neta, Subhrendu Pattanayak, Elisa Puzzolo, Helen Petach, Antonello Punturieri, Adolfo Rubinstein, Michael Sage, Rachel Sturke, Anita Shankar, Kenny Sherr, Kirk Smith, and Gautam Yadama

Issue 12 | December | 2016 | Vol. 124
Brief Communication

Children’s Environmental Health: Homes of Influence

Brenda Afzal, Nsedu Obot Witherspoon, and Kristie Trousdale

Issue 12 | December | 2016 | Vol. 124
Brief Communication

Statistical Approaches for Assessing Health Effects of Environmental Chemical Mixtures in Epidemiology: Lessons from an Innovative Workshop

Kyla W. Taylor, Bonnie R. Joubert, Joe M. Braun, Caroline Dilworth, Chris Gennings, Russ Hauser, Jerry J. Heindel, Cynthia V. Rider, Thomas F. Webster, and Danielle J. Carlin

Issue 12 | December | 2016 | Vol. 124
Brief Communication

Two Decades of Enhancing Children’s Environmental Health Protection at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Michael Firestone, Martha Berger, Brenda Foos, and Ruth Etzel

Issue 12 | December | 2016 | Vol. 124
Brief Communication

Identifying Chemical Groups for Biomonitoring

Gail Krowech, Sara Hoover, Laurel Plummer, Martha Sandy, Lauren Zeise, and Gina Solomon

Issue 11 | November | 2016 | Vol. 124
Brief Communication

Commemorating Toxicology at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences on the Occasion of Its 50th Anniversary

John R. Bucher and Linda S. Birnbaum

Issue 10 | October | 2016 | Vol. 124
Brief Communication

Public Health Stops at the School House Door

Jerome A. Paulson and Claire L. Barnett

Issue 10 | October | 2016 | Vol. 124
Brief Communication

Managing and Mitigating the Health Risks of Climate Change: Calling for Evidence-Informed Policy and Action

Shilu Tong, Ulisses Confalonieri, Kristie Ebi, and Jorn Olsen

Issue 10 | October | 2016 | Vol. 124
Brief Communication

The Water Quality in Rio Highlights the Global Public Health Concern Over Untreated Sewage

Joseph N.S. Eisenberg, Jamie Bartram, and Timothy J. Wade

Issue 9 | September | 2016 | Vol. 124
Brief Communication

Twenty-Five Years of Endocrine Disruption Science: Remembering Theo Colborn

Carol F. Kwiatkowski, Ashley L. Bolden, Richard A. Liroff, Johanna R. Rochester, and John G. Vandenbergh

Issue 8 | August | 2016 | Vol. 124
Brief Communication

A Multimedia E-Book—A Story of Health: Filling a Gap in Environmental Health Literacy for Health Professionals

Mark D. Miller, Maria Valenti, Ted Schettler, and Brian Tencza

Issue 8 | August | 2016 | Vol. 124
Brief Communication

The Exposome: Embracing the Complexity for Discovery in Environmental Health

Yuxia Cui, David M. Balshaw, Richard K. Kwok, Claudia L. Thompson, Gwen W. Collman, and Linda S. Birnbaum

Issue 7 | July | 2016 | Vol. 124
Brief Communication

Project TENDR: Targeting Environmental Neuro-Developmental Risks. The TENDR Consensus Statement

Issue 5 | May | 2016 | Vol. 124
Brief Communication

Uppsala Consensus Statement on Environmental Contaminants and the Global Obesity Epidemic

Lars Lind, P. Monica Lind, Margareta H. Lejonklou, Linda Dunder, Åke Bergman, Carlos Guerrero-Bosagna, Erik Lampa, Hong Kyu Lee, Juliette Legler, Angel Nadal, Youngmi Kim Pak, Richard P. Phipps, Laura N. Vandenberg, Daniel Zalko, Marlene Ågerstrand, Mattias Öberg, Bruce Blumberg, Jerrold J. Heindel, and Linda S. Birnbaum

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