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From the EHP Editors

Exposures to environmental contaminants during critical windows of development can alter the course of normal development, with lifelong health consequences. Beaudin et al. used a rat model to demonstrate that early-life exposures to low levels of manganese affected adult behaviors such as attention and impulse control. These findings provide the biological plausibility that motivates further epidemiologic research on how manganese might alter neurodevelopment in children.

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Perinatal DDT Exposure Induces Hypertension and Cardiac Hypertrophy in Adult Mice

From the EHP Editors

In malaria-endemic regions of the world, DDT is still used to control the mosquitoes that spread this devastating disease. However, benefits of DDT spraying may be offset by risks to human health, especially when exposures occur during early life. La Merrill et al. used a mouse model to show that perinatal exposure to DDT causes hypertension later in life. Further, the same medication used to treat hypertension in humans was effective in lowering blood pressure in these mice, pointing to the underlying mechanism. Evidence from this study strengthens the need to protect pregnant women from DDT exposures.

From the EHP Editors

Smoking during pregnancy is known to adversely affect lung development in the fetus and add to the risk of respiratory disease risk later life. But does smoking during adolescence add to this risk? Drummond et al. addressed this question using a mouse model. They found that mice exposed to cigarette smoke prenatally and during adolescence fared worse than those exposed only in utero. This research further supports the importance of efforts to prevent teen smoking.

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Combined Effects of in Utero and Adolescent Tobacco Smoke Exposure on Lung Function in C57Bl/6J Mice

First-Trimester Urinary Bisphenol A Concentration in Relation to Anogenital Distance, an Androgen-Sensitive Measure of Reproductive Development, in Infant Girls
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Ambient Temperature and Stillbirth: A Multi-Center Retrospective Cohort Study
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Individual and Joint Effects of Early-Life Ambient PM2.5 Exposure and Maternal Prepregnancy Obesity on Childhood Overweight or Obesity
Manganese in Drinking Water and Cognitive Abilities and Behavior at 10 Years of Age: A Prospective Cohort Study
Effects of Prenatal PM10 Exposure on Fetal Cardiovascular Malformations in Fuzhou, China: A Retrospective Case-Control Study
Levels and Determinants of DDT and DDE Exposure in the VHEMBE Cohort

Current Children's Health Articles

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