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International Program

About Our Program

Through its International Program, Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) seeks to expand the quality of and access to scientific information around the world.

EHP International Program Overview (844Kb)


EHP Chinese Edition

EHP Chinese Edition is made up of news articles first published in EHP. Each issue also includes original or reprinted editorials, and occasional commentaries and review articles.

EHP Chinese Edition premiered in 2001. In 2004 EHP teamed up with the Shanghai Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention (SCDC) to distribute EHP Chinese Edition to subscribers in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. EHP Chinese Edition is published quarterly and is available online at


Journal Partnerships

International journal partnerships foster scientific exchange and further the shared scientific goals and missions of each partner through wider dissemination of scientific information to new audiences.

Journal of Environmental and Occupational Medicine

Journal of Environmental and Occupational Medicine is a bimonthly environmental and occupational health journal published by the Shanghai Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention (SCDC), China. SCDC and EHP have jointly published EHP Chinese Edition since 2004.

Salud Pública de México

Salud Pública de México is a peer-reviewed public health journal published bimonthly by the National Institute of Public Health, Mexico. It is indexed in Current Contents/Social and Behavioral Sciences, Social Sciences Citation Index, and other Mexican index services. Salud Pública de México publishes Spanish translations of selected EHP News articles.

Ciencia y Trabajo

Ciencia y Trabajo is a regional Latin American occupational and environmental health journal published by the Fundación Científica y Tecnológica, Asociación Chilena de Seguridad (Chilean Safety Association). Each quarterly edition of Ciencia y Trabajo includes Spanish translations of selected EHP News articles. EHP and Ciencia y Trabajo provide reciprocal links on their websites.

Mali Médical

Mali Médical is a quarterly medical journal published in Mali by the Société de Médecine du Mali (Mali Society of Medicine). EHP hosts the Mali Médical website. The partnership between Mali Médical and EHP is a result of the African Journal Partnership Project, a multinational initiative that focuses on journal capacity building in Africa.

Annales Africaines de Médecine

Annales Africaines de Médecine is a quarterly medical journal published in French by the Université de Kinshasa Faculté de Médecine. The partnership between Annales Africaines de Médecine and EHP is a result of the African Journal Partnership Project, a multinational initiative that focuses on journal capacity building in Africa.

Environnement, Risques et Santé

Environnement, Risques et Santé is a cross-disciplinary French journal covering all subjects that involve the environment and health. The journal publishes articles on health issues relevant to climatology, toxicology, epidemiology, biophysics, earth and water sciences, and radiation, from identifying health risks to examining legislation and standards.


African Journal Partnership Project (AJPP)

In 2003 representatives from the John E. Fogarty International Center (FIC) and the National Library of Medicine (NLM) met with the editors of five international journals (including EHP) and four African journals with three objectives in mind:

  • to develop a program to strengthen African medical journals such that they could provide training for African medical researchers,
  • to improve the quality and visibility of these journals, and
  • to make the journals a better resource for local researchers and policy makers.

The African medical journals were chosen because they are published in countries that have active NIH-sponsored research and are part of the communication network developed by NLM for the Multilateral Initiative on Malaria.

The program, which subsequently became known as the African Journal Partnership Project, was first funded in 2004, with the Council of Science Editors (CSE) agreeing to serve as the administrative body for this project. Once the participating editors had identified the African journals’ capacity needs, the following partnerships were established:

The project has achieved notable success in meeting its original objectives as established by annual formal evaluations. Each year the partner editors assemble in conjunction with the CSE annual meeting to discuss progress, problems, and plans. The annual evaluation consists of a pre-meeting questionnaire completed by the African editors, followed by a formal report comparing accomplishments against targeted goals.

Most of the journals are now indexed in MEDLINE, evidence of the heightened quality of these publications. The provision of technical equipment has allowed the journals to become more efficient and resulted in improvements in processing times and journal management. Performance indicators show that submissions have increased and the regularity of publication has improved. Each of the African partner editors has conducted a series of successful training workshops for authors and reviewers; by incorporating a training element for local facilitators, these workshops are now becoming sustainable regular events.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is EHP?

Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) is a monthly journal of peer-reviewed research and news on the impact of the environment on human health. EHP is published by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), National Institutes of Health, Department of Health and Human Services. EHP is an open-access journal.

Can I submit my research paper to EHP Chinese Edition?

EHP Chinese Edition does not accept research manuscripts. However, EHP Chinese Edition does consider editorials that address research or policy issues related to environmental health in China. For further information, please contact Ms. Hui Hu, EHP International Program Manager, at or 919-541-4898.

Can I submit my research paper to an EHP partnership journal?

Our partnership journals accept research papers according to their own policies. For details, please refer to each journal’s instructions to authors, which are available on their websites.

Can I republish EHP content?

The text of EHP articles, including articles translated into other languages, can be freely republished because EHP, as a U.S. government publication, is not subject to copyright. However, EHP occasionally licenses the use of copyrighted images to illustrate articles. Therefore, if you are interested in republishing either English-language EHP content or translated material published by one of our partnership journals, please contact Ms. Hui Hu at or 919-541-4898 for information on any copyright restrictions that may apply.

Can I translate EHP content myself?

If you wish to translate EHP content into another language, please contact Ms. Hui Hu, EHP International Program Manager, at or 919-541-4898.

Does the NIEHS support other international activities?

Yes, the NIEHS supports numerous international activities, including research collaborations, training for visiting fellows, outreach, capacity building, and service to the global scientific community. For more information, visit the NIEHS Global Environmental Health website.

Does EHP provide training or assistance with scientific writing?

EHP does not offer training or assistance with scientific writing at this time. However, support and mentoring are available from AuthorAID, a free program that helps researchers from developing countries publish their work.


Related Links

Regional Environmental Health Information

6weidu is a comprehensive Chinese environmental education website, aiming to provide the public the most current and credible news on environmental health, pesticide control, climate change, food safety, women’s and children’s health, environmental technology, and other related topics.


African Journals Online, a nonprofit organization based in South Africa, acts as a clearinghouse for research published in Africa. The website is the world’s largest collection of peer-reviewed African-published scholarly journals.

Writing/Research Resources

AuthorAID is a free international research community that provides networking, mentoring, resources, and training and helps researchers in developing countries to publish and otherwise communicate their research. AuthorAID is based at the International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications and is supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, The Norwegian Agency for Development Co-operation, and the UK Department for International Development.

Scientists Without Borders is a free web-based collaborative community dedicated to enabling users to connect and exchange resources and expertise to generate, share, and advance innovative science- and technology-based solutions to pressing global development challenges. The community includes individuals and organizations at all levels of academia, nongovernmental organizations, government, and the private sector across a variety of regions, disciplines, and subject matter.

The Journal of Young Investigators is a nonprofit, student-run initiative to help broaden the scope of the undergraduate scientific experience, providing opportunities for students to participate in the scientific review and publication processes primarily through operation of its peer-reviewed journal for undergraduates.

The Programme for the Enhancement of Research Information of the International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications partners with developing and emerging countries to strengthen the knowledge and skills of people working in research communication, participation in international knowledge networks, and research communication policy and practice. The program works with more than 50 publishers and aggregators to make their resources available to its partner countries.

PubMed Central is a free digital archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature at the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), developed and managed by the National Center for Biotechnology in the National Library of Medicine. PubMed Central is not a journal publisher, but rather preserves and maintains access to the electronic literature, just as it has done for decades with the printed biomedical literature.

Research4Life is the collective name for four programs that partner with hundreds of publishers to provide developing countries with free or low-cost access to academic and professional peer-reviewed content online:



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