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2013 Environment and Health - Basel

Abstract Number: 5673 | ID: S-3-13-03

CITI-SENSE: Ostrava, Czech Republic – European hot spot for ambient air exposure to benzo[a]pyrene

Radim, Sram, Institute of Experimental Medicine AS CR, v.v.i., India; Pavel, Rosssner, Jr., Institute of Experimental Medicine AS CR, Czech Republic; Andrea, Rossnerova, Institute of Experimental Medicine AS CR, Czech Republic; Vlasta, Svecova, Institute of Experimental Medicine AS CR, v.v.i., Czech Republic; Jan, Topinka, Institute of Experimental Medicine AS CR, India

Background: The Ostrava Region in the Czech Republic is a heavily polluted industrial area. Concentrations of PM10, PM2.5 and of benzo[a]pyrene (B[a]P) significantly exceed limit values. Our previous studies suggest that environmental exposure to B[a]P represents a risk of DNA damage and oxidative stress, increased respiratory morbidity in preschool children and the different molecular phenotype of asthma bronchiale in children. Aim: To use sensor technologies to understand the impact of different sources to a total air pollution (industry, local heating, traffic). Method: Volunteers from the most polluted part of city – Ostrava-Radvanice will use personal monitors for PM2.5 and c-PAHs, DNA damage will be determined as micronuclei, oxidative damage to DNA as 8-oxodG, lipid peroxidation as 15-F2t-IsoP. Simultaneously will be collected HiVol-samples to determine PM2.5 and c-PAHs. In the same location will be established network of sensors for selected pollutants. Results: Pilot study will generate information about the use of sensors to indicate significant air pollutants, possible sources of air pollution, and the interpretation of data using new technology platforms for the benefit of citizens. Important outcome will be about a possible relationship between biomarkers of DNA and oxidative damage and exposure assessment using sensor technologies. Conclusion: The expected outcome should be a new knowledge about the use of sensors in epidemiological studies to better characterize the exposure of citizens to air pollutants. Supported by CITI-SENSE, EU FP7-ENV-2012 (# 308524).