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Environmental Health Perspectives

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June 2013 | Volume 121 | Issue 6



A man wearing a facemask.CAFOs and Environmental Justice: The Case of North Carolina

Wendee Nicole | A182

North Carolina went from fifteenth to second in U.S. hog production between the mid-1980s and the mid-1990s. This growth—and the health impacts that accompany it—has clustered largely in the eastern half of the state, where concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) are typically sited in low-income, minority communities. As growing evidence demonstrates the adverse health effects of CAFO emissions, a handful of pioneers are experimenting with environmentally superior technologies in an effort to turn hog farms into better neighbors.

A baby's face.Unsafe Harbor? Elevated Blood Lead Levels in Refugee Children

Charles W. Schmidt | A190

Refugee children in the United States have proven to be at particular risk for elevated blood lead. Some arrive in this country with high blood lead levels attributable not only to leaded gasoline and lead-based paint but also culture-specific routes of exposure, including artisanal pottery and traditional folk remedies. Others encounter lead hazards only after they immigrate, often a result of living in older housing with flaking lead-based paint. Educating refugees about lead hazards requires sensitivity to cultural mores and awareness of potential communication barriers.

Science Selections

Metals in Lip Products: A Cause for Concern?

Valerie J. Brown | A196

Volcanic Ash and the Respiratory Immune System: Possible Mechanisms behind Reported Infections

Bob Weinhold | A197

Getting the Drift: Methyl Bromide Application and Adverse Birth Outcomes in an Agricultural Area

Julia R. Barrett | A198

Running Interference? Exercise and PCB-Induced Changes in the Gut Microbiome

Carol Potera | A199


Determinants and Within-Person Variability of Urinary Cadmium Concentrations among Women in Northern California

Robert B. Gunier, Pamela L. Horn-Ross, Alison J. Canchola, Christine N. Duffy, Peggy Reynolds, Andrew Hertz, Erika Garcia, and Rudolph P. Rull | 643

Genetic and Non-genetic Predictors of LINE-1 Methylation in Leukocyte DNA

Salman M. Tajuddin, André F. S. Amaral, Agustín F. Fernández, Sandra Rodríguez-Rodero, Ramón María Rodríguez, Lee E. Moore, Adonina Tardón, Alfredo Carrato, Montserrat García-Closas, Debra T. Silverman, Brian P. Jackson, Reina García-Closas, Ashley L. Cook, Kenneth P. Cantor, Stephen Chanock, Manolis Kogevinas, Nathaniel Rothman, Francisco X. Real, Mario F. Fraga, and Núria Malats for the Spanish Bladder Cancer/EPICURO Study Investigators | 650

Sulfated Metabolites of Polychlorinated Biphenyls Are High-Affinity Ligands for the Thyroid Hormone Transport Protein Transthyretin

Fabian A. Grimm, Hans-Joachim Lehmler, Xianran He, Larry W. Robertson, and Michael W. Duffel | 657

Bisphenol A Exposure during Adulthood Causes Augmentation of Follicular Atresia and Luteal Regression by Decreasing 17β-Estradiol Synthesis via Downregulation of Aromatase in Rat Ovary

Seung Gee Lee, Ji Young Kim, Jin-Yong Chung, Yoon-Jae Kim, Ji-Eun Park, Seunghoon Oh, Yong-Dal Yoon, Ki Soo Yoo, and Young Hyun Yoo | 663

MicroRNA Expression in Response to Controlled Exposure to Diesel Exhaust: Attenuation by the Antioxidant N-Acetylcysteine in a Randomized Crossover Study

Masatsugu Yamamoto, Amrit Singh, Francesco Sava, Mandy Pui, Scott J. Tebbutt, and Christopher Carlsten | 670

Interlaboratory Evaluation of Rodent Pulmonary Responses to Engineered Nanomaterials: The NIEHS Nano GO Consortium

James C. Bonner, Rona M. Silva, Alexia J. Taylor, Jared M. Brown, Susana C. Hilderbrand, Vincent Castranova, Dale Porter, Alison Elder, Günter Oberdörster, Jack R. Harkema, Lori A. Bramble, Terrance J. Kavanagh, Dianne Botta, Andre Nel, and Kent E. Pinkerton | 676

Interlaboratory Evaluation of in Vitro Cytotoxicity and Inflammatory Responses to Engineered Nanomaterials: The NIEHS Nano GO Consortium

Tian Xia, Raymond F. Hamilton Jr., James C. Bonner, Edward D. Crandall, Alison Elder, Farnoosh Fazlollahi, Teri A. Girtsman, Kwang Kim, Somenath Mitra, Susana A. Ntim, Galya Orr, Mani Tagmount, Alexia J. Taylor, Donatello Telesca, Ana Tolic, Christopher D. Vulpe, Andrea J. Walker, Xiang Wang, Frank A. Witzmann, Nianqiang Wu, Yumei Xie, Jeffery I. Zink, Andre Nel, and Andrij Holian | 683

Effects of Eyjafjallajökull Volcanic Ash on Innate Immune System Responses and Bacterial Growth in Vitro

Martha M. Monick, Jonas Baltrusaitis, Linda S. Powers, Jennifer A. Borcherding, Juan C. Caraballo, Imali Mudunkotuwa, David W. Peate, Katherine Walters, Jay M. Thompson, Vicki H. Grassian, Gunnar Gudmundsson, and Alejandro P. Comellas | 691

Cancer Incidence in World Trade Center Rescue and Recovery Workers, 2001–2008

Samara Solan, Sylvan Wallenstein, Moshe Shapiro, Susan L. Teitelbaum, Lori Stevenson, Anne Kochman, Julia Kaplan, Cornelia Dellenbaugh, Amy Kahn, F. Noah Biro, Michael Crane, Laura Crowley, Janice Gabrilove, Lou Gonsalves, Denise Harrison, Robin Herbert, Benjamin Luft, Steven B. Markowitz, Jacqueline Moline, Xiaoling Niu, Henry Sacks, Gauri Shukla, Iris Udasin, Roberto G. Lucchini, Paolo Boffetta, and Philip J. Landrigan | 699

Concentrations and Potential Health Risks of Metals in Lip Products

Sa Liu, S. Katharine Hammond, and Ann Rojas-Cheatham | 705

Association between Blood Lead and Walking Speed in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES 1999–2002)

John S. Ji, Alexis Elbaz, and Marc G. Weisskopf | 711

A C. elegans Screening Platform for the Rapid Assessment of Chemical Disruption of Germline Function

Patrick Allard, Nicole C. Kleinstreuer, Thomas B. Knudsen, and Monica P. Colaiácovo | 717

Exercise Attenuates PCB-Induced Changes in the Mouse Gut Microbiome

Jeong June Choi, Sung Yong Eum, Evadnie Rampersaud, Sylvia Daunert, Maria T. Abreu, and Michal Toborek | 725

Children’s Health

Traffic-Related Air Pollution Exposure in the First Year of Life and Behavioral Scores at 7 Years of Age

Nicholas C. Newman, Patrick Ryan, Grace LeMasters, Linda Levin, David Bernstein, Gurjit K. Khurana Hershey, James E. Lockey, Manuel Villareal, Tiina Reponen, Sergey Grinshpun, Heidi Sucharew, and Kim N. Dietrich | 731

Residential Proximity to Methyl Bromide Use and Birth Outcomes in an Agricultural Population in California

Alison Gemmill, Robert B. Gunier, Asa Bradman, Brenda Eskenazi, and Kim G. Harley | 737

Linking Geological and Health Sciences to Assess Childhood Lead Poisoning from Artisanal Gold Mining in Nigeria

Geoffrey S. Plumlee, James T. Durant, Suzette A. Morman, Antonio Neri, Ruth E. Wolf, Carrie A. Dooyema, Philip L. Hageman, Heather A. Lowers, Gregory L. Fernette, Gregory P. Meeker, William M. Benzel, Rhonda L. Driscoll, Cyrus J. Berry, James G. Crock, Harland L. Goldstein, Monique Adams, Casey L. Bartrem, Simba Tirima, Behrooz Behbod, Ian von Lindern, and Mary Jean Brown | 744




Nano GO Consortium—A Team Science Approach to Assess Engineered Nanomaterials: Reliable Assays and Methods

Thaddeus T. Schug, Srikanth S. Nadadur, and Anne F. Johnson | A176

Health Risks from Lead-Based Ammunition in the Environment

David C. Bellinger, Joanna Burger, Tom J. Cade, Deborah A. Cory-Slechta, Myra Finkelstein, Howard Hu, Michael Kosnett, Philip J. Landrigan, Bruce Lanphear, Mark A. Pokras, Patrick T. Redig, Bruce A. Rideout, Ellen Silbergeld, Robert Wright, and Donald R. Smith | A178

Editor’s Note



Erratum: “Secret Ingredients: Who Knows What’s in Your Food?”


Erratum: “Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Modeling of Persistent Organic Pollutants for Lifetime Exposure Assessment: A New Tool in Breast Cancer Epidemiologic Studies”


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