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  • Photo of refugee children filling water cans at a well
  • Photo of a boy sitting under a bed net
  • Photo of a family dishing up a meal of curry and rice
  • Photo of a ragweed plant bursting with pollen
  • Photo of a newborn infant being fed formula

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Traditional approaches to managing harmful algal blooms have focused on controlling phosphorus levels in water. However, new insights into the ecology of Microcystis cyanobacteria challenge long-standing ideas about how best to control these particular blooms.

Photo of people enjoying a walking loop
© Serenethos/Shutterstock

Researchers wanted to see whether walking loops are a good investment for park planners. Their new study showed that parks with walking loops had more users, more of whom engaged in moderate to vigorous physical activity, than parks without these amenities.

With the increasingly widespread use of neonicotinoid pesticides has come evidence they are contributing to devastating losses of honeybees. But little research has been conducted on neonicotinoids’ potential effects on human health, despite widespread exposure through produce.
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