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  • Aerial photo of people sitting on grass
  • Photo of a cyclist traveling in a bike lane along a busy highway
  • Photo of a rack of blood samples
  • Photo of a family dishing up a meal of curry and rice
  • Photo of a ragweed plant bursting with pollen

Latest News


The annual numbers of malaria cases and deaths worldwide have fallen dramatically over the past 15 years, partly due to the widespread use of pesticides. Recent research shows, however, that the Anopheles mosquitoes that spread the disease are becoming resistant to the insecticides used to control them.

Satellite instruments offer researchers powerful new perspectives and data sources for studying the environment. A new study explores how exposure estimates derived from remote sensing alone compare with those produced by a combination of satellite- and ground-based sources.

Soybeans contain phytoestrogens, which under some conditions mimic or interfere with the estrogens within the human body. A new study provides evidence of an association between soy formula consumption and differences in gene methylation in baby girls—although any health implications remain unknown.
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