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  • Drawing of overheated woman and chilled man
  • Satellite image of Lake Erie during the 2011 Microcystis bloom
  • Photo of a young girl playing with the peel of her orange
  • Photo of a young woman sweating on a hot day
  • Photo of a nurse helping a new mother breastfeed her infant

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Photo of people enjoying a walking loop
© Serenethos/Shutterstock

Researchers wanted to see whether walking loops are a good investment for park planners. Their new study showed that parks with walking loops had more users, more of whom engaged in moderate to vigorous physical activity, than parks without these amenities.

Smoke wildfires, prescribed burns, and agricultural clearing can raise concentrations of harmful air pollutants hundreds or even thousands of miles away. An analysis of landscape fires that occurred in Europe in 2005 and 2008 indicates the smoke they produced may have caused more than 2,500 premature deaths across the continent.

Food can pick up contaminants at multiple points along the supply chain, from the point where raw ingredients are raised to the final dishing up of a meal. A new study explores a possible mechanism for anticipating and assessing chemical transport through food.
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