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Environmental Health Perspectives

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October 2012 | Volume 120 | Issue 10


On the Cover | Focus

120n10_Focus_1_toc_150px Altering The Primal Environment: Health Effects Associated with Assisted Reproductive Technologies

Julie Halpert | A390-A395

Assisted reproductive technologies (ART) have made it possible for couples to have children who otherwise would not have been able to. What influence might ART procedures, as well as underlying infertility, have on the health of children conceived using these methods? Investigators are studying whether introducing fertility drugs and manipulating eggs and sperm in a laboratory setting—in essence, altering the primal environment—sets the stage for adverse health effects in children.


Understanding the Germicidal Effects of Silver Nanoparticles

Carol Potera | A386

Ultraviolet Leaks from CFLs

Wendee Nicole | A387

Energy Development Linked with Earthquakes

Bob Weinhold | A388

The Beat

Erin E. Dooley | A389


120n10_Focus_2_toc_150pxA Steep Learning Curve: Decoding Epigenetic Influence on Behavior and Mental Health

Bob Weinhold | A396-A401

Research on epigenetics has surged in the past two decades as it has become apparent that changes in gene function aside from those related to DNA mutations or natural variations may be integral factors in numerous perplexing health disorders. Although much remains unknown about this relatively new field, early results in the niche field of behavioral epigenetics suggest such studies could provide insights into behavioral and mental health conditions such as autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety.

Science Selections

Pattern of Clues: Evidence of Distinct DNA Methylation in Newborns of Smoking Women

Wendee Nicole | A402

Element of Surprise? Rice as a Source of Arsenic in Children’s Diets

Rebecca Kessler | A402

Asking the Right Questions: How Early-Life Exposures Influence Later Development of Disease

Julia R. Barrett | A403

Metal Exposure in Child Workers: Assessing Hazards in Surgical Instrument Manufacturing Workshops

Tanya Tillett | A403


Predicting Later-Life Outcomes of Early-Life Exposures

Kim Boekelheide, Bruce Blumberg, Robert E. Chapin, Ila Cote, Joseph H. Graziano, Amanda Janesick, Robert Lane, Karen Lillycrop, Leslie Myatt,  J. Christopher States, Kristina A. Thayer, Michael P. Waalkes, and John M. Rogers | 1353-1361

Developmental Fluoride Neurotoxicity: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Anna L. Choi, Guifan Sun, Ying Zhang, and Philippe Grandjean | 1362-1368

Mercury, Cadmium, and Lead Levels in Human Placenta: A Systematic Review

María D. Esteban-Vasallo, Nuria Aragonés, Marina Pollan, Gonzalo López-Abente, and Beatriz Perez-Gomez | 1369-1377


GSTM1GSTT1, and GSTP1 Polymorphisms and Associations between Air Pollutants and Markers of Insulin Resistance in Elderly Koreans

Jin Hee Kim and Yun-Chul Hong | 1378-1384

Winter Temperature Inversions and Emergency Department Visits for Asthma in Salt Lake County, Utah, 2003–2008

John D. Beard, Celeste Beck, Randall Graham, Steven C. Packham, Monica Traphagan, Rebecca T. Giles, and John G. Morgan | 1385-1390

Associations between Nighttime Traffic Noise and Sleep: The Finnish Public Sector Study

Jaana I. Halonen, Jussi Vahtera, Stephen Stansfeld, Tarja Yli-Tuomi, Paula Salo, Jaana Pentti, Mika Kivimäki, and Timo Lanki | 1391-1396

Phthalate Excretion Pattern and Testicular Function: A Study of 881 Healthy Danish Men

Ulla Nordström Joensen, Hanne Frederiksen, Martin Blomberg Jensen, Mette Petri Lauritsen, Inge Ahlmann Olesen, Tina Harmer Lassen, Anna-Maria Andersson, and Niels Jørgensen | 1397-1403

Health Benefits from Large-Scale Ozone Reduction in the United States

Jesse D. Berman, Neal Fann, John W. Hollingsworth, Kent E. Pinkerton, William N. Rom, Anthony M. Szema, Patrick N. Breysse, Ronald H. White, and Frank C. Curriero | 1404-1410

Concentration–Response Function for Ozone and Daily Mortality: Results from Five Urban and Five Rural U.K. Populations

Richard W. Atkinson, Dahai Yu, Ben G. Armstrong, Sam Pattenden, Paul Wilkinson, Ruth M. Doherty, Mathew R. Heal, and H. Ross Anderson | 1411-1417

Children’s Health

Rice Consumption and Urinary Arsenic Concentrations in U.S. Children

Matthew A. Davis, Todd A. Mackenzie, Kathryn L. Cottingham, Diane Gilbert-Diamond, Tracy Punshon and Margaret R. Karagas | 1418-1424

450K Epigenome-Wide Scan Identifies Differential DNA Methylation in Newborns Related to Maternal Smoking during Pregnancy

Bonnie R. Joubert, Siri E. Håberg, Roy M. Nilsen, Xuting Wang, Stein E. Vollset, Susan K. Murphy, Zhiqing Huang, Cathrine Hoyo, Øivind Midttun, Lea A. Cupul-Uicab, Per M. Ueland, Michael C. Wu, Wenche Nystad, Douglas A. Bell, Shyamal D. Peddada, and Stephanie J. London | 1425-1431

Maternal Concentrations of Polyfluoroalkyl Compounds during Pregnancy and Fetal and Postnatal Growth in British Girls

Mildred Maisonet, Metrecia L. Terrell, Michael A. McGeehin, Krista Yorita Christensen, Adrianne Holmes, Antonia M. Calafat, and Michele Marcus | 1432-1437

Lactational Exposure to Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers and Its Relation to Social and Emotional Development among Toddlers

Kate Hoffman, Margaret Adgent, Barbara Davis Goldman, Andreas Sjödin, and Julie L. Daniels | 1438-1442

A Population-Based Case–Control Study of Extreme Summer Temperature and Birth Defects

Alissa R. Van Zutphen, Shao Lin, Barbara A. Fletcher, and Syni-An Hwang | 1443-1449

Childhood Lead Poisoning Associated with Gold Ore Processing: a Village-Level Investigation—Zamfara State, Nigeria, October–November 2010

Yi-Chun Lo, Carrie A. Dooyema, Antonio Neri, James Durant, Taran Jefferies, Andrew Medina-Marino, Lori de Ravello, Douglas Thoroughman, Lora Davis, Raymond S. Dankoli, Matthias Y. Samson, Luka M. Ibrahim, Ossai Okechukwu, Nasir T. Umar-Tsafe, Alhassan H. Dama, and Mary Jean Brown | 1450-1455

Prenatal Methylmercury, Postnatal Lead Exposure, and Evidence of Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder among Inuit Children in Arctic Québec

Olivier Boucher, Sandra W. Jacobson, Pierrich Plusquellec, Éric Dewailly, Pierre Ayotte, Nadine Forget‑Dubois, Joseph L. Jacobson and Gina Muckle | 1456-1461

Early-Life Cadmium Exposure and Child Development in 5-Year-Old Girls and Boys: A Cohort Study in Rural Bangladesh

Maria Kippler, Fahmida Tofail, Jena D. Hamadani, Renee M. Gardner, Sally M. Grantham-McGregor, Matteo Bottai, and Marie Vahter | 1462-1468

Adverse Health Effects of Child Labor: High Exposure to Chromium and Oxidative DNA Damage in Children Manufacturing Surgical Instruments

Muhammad Sughis, Tim S. Nawrot, Vincent Haufroid, and Benoit Nemery | 1469-1474

Prenatal Exposure to Butylbenzyl Phthalate and Early Eczema in an Urban Cohort

Allan C. Just, Robin M. Whyatt, Matthew S. Perzanowski, Antonia M. Calafat, Frederica P. Perera, Inge F. Goldstein, Qixuan Chen, Andrew G. Rundle, and Rachel L. Miller | 1475-1480

Surrounding Greenness and Pregnancy Outcomes in Four Spanish Birth Cohorts

Payam Dadvand, Jordi Sunyer, Xavier Basagaña, Ferran Ballester, Aitana Lertxundi, Ana Fernández-Somoano, Marisa Estarlich, Raquel García-Esteban, Michelle A. Mendez, and Mark J. Nieuwenhuijsen | 1481-1487



The Public Health and Policy Implications of Epigenetics and Pediatric Health Research

Nsedu Obot Witherspoon, Kristie Trousdale, Cynthia F. Bearer, Rachel L. Miller | A380-381


Post-Katrina Asthma in the Children of New Orleans, with Patricia Chulada

Ashley Ahearn


Cox Model Setup May Lead to Erroneous Conclusions

Peter Morfeld | A382

Cox Model Setup: Garshick et al. Respond

Eric Garshick, Francine Laden, Jaime E. Hart, Mary E. Davis, Ellen A. Eisen, Thomas J. Smith | A382-A383

DNA Damage after Continuous Irradiation: Findings in Mice Compared with Human Epidemiologic Data

Jan Beyea | A383

DNA Damage after Continuous Irradiation: Yanch and Engelward Respond

Jacquelyn Yanch, Bevin Engelward | A383-A384

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