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25 May 2017

Continuous Publication Is Now Live

EHP is pleased to announce that it is now operating under a continuous publication workflow!  As indicated in a previous announcement, continuous publication allows EHP to post new content online throughout the month, as each paper becomes ready for an issue.  This gets content out to our readers much more quickly than the old issue-based model, and unlike our previous Advance Publication model, these are final, edited articles.

The most significant change associated with this new workflow is that we have eliminated traditional page numbers from our articles.  The problem with page numbers is two-fold.  First, they only really apply to one version of the article: the PDF.  Of course, EHP also publishes all articles in full-text HTML format, which does not have pages in the traditional sense.  Second, we still want to group articles by category – Research, Review, Science Selection, etc. – but doing this with page numbers requires us to know the exact page count of every article in the issue ahead of time.  That’s not possible with continuous publication because content is published in real time, as soon as it is ready.

Given these limitations with page numbers, it makes sense to move to something more versatile. That solution is a Citation Identifier, or CID.  For EHP, the CID is a six-digit number that tells you the issue number and article type of the paper.  It applies to both the PDF and HTML versions, and it also allows us to publish content in any order throughout the month, while still retaining a Table of Contents that is organized by article type for each issue.  All the details about CIDs, including how to use them in citations, can be found on the new Continuous Publication information page located on our website.

We’ve also taken this opportunity to introduce a fresh new look to our PDFs.  The old PDFs were designed for the print issue, and were long out-of-date with EHP’s online-only publication process.  The new PDFs have a more modern, flat look that should provide a less distracting reading experience.  We’ve moved from three columns to two, and the various article types now have a more consistent appearance.  And should you choose to print them for reading offline, the PDFs are also more printer friendly, with fewer background colors.

All of these changes begin today, with the first articles published to our May 2017 issue.  Older issues will not be updated to use CIDs or different PDFs, so all of your previous citations and downloads are still valid.  But all newly published content will adhere to our continuous publication styles and standards.

This is our first major step toward publishing more high quality content more quickly than ever before.  We hope you’ll agree that these are positive changes, but we welcome all feedback on this new process.  And as always, thank you for supporting EHP!


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