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21 April 2017

Introducing Continuous Publication

EHP is excited to announce that, starting later in May 2017, the journal will transition from a traditional, issue-by-issue publishing model, to a new, article-by-article publishing model known as continuous publication.  This is a more modern way of publishing an online journal, and one that should help to significantly improve EHP’s time to publication.

In an issue-by-issue model, the journal groups together all the papers that became ready to publish since the last issue was posted, and composes them into a new issue.  This model works well for a print publisher, as it provides the volume necessary to make print publication cost effective.  But for an online-only journal like EHP, this model introduces delays, as those papers that became ready shortly after the previous issue was released wait weeks before they can be published.  But no more.

Under the continuous publication model, EHP will have the ability to publish final, edited, composed papers every day, instead of waiting to release final content on only one day each month.  This means that papers will no longer have to wait for the next issue – once they are ready to publish, they immediately go online into the current issue.  In other words, the issue is built online, in real time, throughout the month, allowing EHP to release new content as quickly as possible.  This benefits both our authors and our readers.

This new continuous publication process will start in May 2017, and will apply to both News and Research.  Instead of releasing a complete issue on May 1, we will instead “open” the May issue.  After that date, any articles that are ready to publish will begin to appear online, and that process will continue throughout the month.  The May issue will close on May 31, and any articles published between those dates will make up the May issue.  The process will then start anew on June 1, with a new open issue ready for final content to be posted throughout the month.

As a result of this change, we will modify our typical monthly Table of Contents email alert into a weekly alert that includes all the content published by EHP in the prior week.  We will be sending an announcement to all subscribers of the current message to alert them to this change.  We hope our readers will appreciate having more timely access to EHP’s articles, but users are free to change their email alert preferences at any time, and information on how to do that will be included in the announcement.

In addition to getting published papers online faster, this new model also reduces the amount of overhead that EHP must apply to each issue.  This means the journal will have the capacity to publish more content than ever before, further improving our time to publication by allowing us to eliminate internal backlogs.  This won’t happen immediately, but watch for these improvements throughout the rest of 2017.

Be on the lookout for a follow-up announcement once the first continuous-publication articles go live on the EHP website in May.  It will provide a little more detail about the updated look of the articles, and how we’re addressing things like keeping the Table of Contents orderly even as we publish different kinds of papers throughout the month.  It’s an exciting time for EHP, and we thank all our authors, editors, reviewers, and readers as we work together to make this journal the best that it can be.


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