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EHP Site Announcement

9 November 2016

Introducing the EHP News Page

Since 1993 the News section of EHP has provided readers with objective, accurate information on timely environmental health topics. After years as one of the most popular features of EHP, and as our main tool for reaching a broader audience, we felt it was time the News had its own home on our website. We are now pleased to present our brand-new page devoted exclusively to EHP News!

The page will be updated frequently with

  • the latest EHP News content
  • media coverage of EHP research from around the web
  • EHP News articles that offer insight into the science behind recent events

The page includes its own “Search EHP News” function so visitors can find exactly the information they need in EHP’s vast library of environmental health news coverage. Bookmark the page or access it via the “Featured News” section on the EHP home page.

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Are there features you would like to see? Not finding what you want? Let us know.


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