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Environmental Health Perspectives

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December 2008 | Volume 116 | Issue 12


New Books

Molecular Biology: Telomerase Tells on Lifestyle

Book Review: Risk Assessment for Environmental Health

Reuben Thomas


Enhancing the Quality and Visibility of African Medical and Health Journals

Thomas J. Goehl, Annette Flanagin


The Yuck Factor: When Disgust Meets Discovery

Charles W. Schmidt

Spheres of Influence

Does One Size Fit All?: Small Farms and U.S. Meat Regulations

David A. Taylor

Science Selection

A Measure for Mothers: Model Predicts Lactational Transfer of PCB-153

M. Nathaniel Mead

Angling for Thyroid Answers: Study Links PBDEs to Hormone Disruption in Male Sport-Fish Consumers

Richard Dahl

New Pesticides, Old Problems: Despite Warnings, Use during Pregnancy Persists

Bob Weinhold

Bisphenol A Suppresses Release of Adipose Hormone: Exposure May Contribute to Metabolic Syndrome

Tanya Tillett


Particulate Matter: New Chapter on the Next Generation of Aerosols

Cynthia Washam

The Beat

Erin E. Dooley

Children’s Health: Soil in the City: A Prime Source of Lead

Lance Frazer

Obesity: Childhood BMI Rises with Prenatal Exposure to Hexachlorobenzene

David J. Tenenbaum


Climate Variability, Social and Environmental Factors, and Ross River Virus Transmission: Research Development and Future Research Needs

Shilu Tong, Pat Dale, Neville Nicholls, John S. Mackenzie, Rodney Wolff, and Anthony J. McMichael

Comparative Analysis of State Fish Consumption Advisories Targeting Sensitive Populations

Alison C. Scherer, Ami Tsuchiya, Lisa R. Younglove, Thomas M. Burbacher, and Elaine M. Faustman


Bisphenol A at Environmentally Relevant Doses Inhibits Adiponectin Release from Human Adipose Tissue Explants and Adipocytes

Eric R. Hugo, Terry D. Brandebourg, Jessica G. Woo, Jean Loftus, J. Wesley Alexander, and Nira Ben-Jonathan

Changes in Pest Infestation Levels, Self-Reported Pesticide Use, and Permethrin Exposure during Pregnancy after the 2000–2001 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Restriction of Organophosphates

Megan K. Williams, Andrew Rundle, Darrell Holmes, Marilyn Reyes, Lori A. Hoepner, Dana B. Barr, David E. Camann, Frederica P. Perera, and Robin M. Whyatt

Acute Toxicity and Prothrombotic Effects of Quantum Dots: Impact of Surface Charge

Jorina Geys, Abderrahim Nemmar, Erik Verbeken, Erik Smolders, Monica Ratoi, Marc F. Hoylaerts, Benoit Nemery, and Peter H.M. Hoet

Cadmium-Related Mortality and Long-Term Secular Trends in the Cadmium Body Burden of an Environmentally Exposed Population

Tim S. Nawrot, Etienne Van Hecke, Lutgarde Thijs, Tom Richart, Tatiana Kuznetsova, Yu Jin, Jaco Vangronsveld, Harry A. Roels, and Jan A. Staessen

Dietary Exposure to 2,2′,4,4′-Tetrabromodiphenyl Ether (PBDE-47) Alters Thyroid Status and Thyroid Hormone–Regulated Gene Transcription in the Pituitary and Brain

Sean C. Lema, Jon T. Dickey, Irvin R. Schultz, and Penny Swanson

Endothelial Dysfunction: Associations with Exposure to Ambient Fine Particles in Diabetic Individuals

Alexandra Schneider, Lucas Neas, Margaret C. Herbst, Martin Case, Ronald W. Williams, Wayne Cascio, Alan Hinderliter, Fernando Holguin, John B. Buse, Kathleen Dungan, Maya Styner, Annette Peters, and Robert B. Devlin

Hormone Disruption by PBDEs in Adult Male Sport Fish Consumers

Mary E. Turyk, Victoria W. Persky, Pamela Imm, Lynda Knobeloch, Robert Chatterton, and Henry A. Anderson

Plutonium from Above-Ground Nuclear Tests in Milk Teeth: Investigation of Placental Transfer in Children Born between 1951 and 1995 in Switzerland

Pascal Froidevaux, and Max Haldimann

Ten Years of Addressing Children’s Health through Regulatory Policy at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Devon Payne-Sturges, and Debra Kemp

Inhalative Exposure to Vanadium Pentoxide Causes DNA Damage in Workers: Results of a Multiple End Point Study

Veronika A. Ehrlich, Armen K. Nersesyan, Kambis Atefie, Christine Hoelzl, Franziska Ferk, Julia Bichler, Eva Valic, Andreas Schaffer, Rolf Schulte-Hermann, Michael Fenech, Karl-Heinz Wagner, and Siegfried Knasmüller

Speciation of Arsenic in Exfoliated Urinary Bladder Epithelial Cells from Individuals Exposed to Arsenic in Drinking Water

Araceli Hernández-Zavala, Olga L. Valenzuela, Tomás̆ Matous̆ek, Zuzana Drobná, Jir̆í Dĕdina, Gonzalo G. García-Vargas, David J. Thomas, Luz M. Del Razo, and Miroslav Stýblo

Mortality in the Medicare Population and Chronic Exposure to Fine Particulate Air Pollution in Urban Centers (2000–2005)

Scott L. Zeger, Francesca Dominici, Aidan McDermott, and Jonathan M. Samet

Respiratory Cancer and Inhaled Inorganic Arsenic in Copper Smelters Workers: A Linear Relationship with Cumulative Exposure that Increases with Concentration

Jay H. Lubin, Lee E. Moore, Joseph F. Fraumeni, and Kenneth P. Cantor

Population Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Modeling for the Human Lactational Transfer of PCB-153 with Consideration of Worldwide Human Biomonitoring Results

Laurel E. Redding, Michael D. Sohn, Thomas E. McKone, Jein-Wen Chen, Shu-Li Wang, Dennis P. H. Hsieh, and Raymond S.H. Yang

Guidelines to Evaluate Human Observational Studies for Quantitative Risk Assessment

Jelle Vlaanderen, Roel Vermeulen, Dick Heederik, Hans Kromhout, and on behalf of the European Union Network of Excellence ECNIS Integrated Risk Assessment Group

A Framework for Widespread Replication of a Highly Spatially Resolved Childhood Lead Exposure Risk Model

Dohyeong Kim, M. Alicia Overstreet Galeano, Andrew Hull, and Marie Lynn Miranda

Retracted: G-Protein–Coupled Receptor 30 and Estrogen Receptor-α Are Involved in the Proliferative Effects Induced by Atrazine in Ovarian Cancer Cells

Lidia Albanito, Rosamaria Lappano, Antonio Madeo, Adele Chimento, Eric R. Prossnitz, Anna Rita Cappello, Vincenza Dolce, Sergio Abonante, Vincenzo Pezzi, and Marcello Maggiolini

Recent Mortality from Pleural Mesothelioma, Historical Patterns of Asbestos Use, and Adoption of Bans: A Global Assessment

Kunihito Nishikawa, Ken Takahashi, Antti Karjalainen, Chi-Pang Wen, Sugio Furuya, Tsutomu Hoshuyama, Miwako Todoroki, Yoshifumi Kiyomoto, Donald Wilson, Toshiaki Higashi, Megu Ohtaki, Guowei Pan, and Gregory Wagner

Meeting Report: Methylmercury in Marine Ecosystems—From Sources to Seafood Consumers

Celia Y. Chen, Nancy Serrell, David C. Evers, Bethany J. Fleishman, Kathleen F. Lambert, Jeri Weiss, Robert P. Mason, and Michael S. Bank

Chronic Exposure to Ambient Ozone and Asthma Hospital Admissions among Children

Shao Lin, Xiu Liu, Linh H. Le, and Syni-An Hwang

Depression and Pesticide Exposures among Private Pesticide Applicators Enrolled in the Agricultural Health Study

Cheryl L. Beseler, Lorann Stallones, Jane A. Hoppin, Michael C.R. Alavanja, Aaron Blair, Thomas Keefe, and Freya Kamel


Public Safety and Faulty Flood Statistics

Robert E. Criss, William E. Winston

Longer Rodent Bioassay: Huff et al. Respond

James Huff, Michael F. Jacobson, Devra Lee Davis

Longer Rodent Bioassay Fails to Address 2-Year Bioassay’s Flaws

Joseph Manuppello, Catherine Willett

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