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Environmental Health Perspectives

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January 2009 | Volume 117 | Issue 1


Book Review: Insatiable Curiosity: Innovation in a Fragile Future

Cyril Aydon

New Books


EHP Update

Hugh A. Tilson

A Major Milestone for the National Children’s Study

Peter Scheidt, Michael Dellarco, Allen Dearry


Missing the Dark: Health Effects of Light Pollution

Ron Chepesiuk

Spheres of Influence

Switch On the Night: Policies for Smarter Lighting

Luz Claudio

Science Selection

Programmed Obesity?: Study Links Intrauterine Exposures to Higher BMI in Toddlers

M. Nathaniel Mead

Extra Protection for Pregnant Women: Calcium Supplement Reduces Blood Lead

Carol Potera

PCBs Make Their Mark: Review Pinpoints Cognitive Profile of Prenatal Exposure

Carol Potera

Gamete Gamble: Phthalate Alters Germ Cell Development

Bob Weinhold


Environmental Threats to Elders’ Neurologic Health

Julia R. Barrett

WNV Thrives in Financial Crisis

Bob Weinhold

The Beat

Erin E. Dooley

Children’s Health: National Children’s Study Begins Recruitment

Cynthia Washam

Meeting Report: Summit Focuses on Pharmaceuticals in Drinking Water

Tanya Tillett


Is There Evidence for Synergy Among Air Pollutants in Causing Health Effects?

Joe L. Mauderly, and Jonathan M. Samet


A Retrospective Performance Assessment of the Developmental Neurotoxicity Study in Support of OECD Test Guideline 426

Susan L. Makris, Kathleen Raffaele, Sandra Allen, Wayne J. Bowers, Ulla Hass, Enrico Alleva, Gemma Calamandrei, Larry Sheets, Patric Amcoff, Nathalie Delrue, and Kevin M. Crofton

Prenatal Exposure to Polychlorinated Biphenyls: A Neuropsychologic Analysis

Olivier Boucher, Gina Muckle, and Célyne H. Bastien


Long-Term Effects on Hypothalamic Neuropeptides after Developmental Exposure to Chlorpyrifos in Mice

Sabrina Tait, Laura Ricceri, Aldina Venerosi, Francesca Maranghi, Alberto Mantovani, and Gemma Calamandrei

Intrauterine Exposure to Environmental Pollutants and Body Mass Index during the First 3 Years of Life

Stijn L. Verhulst, Vera Nelen, Elly Den Hond, Gudrun Koppen, Caroline Beunckens, Carl Vael, Greet Schoeters, and Kristine Desager

Meeting Report: Consensus Statement—Parkinson’s Disease and the Environment: Collaborative on Health and the Environment and Parkinson’s Action Network (CHE PAN) Conference 26–28 June 2007

Jeff Bronstein, Paul Carvey, Honglei Chen, Deborah Cory-Slechta, Donato DiMonte, John Duda, Paul English, Samuel Goldman, Stephen Grate, Johnni Hansen, Jane Hoppin, Sarah Jewell, Freya Kamel, Walter Koroshetz, James W. Langston, Giancarlo Logroscino, Lorene Nelson, Bernard Ravina, Walter Rocca, George W. Ross, Ted Schettler, Michael Schwarzschild, Bill Scott, Richard Seegal, Andrew Singleton, Kyle Steenland, Caroline M. Tanner, Stephen Van Den Eeden, and Marc Weisskopf

Concentrations of Phthalate Metabolites in Milk, Urine, Saliva, and Serum of Lactating North Carolina Women

Erin P. Hines, Antonia M. Calafat, Manori J. Silva, Pauline Mendola, and Suzanne E. Fenton

Effect of Calcium Supplementation on Blood Lead Levels in Pregnancy: A Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial

Adrienne S. Ettinger, Héctor Lamadrid-Figueroa, Martha M. Téllez-Rojo, Adriana Mercado-García, Karen E. Peterson, Joel Schwartz, Howard Hu, and Mauricio Hernández-Avila

Household Exposure to Paint and Petroleum Solvents, Chromosomal Translocations, and the Risk of Childhood Leukemia

Ghislaine Scélo, Catherine Metayer, Luoping Zhang, Joseph L. Wiemels, Melinda C. Aldrich, Steve Selvin, Stacy Month, Martyn T. Smith, and Patricia A. Buffler

Iron Metabolism Genes, Low-Level Lead Exposure, and QT Interval

Sung Kyun Park, Howard Hu, Robert O. Wright, Joel Schwartz, Yawen Cheng, David Sparrow, Pantel S. Vokonas, and Marc G. Weisskopf

Windblown Lead Carbonate as the Main Source of Lead in Blood of Children from a Seaside Community: An Example of Local Birds as “Canaries in the Mine”

Brian Gulson, Michael Korsch, Martin Matisons, Charles Douglas, Lindsay Gillam, and Virginia McLaughlin

Dietary Intake of Methionine, Cysteine, and Protein and Urinary Arsenic Excretion in Bangladesh

Julia E. Heck, Jeri W. Nieves, Yu Chen, Faruque Parvez, Paul W. Brandt-Rauf, Joseph H. Graziano, Vesna Slavkovich, Geoffrey R. Howe, and Habibul Ahsan

The 2006 California Heat Wave: Impacts on Hospitalizations and Emergency Department Visits

Kim Knowlton, Miriam Rotkin-Ellman, Galatea King, Helene G. Margolis, Daniel Smith, Gina Solomon, Roger Trent, and Paul English

One-Month Diesel Exhaust Inhalation Produces Hypertensive Gene Expression Pattern in Healthy Rats

Reddy R. Gottipolu, J. Grace Wallenborn, Edward D. Karoly, Mette C. Schladweiler, Allen D. Ledbetter, Todd Krantz, William P. Linak, Abraham Nyska, Jo Anne Johnson, Ronald Thomas, Judy E. Richards, Richard H. Jaskot, and Urmila P. Kodavanti

Hydroxylated Metabolites of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers in Human Blood Samples from the United States

Xinghua Qiu, Robert M. Bigsby, and Ronald A. Hites

Urinary Levoglucosan as a Biomarker of Wood Smoke Exposure: Observations in a Mouse Model and in Children

Christopher T. Migliaccio, Megan A. Bergauff, Christopher P. Palmer, Forrest Jessop, Curtis W. Noonan, and Tony J. Ward

Adult Women’s Blood Mercury Concentrations Vary Regionally in the United States: Association with Patterns of Fish Consumption (NHANES 1999–2004)

Kathryn R. Mahaffey, Robert P. Clickner, and Rebecca A. Jeffries

Traffic-Related Air Pollution and Perinatal Mortality: A Case–Control Study

Andréa Paula Peneluppi de Medeiros, Nelson Gouveia, Reinaldo Paul Pérez Machado, Miriam Regina de Souza, Gizelton Pereira Alencar, Hillegonda Maria Dutilh Novaes, and Márcia Furquim de Almeida

Air Pollution and Childhood Respiratory Allergies in the United States

Jennifer D. Parker, Lara J. Akinbami, and Tracey J. Woodruff

DDT Exposure of Zebrafish Embryos Enhances Seizure Susceptibility: Relationship to Fetal p,p′-DDE Burden and Domoic Acid Exposure of California Sea Lions

Jessica A. Tiedeken, and John S. Ramsdell

Associations between PM2.5 and Heart Rate Variability Are Modified by Particle Composition and Beta-Blocker Use in Patients with Coronary Heart Disease

Jeroen J. de Hartog, Timo Lanki, Kirsi L. Timonen, Gerard Hoek, Nicole A.H. Janssen, Angela Ibald-Mulli, Annette Peters, Joachim Heinrich, Tuula H. Tarkiainen, Rene van Grieken, Joop H. van Wijnen, Bert Brunekreef, and Juha Pekkanen

Phthalates Impair Germ Cell Development in the Human Fetal Testis in Vitro without Change in Testosterone Production

Romain Lambrot, Vincent Muczynski, Charlotte Lécureuil, Gaëlle Angenard, Hervé Coffigny, Catherine Pairault, Delphine Moison, René Frydman, René Habert, and Virginie Rouiller-Fabre

Deducing in Vivo Toxicity of Combustion-Derived Nanoparticles from a Cell-Free Oxidative Potency Assay and Metabolic Activation of Organic Compounds

Tobias Stoeger, Shinji Takenaka, Birgit Frankenberger, Baerbel Ritter, Erwin Karg, Konrad Maier, Holger Schulz, and Otmar Schmid


Cord Blood Mercury and Early Child Development: Effects of the World Trade Center

José G. Dórea

Cord Blood Mercury and Early Child Development: Lederman and Perera Respond

Sally Ann Lederman and Frederica P. Perera

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