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Environmental Health Perspectives

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November 2009 | Volume 117 | Issue 11


New Books


Applying Research to Public Health Questions: Timing and the Environmentally Relevant Dose

Linda S. Birnbaum


Trash or Treasure? Putting Coal Combustion Waste to Work

David J. Tenenbaum

Spheres of Influence

Balancing Act: Creating the Right Regulation for Coal Combustion Waste

John Manuel

Science Selection

Sentinel Symptoms of Climate Change: Indicators for Related Health Effects

Bob Weinhold, MA

You Are Where You Live: The Interrelationship of Air Pollution, Address, and Walkability

Tanya Tillett, MA

Delivering New Data: Local Traffic Pollution and Pregnancy Outcomes

Julia R. Barrett, MS, ELS

Micro Management: Understanding How Diesel Exhaust Particles Alter Cellular Processes

Cynthia Washam


Palletable Change in Canada

Tim Lougheed

The Beat

Erin E. Dooley

Bringing Biolubricants to Industry

Carol Potera

Better Biomarker of DBP Exposure

Angela Spivey

Conference, Hearing Call Up Cell Phone Use

Kellyn S. Betts


Basic Exploratory Research versus Guideline-Compliant Studies Used for Hazard Evaluation and Risk Assessment: Bisphenol A as a Case Study

Rochelle W. Tyl

A Clash of Old and New Scientific Concepts in Toxicity, with Important Implications for Public Health

John Peterson Myers, R. Thomas Zoeller, Frederick S. vom Saal


Global Status of DDT and Its Alternatives for Use in Vector Control to Prevent Disease

Henk van den Berg

A Reexamination of the PPAR-α Activation Mode of Action as a Basis for Assessing Human Cancer Risks of Environmental Contaminants

Kathryn Z. Guyton, Weihsueh A. Chiu, Thomas F. Bateson, Jennifer Jinot, Cheryl Siegel Scott, Rebecca C. Brown, Jane C. Caldwell

Environmental Health Indicators of Climate Change for the United States: Findings from the State Environmental Health Indicator Collaborative

Paul B. English, Amber H. Sinclair, Zev Ross, Henry Anderson, Vicki Boothe, Christine Davis, Kristie Ebi, Betsy Kagey, Kristen Malecki, Rebecca Shultz, Erin Simms


The Short-Chain Fatty Acid Methoxyacetic Acid Disrupts Endogenous Estrogen Receptor-α–Mediated Signaling

Derek V. Henley, Stephanie Mueller, Kenneth S. Korach

Chronic Fine and Coarse Particulate Exposure, Mortality, and Coronary Heart Disease in the Nurses’ Health Study

Robin C. Puett, Jaime E. Hart, Jeff D. Yanosky, Christopher Paciorek, Joel Schwartz, Helen Suh, Frank E. Speizer, Francine Laden

Lung Cancer in a U.S. Population with Low to Moderate Arsenic Exposure

Julia E. Heck, Angeline S. Andrew, Tracy Onega, James R. Rigas, Brian P. Jackson, Margaret R. Karagas, Eric J. Duell

Self-Reported Truck Traffic on the Street of Residence and Symptoms of Asthma and Allergic Disease: A Global Relationship in ISAAC Phase 3

Bert Brunekreef, Alistair W. Stewart, H. Ross Anderson, Christopher K.W. Lai, David P. Strachan, Neil Pearce, and the ISAAC Phase 3 Study Group

Disruption of MicroRNA Expression in Human Airway Cells by Diesel Exhaust Particles Is Linked to Tumorigenesis-Associated Pathways

Melanie J. Jardim, Rebecca C. Fry, Ilona Jaspers, Lisa Dailey, David Diaz-Sanchez

Association between Local Traffic-Generated Air Pollution and Preeclampsia and Preterm Delivery in the South Coast Air Basin of California

Jun Wu, Cizao Ren, Ralph J. Delfino, Judith Chung, Michelle Wilhelm, Beate Ritz

Influence of Cobalamin on Arsenic Metabolism in Bangladesh

Megan N. Hall, Xinhua Liu, Vesna Slavkovich, Vesna Ilievski, Zhongyuan Mi, Shafiul Alam, Pam Factor-Litvak, Habibul Ahsan, Joseph H. Graziano, Mary V. Gamble

Comparative Toxicity of Size-Fractionated Airborne Particulate Matter Collected at Different Distances from an Urban Highway

Seung-Hyun Cho, Haiyan Tong, John K. McGee, Richard W. Baldauf, Q. Todd Krantz, M. Ian Gilmour

Exposure to Hexabromocyclododecanes (HBCDs) via Dust Ingestion, but Not Diet, Correlates with Concentrations in Human Serum: Preliminary Results

Laurence Roosens, Mohamed Abou-Elwafa Abdallah, Stuart Harrad, Hugo Neels, Adrian Covaci

Mapping Community Determinants of Heat Vulnerability

Colleen E. Reid, Marie S. O’Neill, Carina J. Gronlund, Shannon J. Brines, Daniel G. Brown, Ana V. Diez-Roux, Joel Schwartz

A Novel Approach Using DNA-Repair–Deficient Chicken DT40 Cell Lines for Screening and Characterizing the Genotoxicity of Environmental Contaminants

Kyunghee Ji, Toshiaki Kogame, Kyungho Choi, Xin Wang, Jinyoung Lee, Yoshihito Taniguchi, Shunichi Takeda

Air Pollution, Aeroallergens, and Emergency Room Visits for Acute Respiratory Diseases and Gastroenteric Disorders among Young Children in Six Italian Cities

Flavia Orazzo, Luigi Nespoli, Kazuhiko Ito, Davide Tassinari, Daniela Giardina, Maurizio Funis, Alessandra Cecchi, Chiara Trapani, Gisella Forgeschi, Massimo Vignini, Luana Nosetti, Sabrina Pigna, Antonella Zanobetti

Spatial Modeling of PM10 and NO2 in the Continental United States, 1985–2000

Jaime E. Hart, Jeff D. Yanosky, Robin C. Puett, Louise Ryan, Douglas W. Dockery, Thomas J. Smith, Eric Garshick, Francine Laden

Healthy Neighborhoods: Walkability and Air Pollution

Julian D. Marshall, Michael Brauer, Lawrence D. Frank

Longitudinal Mercury Monitoring within the Japanese and Korean Communities (United States): Implications for Exposure Determination and Public Health Protection

Ami Tsuchiya, Thomas A. Hinners, Finn Krogstad, Jim W. White, Thomas M. Burbacher, Elaine M. Faustman, Koenraad Mariën

Black Carbon Exposure, Oxidative Stress Genes, and Blood Pressure in a Repeated-Measures Study

Irina Mordukhovich, Elissa Wilker, Helen Suh, Robert Wright, David Sparrow, Pantel S. Vokonas, Joel Schwartz

Saliva Cortisol and Exposure to Aircraft Noise in Six European Countries

Jenny Selander, Gösta Bluhm, Töres Theorell, Göran Pershagen, Wolfgang Babisch, Ingeburg Seiffert, Danny Houthuijs, Oscar Breugelmans, Federica Vigna-Taglianti, Maria Chiara Antoniotti, Emmanuel Velonakis, Elli Davou, Marie-Louise Dudley, and Lars Järup for the HYENA Consortium

Anogenital Distance from Birth to 2 Years: a Population Study

Ajay Thankamony, Ken K. Ong, David B. Dunger, Carlo L. Acerini, Ieuan A. Hughes


Electromagnetic Fields and the Precautionary Principle

Michael Kundi, Lennart Hardell, Cindy Sage, Eugene Sobel

Good Laboratory Practices: Myers et al. Respond

John Peterson Myers, Frederick S. vom Saal, Julia A. Taylor, Benson T. Akingbemi, Koji Arizono, Scott Belcher, Theo Colborn, Ibrahim Chahoud

Good Laboratory Practices and Safety Assessments

Richard A. Becker, Erik R. Janus, Russell D. White, Francis H. Kruszewski, Robert E. Brackett

EMF and the Precautionary Principle: Dolan and Rowley Respond

Mike Dolan, Jack Rowley


Industrial Farming: Implications for Human Health, with Peter Thorne

Ernie Hood

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