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Environmental Health Perspectives

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December 2009 | Volume 117 | Issue 12


Book Review: Localist Movements in a Global Economy: Sustainability, Justice, and Urban Development in the United States

Anthony J. McMichael

New Books


Human Data on Bisphenol A and Neurodevelopment

Matthew P. Longnecker

Note from the Editor: International Program Grows

Hugh A. Tilson


Out of Plumb: When Water Treatment Causes Lead Contamination

Rebecca Renner

Spheres of Influence

Communication Gap: The Disconnect Between What Scientists Say and What the Public Hears

Charles W. Schmidt

Science Selection

Pesticides and Parkinson’s Disease: The Legacy of Contaminated Well Water

Tina Adler

Chronicle of a Health Crisis: Global Implications of the 2008 Melamine Event

Tanya Tillett

Cadmium and Breast Cancer: Exposure Associated with Basal-Like Phenotype

Julia R. Barrett

Hit or Miss?: Benefits and Risks of Using Nanoparticles for in Situ Remediation

Adrian Burton


Melting Glaciers Release Frozen Toxicants

Bob Weinhold

GAO Grades Hanford Cleanup

Harvey Black

Less Pollution, Less Earache?

Carol Potera

The Beat

Erin E. Dooley

NIEHS Funds Human BPA Research

Angela Spivey


Epidemiology, Public Health, and the Rhetoric of False Positives

Aaron Blair, Rodolfo Saracci, Paolo Vineis, Pierluigi Cocco, Francesco Forastiere, Philippe Grandjean, Manolis Kogevinas, David Kriebel, Anthony McMichael, Neil Pearce, Miquel Porta, Jonathan Samet, Dale P. Sandler, Adele Seniori Costantini, Harri Vainio

The Melamine Incident: Implications for International Food and Feed Safety

Céline Marie-Elise Gossner, Jørgen Schlundt, Peter Ben Embarek, Susan Hird, Danilo Lo-Fo-Wong, Jose Javier Ocampo Beltran, Keng Ngee Teoh, Angelika Tritscher

Hypothesis: a Unifying Mechanism for Nutrition and Chemicals 
as Lifelong Modulators of DNA Hypomethylation

Duk-Hee Lee, David R. Jacobs Jr., Miquel Porta

Does Rapid Metabolism Ensure Negligible Risk from Bisphenol A?

Gary Ginsberg, and Deborah C. Rice


Nanotechnology and in Situ Remediation: A Review of the Benefits and Potential Risks

Barbara Karn, Todd Kuiken, Martha Otto

The Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Centers: Transdisciplinary Research on the Role of the Environment in Breast Cancer Etiology

Robert A. Hiatt, Sandra Z. Haslam, Janet Osuch, on Behalf of the Breast Cancer the Environment Research Centers


Diastereomers of the Brominated Flame Retardant 
1,2-Dibromo-4-(1,2 dibromoethyl)cyclohexane Induce 
Androgen Receptor Activation in the HepG2 Hepatocellular 
Carcinoma Cell Line and the LNCaP Prostate Cancer Cell Line

Hazem Khalaf, Anders Larsson, Håkan Berg, Robert McCrindle, Gilles Arsenault, Per-Erik Olsson

Prenatal Exposure to Organohalogens, Including Brominated Flame Retardants, Influences Motor, Cognitive, and Behavioral Performance at School Age

Elise Roze, Lisethe Meijer, Attie Bakker, Koenraad N.J.A. Van Braeckel, Pieter J.J. Sauer, Arend F. Bos

Cadmium Malignantly Transforms Normal Human Breast Epithelial Cells
 into a Basal-like Phenotype

Lamia Benbrahim-Tallaa, Erik J. Tokar, Bhalchandra A. Diwan, Anna L. Dill, Jean-François Coppin, Michael P. Waalkes

Lung Inflammation, Injury, and Proliferative Response after Repetitive Particulate Hexavalent Chromium Exposure

Laura M. Beaver, Erik J. Stemmy, Arnold M. Schwartz, Jesse M. Damsker, Stephanie L. Constant, Susan M. Ceryak, Steven R. Patierno

Synergistic Disruption of External Male Sex Organ Development 
by a Mixture of Four Antiandrogens

Sofie Christiansen, Martin Scholze, Majken Dalgaard, Anne Marie Vinggaard, Marta Axelstad, Andreas Kortenkamp, Ulla Hass

Household Exposures to Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) 
in a Wisconsin Cohort

Pamela Imm, Lynda Knobeloch, Carol Buelow, Henry A. Anderson

Well-Water Consumption and Parkinson’s Disease in Rural California

Nicole M. Gatto, Myles Cockburn, Jeff Bronstein, Angelika D. Manthripragada, Beate Ritz

Cancer Risk Disparities between Hispanic and Non-Hispanic White Populations: The Role of Exposure to Indoor Air Pollution

Diana E. Hun, Jeffrey A. Siegel, Maria T. Morandi, Thomas H. Stock, Richard L. Corsi

Mercury Induces an Unopposed Inflammatory Response in Human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells in Vitro

Renee M. Gardner, Jennifer F. Nyland, Sean L. Evans, Susie B. Wang, Kathleen M. Doyle, Ciprian M. Crainiceanu, Ellen K. Silbergeld

Use of Remotely Sensed Data to Evaluate the Relationship between Living Environment and Blood Pressure

Maurice G. Estes Jr., Mohammad Z. Al-Hamdan, William Crosson, Sue M. Estes, Dale Quattrochi, Shia Kent, Leslie Ain McClure

Toxicology in the Fast Lane: Application of High-Throughput Bioassays to Detect Modulation of Key Enzymes and Receptors

Christophe Morisseau, Oleg Merzlikin, Amy Lin, Guochun He, Wei Feng, Isela Padilla, Michael S. Denison, Isaac N. Pessah, Bruce D. Hammock

Traffic-Related Air Pollution, Oxidative Stress Genes, and Asthma (ECHRS)

Francesc Castro-Giner, Nino Künzli, Bénédicte Jacquemin, Bertil Forsberg, Rafael de Cid, Jordi Sunyer, Deborah Jarvis, David Briggs, Danielle Vienneau, Dan Norback, Juan R. González, Stefano Guerra, Christer Janson, Josep-Maria Antó, Matthias Wjst, Joachim Heinrich, Xavier Estivill, Manolis Kogevinas

Residential Exposure to Traffic and Spontaneous Abortion

Rochelle S. Green, Brian Malig, Gayle C. Windham, Laura Fenster, Bart Ostro, Shanna Swan

Oral Exposure to Genistin, the Glycosylated Form of Genistein, during Neonatal Life Adversely Affects the Female Reproductive System

Wendy N. Jefferson, Daniel Doerge, Elizabeth Padilla-Banks, Kellie A. Woodling, Grace E. Kissling, Retha Newbold

Prenatal Bisphenol A Exposure and Early Childhood Behavior

Joe M. Braun, Kimberly Yolton, Kim N. Dietrich, Richard Hornung, Xiaoyun Ye, Antonia M. Calafat, Bruce P. Lanphear

Behavioral Changes in Aging but Not Young Mice after Neonatal Exposure to the Polybrominated Flame Retardant DecaBDE

Deborah C. Rice, W. Douglas Thompson, Elizabeth A. Reeve, Kristen D. Onos, Mina Assadollahzadeh, Vincent P. Markowski

The C8 Health Project: Design, Methods, and Participants

Stephanie J. Frisbee, A. Paul Brooks Jr., Arthur Maher, Patsy Flensborg, Susan Arnold, Tony Fletcher, Kyle Steenland, Anoop Shankar, Sarah S. Knox, Cecil Pollard, Joel A. Halverson, Verónica M. Vieira, Chuanfang Jin, Kevin M. Leyden, Alan M. Ducatman

Changes in Urinary Arsenic Methylation Profiles in a 15-Year Interval 
after Cessation of Arsenic Ingestion in Southwest Taiwan

Yung-Kai Huang, Ya-Li Huang, Yu-Mei Hsueh, Jimmy Tse-Jen Wang, Mo-Hsiung Yang, Chien-Jen Chen


Lead Exposures from Car Batteries—A Global Problem

Richard Fuller

Periodontal Disease and Environmental Cadmium Exposure

Gianpaolo Guzzi, Paolo D. Pigatto, Anna Ronchi

Tackling the Research Challenges of Health and Climate Change

Roger Glass, Joshua Rosenthal, Christine M. Jessup, Linda Birnbaum, Chris Portier

Environmental Cadmium: Arora et al. Respond

Manish Arora, Jennifer Weuve, Joel Schwartz, Robert O. Wright

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