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Environmental Health Perspectives

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June 2009 | Volume 117 | Issue 6


Key Elements of Effective and Practical Disclosure Policies for Health Science Journals

Jennifer Sass

EHP Paper of the Year, 2009

Hugh A. Tilson

Book Review: Sustaining Life: How Human Health Depends on Biodiversity


The Landscape of Antibiotic Resistance

Noah Rosenblatt-Farrell

Spheres of Influence

Aquaculture Navigates Through Troubled Waters

David A. Taylor

Science Selection

Prenatal Preview: Early Bisphenol A Exposure May Spawn Late-Life Reproductive Problems

Angela Spivey

Legacy for Young Men: PFAAs and Human Sperm

Cynthia Washam

The Price of Progress: Modern Environmental Health Hazards in Africa

Tanya Tillett

Fat Chance? A High-Fat Diet May Offset the Effects of Developmental Neurotoxicity

Angela Spivey


The Beat

Erin E. Dooley

Gene Variants May Predict Lung Health

Bob Weinhold

Pharmed Fish

Kellyn S. Betts

An Unexpected Deep-Sea Diver

Carol Potera

Estrogens in a Bottle?

Julia R. Barrett


U.S. Funding Is Insufficient to Address the Human Health Impacts of and Public Health Responses to Climate Variability and Change

Kristie L. Ebi, John Balbus, Patrick L. Kinney, Erin Lipp, David Mills, Marie S. O’Neill, and Mark L. Wilson


A Review of Events That Expose Children to Elemental Mercury in the United States

Robin Lee, Dan Middleton, Kathleen Caldwell, Steve Dearwent, Steven Jones, Brian Lewis, Carolyn Monteilh, Mary Ellen Mortensen, Richard Nickle, Kenneth Orloff, Meghan Reger, John Risher, Helen Schurz Rogers, and Michelle Watters

Modern Environmental Health Hazards: A Public Health Issue of Increasing Significance in Africa

Onyemaechi C. Nweke and William H. Sanders III


Parental Exposure to Pesticides and Childhood Brain Cancer: U.S. Atlantic Coast Childhood Brain Cancer Study

Youn K. Shim, Steven P. Mlynarek, and Edwin van Wijngaarden

Evidence That Humans Metabolize Benzene via Two Pathways

Stephen M. Rappaport, Sungkyoon Kim, Qing Lan, Roel Vermeulen, Suramya Waidyanatha, Luoping Zhang, Guilan Li, Songnian Yin, Richard B. Hayes, Nathaniel Rothman, and Martyn T. Smith

Prenatal Exposure to Bisphenol A at Environmentally Relevant Doses Adversely Affects the Murine Female Reproductive Tract Later in Life

Retha R. Newbold, Wendy N. Jefferson, and Elizabeth Padilla-Banks

Pneumoconiosis from Agricultural Dust Exposure among Young California Farmworkers

Marc B. Schenker, Kent E. Pinkerton, Diane Mitchell, Val Vallyathan, Brenda Elvine-Kreis, and Francis H.Y. Green

California Wildfires of 2008: Coarse and Fine Particulate Matter Toxicity

Teresa C. Wegesser, Kent E. Pinkerton, and Jerold A. Last

Effects of Ambient Air Pollution on Hemostasis and Inflammation

Goran Rudež, Nicole A.H. Janssen, Evren Kilinc, Frank W.G. Leebeek, Miriam E. Gerlofs-Nijland, Henri M.H. Spronk, Hugo ten Cate, Flemming R. Cassee, and Moniek P.M. de Maat

Do Perfluoroalkyl Compounds Impair Human Semen Quality?

Ulla Nordström Joensen, Rossana Bossi, Henrik Leffers, Allan Astrup Jensen, Niels E. Skakkebæk, and Niels Jørgensen

The Effect of Fine and Coarse Particulate Air Pollution on Mortality: A National Analysis

Antonella Zanobetti and Joel Schwartz

A Proton Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Study of the Chronic Lead Effect on the Basal Ganglion and Frontal and Occipital Lobes in Middle-Age Adults

Tsyh-Jyi Hsieh, Yi-Chun Chen, Chun-Wei Li, Gin-Chang Liu, Yu-Wen Chiu, and Hung-Yi Chuang

Consumption of a High-Fat Diet in Adulthood Ameliorates the Effects of Neonatal Parathion Exposure on Acetylcholine Systems in Rat Brain Regions

Theodore A. Slotkin, T. Leon Lassiter, Ian T. Ryde, Nicola Wrench, Edward D. Levin, and Frederic J. Seidler

Thyroid Hormone Levels of Pregnant Inuit Women and Their Infants Exposed to Environmental Contaminants

Renée Dallaire, Gina Muckle, Éric Dewailly, Sandra W. Jacobson, Joseph L. Jacobson, Torkjel M. Sandanger, Courtney D. Sandau, and Pierre Ayotte

Dopamine Transporter Genetic Variants and Pesticides in Parkinson’s Disease

Beate R. Ritz, Angelika D. Manthripragada, Sadie Costello, Sarah J. Lincoln, Matthew J. Farrer, Myles Cockburn, and Jeff Bronstein

Postural Changes in Blood Pressure Associated with Interactions between Candidate Genes for Chronic Respiratory Diseases and Exposure to Particulate Matter

Elissa Wilker, Murray A. Mittleman, Augusto A. Litonjua, Audrey Poon, Andrea Baccarelli, Helen Suh, Robert O. Wright, David Sparrow, Pantel Vokonas, and Joel Schwartz

Increased Expression of Histone Proteins during Estrogen-Mediated Cell Proliferation

Zheying Zhu, Robert J. Edwards, and Alan R. Boobis

Trends in Respiratory Symptoms of Firefighters Exposed to the World Trade Center Disaster: 2001–2005

Mayris P. Webber, Jackson Gustave, Roy Lee, Justin K. Niles, Kerry Kelly, Hillel W. Cohen, and David J. Prezant

Perturbation of Defense Pathways by Low-Dose Arsenic Exposure in Zebrafish Embryos

Carolyn J. Mattingly, Thomas H. Hampton, Kimberly M. Brothers, Nina E. Griffin, and Antonio Planchart

Estimating Regional Spatial and Temporal Variability of PM2.5 Concentrations Using Satellite Data, Meteorology, and Land Use Information

Yang Liu, Christopher J. Paciorek, and Petros Koutrakis

Limitations of Remotely Sensed Aerosol as a Spatial Proxy for Fine Particulate Matter

Christopher J. Paciorek, and Yang Liu

Biological Monitoring for Depleted Uranium Exposure in U.S. Veterans

Carrie D. Dorsey, Susan M. Engelhardt, Katherine S. Squibb, and Melissa A. McDiarmid

Emergency Admissions for Cardiovascular and Respiratory Diseases and the Chemical Composition of Fine Particle Air Pollution

Roger D. Peng, Michelle L. Bell, Alison S. Geyh, Aidan McDermott, Scott L. Zeger, Jonathan M. Samet, and Francesca Dominici

Oral Exposure to Bisphenol A Increases Dimethylbenzanthracene-Induced Mammary Cancer in Rats

Sarah Jenkins, Nandini Raghuraman, Isam Eltoum, Mark Carpenter, Jose Russo, and Coral A. Lamartiniere

Progression from Beryllium Exposure to Chronic Beryllium Disease: An Analytic Model

Philip Harber, Siddharth Bansal, and John Balmes

Residential Exposure to Polychlorinated Biphenyls and Organochlorine Pesticides and Risk of Childhood Leukemia

Mary H. Ward, Joanne S. Colt, Catherine Metayer, Robert B. Gunier, Jay Lubin, Vonda Crouse, Marcia G. Nishioka, Peggy Reynolds, and Patricia A. Buffler


Developmental Perchlorate Exposure: Gilbert Responds

Mary E. Gilbert

New Books


Long-Term Effects of Bisphenol A Exposure, with Retha Newbold

Ernie Hood

Phthalate Research Coming of Age? with Shanna Swan

Ernie Hood

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