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Environmental Health Perspectives

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September 2009 | Volume 117 | Issue 9


EHP’s Policy on Integrity of Published Research

New Books

Book Review: Genomics and Environmental Regulation: Science, Ethics and Law

Notes from the Editor


Swine CAFOs & Novel H1N1 Flu: Separating Facts from Fears

Spheres of Influence

The New USDA: Cultivating Change

Science Selection

A Complex Relationship: Psychosocial Stress, Pollution, and Health

Tina Adler

Polycarbonate Plastics and Human BPA Exposure: Urinary Levels Rise with Use of Drinking Bottles

Dangerous Delicacy: Contaminated Sea Turtle Eggs Pose a Potential Health Threat

New Face of a Well-Known Hazard: Arsenic Alters H1N1 Response in Mice


Sex-Specific Cognitive Effects of Lead

The Beat

Digging into Seaside Microbial Exposures

Toxics Report Improves, but Data Still Limited


Ad hoc and Fast Forward: The Science of Hormesis Growth and Development

Paul Mushak

The Precautionary Principle in the Context of Mobile Phone and Base Station Radiofrequency Exposures

Mike Dolan and Jack Rowley

Hormesis: A Conversation with a Critic

Edward J. Calabrese


The Pine River Statement: Human Health Consequences of DDT Use

Brenda Eskenazi, Jonathan Chevrier, Lisa Goldman Rosas, Henry A. Anderson, Maria S. Bornman, Henk Bouwman, Aimin Chen, Barbara A. Cohn, Christiaan de Jager, Diane S. Henshel, Felicia Leipzig, John S. Leipzig, Edward C. Lorenz, Suzanne M. Snedeker, and Darwin Stapleton

Endotoxin and Cancer

Jessica I. Lundin, and Harvey Checkoway

A Framework for Examining Social Stress and Susceptibility to Air Pollution in Respiratory Health

Jane E. Clougherty, and Laura D. Kubzansky


Modification of the Interleukin-6 Response to Air Pollution by Interleukin-6 and Fibrinogen Polymorphisms

Petter Ljungman, Tom Bellander, Alexandra Schneider, Susanne Breitner, Francesco Forastiere, Regina Hampel, Thomas Illig, Bénédicte Jacquemin, Klea Katsouyanni, Stephanie von Klot, Wolfgang Koenig, Timo Lanki, Fredrik Nyberg, Juha Pekkanen, Riccardo Pistelli, Christos Pitsavos, Mårten Rosenqvist, Jordi Sunyer, and Annette Peters

Lower Serum Testosterone Associated with Elevated Polychlorinated Biphenyl Concentrations in Native American Men

Alexey Goncharov, Robert Rej, Serban Negoita, Maria Schymura, Azara Santiago-Rivera, Gayle Morse, the Akwesasne Task Force on the Environment7 and David O. Carpenter

Serum Cholinesterase Inhibition in Relation to Paraoxonase-1 (PON1) Status among Organophosphate-Exposed Agricultural Pesticide Handlers

Jonathan N. Hofmann, Matthew C. Keifer, Clement E. Furlong, Anneclaire J. De Roos, Federico M. Farin, Richard A. Fenske, Gerald van Belle, and Harvey Checkoway

Pesticide Exposure and Hypertensive Disorders During Pregnancy

Tina M. Saldana, Olga Basso, Donna D. Baird, Jane A. Hoppin, Clarice R. Weinberg, Aaron Blair, Michael C.R. Alavanja, and Dale P. Sandler

Dietary Fat Alters Body Composition, Mammary Development, and Cytochrome P450 Induction after Maternal TCDD Exposure in DBA/2J Mice with Low-Responsive Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptors

Michele La Merrill, Bittu S. Kuruvilla, Daniel Pomp, Linda S. Birnbaum, and David W. Threadgill

Thyroid Function and Plasma Concentrations of Polyhalogenated Compounds in Inuit Adults

Renée Dallaire, Éric Dewailly, Daria Pereg, Serge Dery, and Pierre Ayotte

Prenatal and Early, but Not Late, Postnatal Exposure of Mice to Sidestream Tobacco Smoke Increases Airway Hyperresponsiveness Later in Life

Zhong-Xin Wu, Dawn D. Hunter, Vincent L. Kish, Katherine M. Benders, Thomas P. Batchelor, and Richard D. Dey

Urine Arsenic Concentrations and Species Excretion Patterns in American Indian Communities Over a 10-year Period: The Strong Heart Study

Ana Navas-Acien, Jason G. Umans, Barbara V. Howard, Walter Goessler, Kevin A. Francesconi, Ciprian M. Crainiceanu, Ellen K. Silbergeld, and Eliseo Guallar

Influence of Prenatal Lead Exposure on Genomic Methylation of Cord Blood DNA

J. Richard Pilsner, Howard Hu, Adrienne Ettinger, Brisa N. Sánchez, Robert O. Wright, David Cantonwine, Alicia Lazarus, Héctor Lamadrid-Figueroa, Adriana Mercado-García, Martha Maria Téllez-Rojo, and Mauricio Hernández-Avila

Decreased PM10 Exposure Attenuates Age-Related Lung Function Decline: Genetic Variants in p53, p21, and CCND1 Modify This Effect

Medea Imboden, Joel Schwartz, Christian Schindler, Ivan Curjuric, Wolfgang Berger, Sally L.J. Liu, Erich W. Russi, Ursula Ackermann-Liebrich, Thierry Rochat, Nicole M. Probst-Hensch and the SAPALDIA Team

Maternal Pregnancy Levels of Polychlorinated Biphenyls and Risk of Hypospadias and Cryptorchidism in Male Offspring

Katherine A. McGlynn, Xuguang Guo, Barry I. Graubard, John W. Brock, Mark A. Klebanoff, and Matthew P. Longnecker

Polycarbonate Bottle Use and Urinary Bisphenol A Concentrations

Jenny L. Carwile, Henry T. Luu, Laura S. Bassett, Daniel A. Driscoll, Caterina Yuan, Jennifer Y. Chang, Xiaoyun Ye, Antonia M. Calafat, and Karin B. Michels

Low-Dose Arsenic Compromises the Immune Response to Influenza A Infection in Vivo

Courtney D. Kozul, Kenneth H. Ely, Richard I. Enelow, and Joshua W. Hamilton

Serum Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether (PBDE) Levels Are Higher in Children (2–5 Years of Age) than in Infants and Adults

Leisa-Maree L. Toms, Andreas Sjödin, Fiona Harden, Peter Hobson, Richard Jones, Emily Edenfield, and Jochen F. Mueller

Serum Selenium Concentrations and Diabetes in U.S. Adults: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 2003–2004

Martin Laclaustra, Ana Navas-Acien, Saverio Stranges, Jose M. Ordovas, and Eliseo Guallar

Central Neuroplasticity and Decreased Heart Rate Variability after Particulate Matter Exposure in Mice

Hai Pham, Ann C. Bonham, Kent E. Pinkerton, and Chao-Yin Chen

Workplace Exposures and the Risk of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Fang Fang, Patricia Quinlan, Weimin Ye, Marie K. Barber, David M. Umbach, Dale P. Sandler, and Freya Kamel

Chemical Contamination of Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas) Eggs in Peninsular Malaysia: Implications for Conservation and Public Health.

Jason P. van de Merwe, Mary Hodge, Henry A. Olszowy, Joan M. Whittier, Kamarruddin Ibrahim and Shing Y. Lee


GST Polymorphisms: Bonassi et al. Respond

Stefano Bonassi, Inger-Lise Hansteen, Anna Maria Rossi, Roberto Barale, Lisbeth E. Knudsen, Hannu Norppa

Do GST Polymorphisms Modulate the Frequency of Chromosomal Aberrations in Healthy Subjects?

Pavel Vodicka, Alessio Naccarati, Ludmila Vodickova, Veronika Polakova, Maria Dusinska, Ludovit Musak, Erika Halasova, Simona Susova, Pavel Soucek, Kari Hemminki

Green Chemistry: Wilson and Schwarzman Respond

Green Chemistry: Terminology and Principles

Karen Peabody O’Brien, John Peterson Myers, John Warner

Molybdenum Exposure and Semen Quality: How Robust Is the Evidence of an Effect?

Tom Sorahan, Frank M. Sullivan

Molybdenum Exposure and Semen Quality: Meeker et al. Respond


Who’s Hit Hardest by Heat Waves? with Colleen Reid

Ernie Hood

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