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Environmental Health Perspectives

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January 2010 | Volume 118 | Issue 1


Safety Testing: Moving Toward Alternative Methods

Linda S. Birnbaum and William S. Stokes


What’s in a Color? The Unique Human Health Effects of Blue Light

David C. Holzman

Lose Sleep, Gain Weight: Another Piece of the Obesity Puzzle

Angela Spivey

Science Selection

Critical Confluence: Gene Variants, Insecticide Exposure May Increase Childhood Brain Tumor Risk

Julia R. Barrett

When to Warn? Comparing Heat Indices to Evaluate Public Health Risks

Harvey Black

A Measure of Resistance: Detecting Tamiflu Metabolite in Sewage Discharge and River Water

Tanya Tillett

No Small Worry: Airborne Nanomaterials in the Lab Raise Concerns

Cynthia Washam


Examining DDT’s Urogenital Effects

Naomi Lubick

On the Job with Solar PV

David A. Taylor

In Search of the Roots of a Scourge

Carol Potera

Microscopy Not to Dye For

Tim Lougheed

The Beat

Erin E. Dooley


Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH) Is but the First Step—How Far Will It Take Us? Six Further Steps to Improve the European Chemicals Legislation

Christina Rudén and Sven Ove Hansson

Integrating Omic Technologies into Aquatic Ecological Risk Assessment and Environmental Monitoring: Hurdles, Achievements, and Future Outlook

Graham Van Aggelen, Gerald T. Ankley, William S. Baldwin, Daniel W. Bearden, William H. Benson, J. Kevin Chipman, Tim W. Collette, John A. Craft, Nancy D. Denslow, Michael R. Embry, Francesco Falciani, Stephen G. George, Caren C. Helbing, Paul F. Hoekstra, Taisen Iguchi, Yoshi Kagami, Ioanna Katsiadaki, Peter Kille, Li Liu, Peter G. Lord, Terry McIntyre, Anne O’Neill, Heather Osachoff, Ed J. Perkins, Eduarda M. Santos, Rachel C. Skirrow, Jason R. Snape, Charles R. Tyler, Don Versteeg, Mark R. Viant, David C. Volz, Tim D. Williams and Lorraine Yu


A Qualitative Meta-Analysis Reveals Consistent Effects of Atrazine on Freshwater Fish and Amphibians

Jason R. Rohr and Krista A. McCoy

Mass Spectrometric Analyses of Organophosphate Insecticide Oxon Protein Adducts

Charles M. Thompson, John M. Prins and Kathleen M. George

Residential Pesticides and Childhood Leukemia: A Systematic Review 
and Meta-Analysis

Michelle C. Turner, Donald T. Wigle and Daniel Krewski

Basis of the Massachusetts Reference Dose and Drinking Water Standard 
for Perchlorate

Tsedash Zewdie, C. Mark Smith, Michael Hutcheson and Carol Rowan West


Bootstrap-after-Bootstrap Model Averaging for Reducing Model Uncertainty in Model Selection for Air Pollution Mortality Studies

Steven Roberts and Michael A. Martin

Modulation of Cytokine Expression in Human Myeloid Dendritic Cells by Environmental Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals Involves Epigenetic Regulation

Chih-Hsing Hung, San-Nan Yang, Po-Lin Kuo, Yu-Te Chu, Hui-Wen Chang, Wan-Ju Wei, Shau-Ku Huang and Yuh-Jyh Jong

Global Gene Expression Analysis in the Livers of Rat Offspring Perinatally Exposed to Low Doses of 2,2’,4,4’-Tetrabromodiphenyl Ether

Alexander Suvorov and Larissa Takser

Arsenic Exposure Transforms Human Epithelial Stem/Progenitor Cells 
into a Cancer Stem-like Phenotype

Erik J. Tokar, Bhalchandra A. Diwan and Michael P. Waalkes

Silver Impairs Neurodevelopment: Studies in PC12 Cells

Christina M. Powers, Nicola Wrench, Ian T. Ryde, Amanda M. Smith, Frederic J. Seidler and Theodore A. Slotkin

Prenatal and Postnatal Tobacco Exposure and Behavioral Problems in 10-Year-Old Children: Results from the GINI-plus Prospective Birth Cohort Study

Simon Rückinger, Peter Rzehak, Chih-Mei Chen, Stefanie Sausenthaler, Sibylle Koletzko, Carl-Peter Bauer, Ute Hoffmann, Ursula Kramer, Dietrich Berdel, Andrea von Berg, Otmar Bayer, H.-Erich Wichmann, Rüdiger von Kries and Joachim Heinrich for the GINI-plus Study Group

Childhood Brain Tumors, Residential Insecticide Exposure, and Pesticide Metabolism Genes

Susan Searles Nielsen, Roberta McKean-Cowdin, Federico M. Farin, Elizabeth A. Holly, Susan Preston-Martin and Beth A. Mueller

Blood Mercury Concentrations in CHARGE Study Children 
with and without Autism

Irva Hertz-Picciotto, Peter G. Green, Lora Delwiche, Robin Hansen, Cheryl Walker and Isaac N. Pessah

Individual Characteristics Associated with PBDE Levels in U.S. Human 
Milk Samples

Julie L. Daniels, I-Jen Pan, Richard Jones, Sarah Anderson, Donald G. Patterson Jr, Larry L. Needham and Andreas Sjödin

Sources of Mercury Exposure for U.S. Seafood Consumers: 
Implications for Policy

Noelle E. Selin, Elsie M. Sunderland, Christopher D. Knightes and Robert P. Mason

Association of Heart Rate Variability in Taxi Drivers with Marked Changes 
in Particulate Air Pollution in Beijing in 2008

Shaowei Wu, Furong Deng, Jie Niu, Qinsheng Huang, Youcheng Liu and Xinbiao Guo

Summer Heat and Mortality in New York City: How Hot Is Too Hot?

Kristina B. Metzger, Kazuhiko Ito and Thomas D. Matte

Malondialdehyde–Deoxyguanosine Adducts among Workers 
of a Thai Industrial Estate and Nearby Residents

Marco Peluso, Petcharin Srivatanakul, Armelle Munnia, Adisorn Jedpiyawongse, Marcello Ceppi, Suleeporn Sangrajrang, Sara Piro and Paolo Boffetta

Associations of Serum Concentrations of Organochlorine Pesticides with Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer in U.S. Adults

Xiaohui Xu, Amy B. Dailey, Evelyn O. Talbott, Vito A. Ilacqua, Greg Kearney and Nabih R. Asal

Oseltamivir Carboxylate, the Active Metabolite of Oseltamivir Phosphate (Tamiflu), Detected in Sewage Discharge and River Water in Japan

Gopal C. Ghosh, Norihide Nakada, Naoyuki Yamashita and Hiroaki Tanaka

Coumaphos Exposure and Incident Cancer among Male Participants 
in the Agricultural Health Study (AHS)

Carol H. Christensen, Elizabeth A. Platz, Gabriella Andreotti, Aaron Blair, Jane A. Hoppin, Stella Koutros, Charles F. Lynch, Dale P. Sandler and Michael C.R. Alavanja

Baseline Repeated Measures from Controlled Human Exposure Studies: Associations between Ambient Air Pollution Exposure and the Systemic Inflammatory Biomarkers IL-6 and Fibrinogen

Aaron M.S. Thompson, Antonella Zanobetti, Frances Silverman, Joel Schwartz, Brent Coull, Bruce Urch, Mary Speck, Jeffrey R. Brook, Michael Manno and Diane R. Gold

Potential for Occupational Exposure to Engineered Carbon-Based Nanomaterials in Environmental Laboratory Studies

David R. Johnson, Mark M. Methner, Alan J. Kennedy and Jeffery A. Steevens

The Implications of Using a Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic (PBPK) Model for Pesticide Risk Assessment

Chensheng Lu, Christina M. Holbrook and Leo M. Andres

National Use of Asbestos in Relation to Economic Development

Giang Vinh Le, Ken Takahashi, Antti Karjalainen, Vanya Delgermaa, Tsutomu Hoshuyama, Yoshitaka Miyamura, Sugio Furuya, Toshiaki Higashi, Guowei Pan and Gregory Wagner


The Precautionary Principle: Radiofrequency Exposures from Mobile Telephones and Base Stations

Stelios A. Zinelis

DDT and Malaria Prevention

Richard Tren and Donald Roberts

The Precautionary Principle: Dolan and Rowley Respond

Mike Dolan and Jack Rowley

DDT and Malaria Prevention: van den Berg Responds

Henk van den Berg


DDT: The Good, the Bad, and the Unknown, with Brenda Eskenazi

Ernie Hood

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