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Environmental Health Perspectives

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October 2010 | Volume 118 | Issue 10


Book Review: Toxic Bodies: Hormone Disruptors and the Legacy of DES

Retha R. Newbold


Oil and Water

Elizabeth T.H. Fontham and Edward Trapido

Developmental Milestones in Children’s Environmental Health

Ruth A. Etzel


Growing Knowledge: Using Stem Cells to Study Developmental Neurotoxicity

Kellyn S. Betts

Spheres of Influence

Dietary Iodine: Why Are So Many Mothers Not Getting Enough?

Rebecca Renner

Science Selection

Temperatures Rising: Sprawling Cities Have the Most Very Hot Days

Tanya Tillett

A Compendium of Challenges: Assessing the State of the Science on Occupational Carcinogens

M. Nathaniel Mead

Diminished Protection? Early Childhood PCB Exposure and Reduced Immune Response to Vaccinations

Julia R. Barrett

Thyroid Insult: Flame Retardants Linked to Alterations in Pregnant Women’s TSH Levels

Kellyn S. Betts


The Artificial Food Dye Blues

Carol Potera

Invasion of the Bedbugs

John Manuel

BPA in Canadian Population Highest Among Teens

Julia R. Barrett

The Beat

Erin E. Dooley

AAP Publishes Oil Protection Guidelines for Children

Bob Weinhold


Evaluating and Regulating Lead in Synthetic Turf

Gregory Van Ulirsch, Kevin Gleason, Shawn Gerstenberger, Daphne B. Moffett, Glenn Pulliam, Tariq Ahmed and Jerald Fagliano

The Future Use of in Vitro Data in Risk Assessment to Set Human Exposure Standards: Challenging Problems and Familiar Solutions

Kenny S. Crump, Chao Chen and Thomas A. Louis


Research Recommendations for Selected IARC-Classified Agents

Elizabeth M. Ward, Paul A. Schulte, Kurt Straif, Nancy B. Hopf, Jane C. Caldwell, Tania Carreón, David M. DeMarini, Bruce A. Fowler, Bernard D. Goldstein, Kari Hemminki, Cynthia J. Hines, Kirsti Husgafvel Pursiainen, Eileen Kuempel, Joellen Lewtas, Ruth M. Lunn, Elsebeth Lynge, Damien M. McElvenny, Hartwig Muhle, Tamie Nakajima, Larry W. Robertson, Nathaniel Rothman, Avima M. Ruder, Mary K. Schubauer-Berigan, Jack Siemiatycki, Debra Silverman, Martyn T. Smith, Tom Sorahan, Kyle Steenland, Richard G. Stevens, Paolo Vineis, Shelia Hoar Zahm, Lauren Zeise and Vincent J. Cogliano


Allergy and Sensitization during Childhood Associated with Prenatal and Lactational Exposure to Marine Pollutants

Philippe Grandjean, Lars K. Poulsen, Carsten Heilmann, Ulrike Steuerwald and Pál Weihe

Respiratory Health Effects of Exposure to Low-NOx Unflued Gas Heaters in the Classroom: A Double-Blind, Cluster-Randomized, Crossover Study

Guy B. Marks, Wafaa Ezz, Nathan Aust, Brett G. Toelle, Wei Xuan, Elena Belousova, Carmen Cosgrove, Bin Jalaludin and Wayne T. Smith

Urban Form and Extreme Heat Events: Are Sprawling Cities More Vulnerable to Climate Change Than Compact Cities?

Brian Stone, Jeremy J. Hess and Howard Frumkin

Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether (PBDE) Flame Retardants and Thyroid Hormone during Pregnancy

Jonathan Chevrier, Kim G. Harley, Asa Bradman, Myriam Gharbi, Andreas Sjödin and Brenda Eskenazi

Evaluation of Computational Docking to Identify Pregnane X Receptor Agonists in the ToxCast Database

Sandhya Kortagere, Matthew D. Krasowski, Erica J. Reschly, Madhukumar Venkatesh, Sridhar Mani and Sean Ekins

The Risk of West Nile Virus Infection Is Associated with Combined Sewer Overflow Streams in Urban Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Gonzalo M. Vazquez-Prokopec, Jodi L. Vanden Eng, Rosmarie Kelly, Daniel G. Mead, Priti Kolhe, James Howgate, Uriel Kitron and Thomas R. Burkot

Estrogen-Like Effects of Cadmium in Vivo Do Not Appear to be Mediated via the Classical Estrogen Receptor Transcriptional Pathway

Imran Ali, Pauliina E. Penttinen-Damdimopoulou, Sari I. Mäkelä, Marika Berglund, Ulla Stenius, Agneta Åkesson, Helen Håkansson and Krister Halldin

Serum Concentrations of Antibodies Against Vaccine Toxoids in Children Exposed Perinatally to Immunotoxicants

Carsten Heilmann, Esben Budtz-Jørgensen, Flemming Nielsen, Birger Heinzow, Pál Weihe and Philippe Grandjean

Urinary Porphyrin Excretion in Neurotypical and Autistic Children

James S. Woods, Sarah E. Armel, Denise I. Fulton, Jason Allen, Kristine Wessels, P. Lynne Simmonds, Doreen Granpeesheh, Elizabeth Mumper, J. Jeffrey Bradstreet, Diana Echeverria, Nicholas J. Heyer and James P.K. Rooney

Evaluation of Candidate Genes for Cholinesterase Activity in Farmworkers Exposed to Organophosphorus Pesticides: Association of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in BCHE

Timothy D. Howard, Fang-Chi Hsu, Joseph G. Grzywacz, Haiying Chen, Sara A. Quandt, Quirina M. Vallejos, Lara E. Whalley, Wei Cui, Stephanie Padilla and Thomas A. Arcury

Particulate Air Pollution, Metabolic Syndrome, and Heart Rate Variability: The Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA)

Sung Kyun Park, Amy H. Auchincloss, Marie S. O’Neill, Ronald Prineas, Juan C. Correa, Jerry Keeler, R. Graham Barr, Joel D. Kaufman and Ana V. Diez Roux

Comparative Chronic Liver Toxicity of Benzo[a]pyrene in Two Populations of the Atlantic Killifish (Fundulus heteroclitus) with Different Exposure Histories

Lauren P. Wills, Dawoon Jung, Kara Koehrn, Shiqian Zhu, Kristine L. Willett, David E. Hinton and Richard T. Di Giulio

A Case–Control Study of Lung Cancer Nested in a Cohort of European Asphalt Workers

Ann Olsson, Hans Kromhout, Michela Agostini, Johnni Hansen, Christina Funch Lassen, Christoffer Johansen, Kristina Kjaerheim, Sverre Langård, Isabelle Stücker, Wolfgang Ahrens, Thomas Behrens, Marja-Liisa Lindbohm, Pirjo Heikkilä, Dick Heederik, Lützen Portengen, Judith Shaham, Gilles Ferro, Frank de Vocht, Igor Burstyn and Paolo Boffetta

Maternal Low-Level Lead Exposure and Fetal Growth

Motao Zhu, Edward F. Fitzgerald, Kitty H. Gelberg, Shao Lin and Charlotte M. Druschel

Temporal and Spatial Patterns of Ambient Endotoxin Concentrations in Fresno, California

Ira B. Tager, Frederick W. Lurmann, Thaddeus Haight, Siana Alcorn, Bryan Penfold and S. Katharine Hammond

Nanoparticles Induce Changes of the Electrical Activity of Neuronal Networks on Microelectrode Array Neurochips

Alexandra Gramowski, Juliane Flossdorf, Kunal Bhattacharya, Ludwig Jonas, Margareta Lantow, Qamar Rahman, Dietmar Schiffmann, Dieter G. Weiss and Elke Dopp

Association between Rainfall and Pediatric Emergency Department Visits 
for Acute Gastrointestinal Illness

Patrick Drayna, Sandra L. McLellan, Pippa Simpson, Shun-Hwa Li and Marc H. Gorelick

Maternal Exposure to Nitrogen Dioxide during Pregnancy and Offspring Birth Weight: Comparison of Two Exposure Models

Johanna Lepeule, Fabrice Caïni, Sébastien Bottagisi, Julien Galineau, Agnès Hulin, Nathalie Marquis, Aline Bohet, Valérie Siroux, Monique Kaminski, Marie-Aline Charles and Rémy Slama

Investigation of Microcystin Congener–Dependent Uptake into Primary Murine Neurons

Daniel Feurstein, Julia Kleinteich, Alexandra H. Heussner, Kerstin Stemmer and Daniel R. Dietrich

Short-Term Effects of Air Pollution on Wheeze in Asthmatic Children in Fresno, California

Jennifer K. Mann, John R. Balmes, Tim A. Bruckner, Kathleen M. Mortimer, Helene G. Margolis, Boriana Pratt, S. Katharine Hammond, Frederick W. Lurmann and Ira B. Tager

Childhood Exposure to Phthalates: Associations with Thyroid Function, Insulin-like Growth Factor I, and Growth

Malene Boas, Hanne Frederiksen, Ulla Feldt-Rasmussen, Niels E. Skakkebæk, Laszlo Hegedüs, Linda Hilsted, Anders Juul and Katharina M. Main

Intellectual Function in Mexican Children Living in a Mining Area and Environmentally Exposed to Manganese

Horacio Riojas-Rodríguez, Rodolfo Solís-Vivanco, Astrid Schilmann, Sergio Montes, Sandra Rodríguez, Camilo Ríos and Yaneth Rodríguez-Agudelo

Atrazine Binds to the Growth Hormone–Releasing Hormone Receptor and Affects Growth Hormone Gene Expression

Walid D. Fakhouri, Joseph L. Nuñez and Frances Trail


The Global Burden of Air Pollution on Mortality: The Need to Include Exposure to Household Biomass Fuel–Derived Particulates

Jamie Rylance, Duncan G. Fullerton, Sean Semple and Jon G. Ayres

The Global Burden of Air Pollution on Mortality: Anenberg et al. respond

Susan C. Anenberg, J. Jason West, Larry W. Horowitz and Daniel Q. Tong

A Hybrid Approach for Predicting PM2.5 Exposure

Naresh Kumar

A Hybrid Approach for Predicting PM2.5 Exposure: van Donkelaar et al. Respond

Aaron van Donkelaar, Randall Martin, Caroline Verduzco, Mike Brauer, Ralph Kahn, Robert Levy and Paul Villeneuve


Neurobehavioral Effects of Artificial Food Dyes, with Bernard Weiss

Ashley Ahearn

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