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Environmental Health Perspectives

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September 2010 | Volume 118 | Issue 9


Book Review: Environmental Justice and Sustainability in the Former Soviet Union

Paul Josephson


The Changing Landscape of Arctic Traditional Food

Tim Lougheed

Spheres of Influence

Cold Hard Cache: The Arctic Drilling Controversy

Charles W. Schmidt

Science Selection

Rice Is a Significant Source of Methylmercury: Research in China Assesses Exposures

Julia R. Barrett

Picture of Better Health: Prioritizing Air Pollution Control in China

Cynthia Washam

BPA and Insulin Resistance: Evidence of Effects in Dams and Offspring

M. Nathaniel Mead

Traffic Trouble: Study Links Diabetes to Vehicular Pollution

Tanya Tillett


Health Scenarios for a Warming World

Catherine M. Cooney

Pharmaceutical Factories as a Source of Drugs in Water

Rebecca Kessler

Genetically Engineered Salmon on the FDA’s Table

David A. Taylor

The Beat

Erin E. Dooley


HFE H63D Polymorphism as a Modifier of the Effect of Cumulative Lead Exposure on Pulse Pressure: The Normative Aging Study

Aimin Zhang, Sung Kyun Park, Robert O. Wright, Marc G. Weisskopf, Bhramar Mukherjee, Huiling Nie, David Sparrow and Howard Hu

Bisphenol AF Is a Full Agonist for the Estrogen Receptor ERα but a Highly Specific Antagonist for ERβ

Ayami Matsushima, Xiaohui Liu, Hiroyuki Okada, Miki Shimohigashi and Yasuyuki Shimohigashi

Evaluation of Spatial Relationships between Health and the Environment: The Rapid Inquiry Facility

Linda Beale, Susan Hodgson, Juan Jose Abellan, Sam LeFevre and Lars Jarup

Elevated Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Concentrations Amplify Alternaria alternata Sporulation and Total Antigen Production

Julie Wolf, Nichole R. O’Neill, Christine A. Rogers, Michael L. Muilenberg and Lewis H. Ziska

p53 Plays an Important Role in Cell Fate Determination after Exposure to Microcystin-LR

Shota Takumi, Masaharu Komatsu Tatsuhiko Furukawa, Ryuji Ikeda, Tomoyuki Sumizawa, Hitomi Akenaga, Yuta Maeda, Kohji Aoyama, Koji Arizono, Seiichi Ando and Toru Takeuchi

In Inland China, Rice, Rather than Fish, Is the Major Pathway for Methylmercury Exposure

Hua Zhang, Xinbin Feng, Thorjørn Larssen, Guangle Qiu and Rolf D. Vogt

Chemosensory Loss: Functional Consequences of the 
World Trade Center Disaster

Pamela H. Dalton, Richard E. Opiekun, Michele Gould, Ryan McDermott, Tamika Wilson, Christopher Maute, Mehmet H. Ozdener, Kai Zhao, Edward Emmett, Peter S.J. Lees, Robin Herbert and Jacqueline Moline

Risk-Based Prioritization among Air Pollution Control Strategies 
in the Yangtze River Delta, China

Ying Zhou, Joshua S. Fu, Guoshun Zhuang and Jonathan I. Levy

Bisphenol A Exposure during Pregnancy Disrupts Glucose Homeostasis 
in Mothers and Adult Male Offspring

Paloma Alonso-Magdalena, Elaine Vieira, Sergi Soriano, Lorena Menes, Deborah Burks, Ivan Quesada and Angel Nadal

Are Environmental Levels of Bisphenol A Associated with Reproductive Function in Fertile Men?

Jaime Mendiola, Niels Jørgensen, Anna-Maria Andersson, Antonia M. Calafat, Xiaoyun Ye, J. Bruce Redmon, Erma Z. Drobnis, Christina Wang, Amy Sparks, Sally W. Thurston, Fan Liu and Shanna H. Swan

Traffic-Related Air Pollution and Incident Type 2 Diabetes: Results from the SALIA Cohort Study

Ursula Krämer, Christian Herder, Dorothea Sugiri, Klaus Strassburger, Tamara Schikowski, Ulrich Ranft and Wolfgang Rathmann

Case Report: The University of Michigan Dioxin Exposure Study: A Follow-up Investigation of a Case with High Serum Concentration of 2,3,4,7,8-Pentachlorodibenzofuran

Alfred Franzblau, Elizabeth Hedgeman, Olivier Jolliet, Kristine Knutson, Tim Towey, Qixuan Chen, Biling Hong, Peter Adriaens, Avery Demond, David H. Garabrant, Brenda W. Gillespie and James Lepkowski

Goitrogenic Anions, Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone, and Thyroid Hormone 
in Infants

Yang Cao, Benjamin C. Blount, Liza Valentin-Blasini, Judy C. Bernbaum, Terry M. Phillips and Walter J. Rogan

Ambient Influenza and Avian Influenza Virus during Dust Storm Days 
and Background Days

Pei-Shih Chen, Feng Ta Tsai, Chien Kun Lin, Chun-Yuh Yang, Chang-Chuan Chan, Chea-Yuan Young and Chien-Hung Lee

No Association between Arsenic Exposure from Drinking Water and Diabetes Mellitus: A Cross-Sectional Study in Bangladesh

Yu Chen, Habibul Ahsan, Vesna Slavkovich, Gretchen Loeffler Peltier, Rebecca T. Gluskin, Faruque Parvez, Xinhua Liu and Joseph H. Graziano

Placental Transfer of Conjugated Bisphenol A and Subsequent Reactivation in the Rat Fetus

Miyu Nishikawa, Hidetomo Iwano, Risa Yanagisawa, Nanako Koike, Hiroki Inoue and Hiroshi Yokota

Lung Cancer in Chinese Women: Evidence for an Interaction between Tobacco Smoking and Exposure to Inhalants in the Indoor Environment

Li Tang, Wei-Yen Lim, Philip Eng, Swan Swan Leong, Tow Keang Lim, Alan W.K. Ng, Augustine Tee and Adeline Seow

Triggering of Transmural Infarctions, but Not Nontransmural Infarctions, by Ambient Fine Particles

David Q. Rich, Howard M. Kipen, Junfeng Zhang, Leena Kamat, Alan C. Wilson and John B. Kostis

Non–Dioxin-Like Polychlorinated Biphenyls and Risk of Endometriosis

Britton Trabert, Anneclaire J. De Roos, Stephen M. Schwartz, Ulrike Peters, Delia Scholes, Dana B. Barr and Victoria L. Holt

Low Dose of Some Persistent Organic Pollutants Predicts Type 2 Diabetes: A Nested Case–Control Study

Duk-Hee Lee, Michael W. Steffes, Andreas Sjödin, Richard S. Jones, Larry L. Needham and David R. Jacobs Jr.

Traffic-Related Particulate Matter and Acute Respiratory Symptoms among New York City Area Adolescents

Molini M. Patel, Steven N. Chillrud, Juan C. Correa, Yair Hazi, Marian Feinberg, Deepti KC, Swati Prakash, James M. Ross, Diane Levy and Patrick L. Kinney

Neonatal Exposure to Bisphenol A and Reproductive and Endocrine Alterations Resembling the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome in Adult Rats

Marina Fernández, Nadia Bourguignon, Victoria Lux-Lantos and Carlos Libertun

Vulnerability-Based Spatial Sampling Stratification for the 
National Children’s Study, Worcester County, Massachusetts: Capturing Health-Relevant Environmental and Sociodemographic Variability

Timothy J. Downs, Yelena Ogneva-Himmelberger, Onesky Aupont, Yangyang Wang, Ann Raj, Paula Zimmerman, Robert Goble, Octavia Taylor, Linda Churchill, Celeste Lemay, Thomas McLaughlin and Marianne Felice

Prenatal Exposure to Airborne Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Children’s Intelligence at 5 Years of Age in a Prospective Cohort Study in Poland

Susan Claire Edwards, Wieslaw Jedrychowski, Maria Butscher, David Camann, Agnieszka Kieltyka, Elzbieta Mroz, Elzbieta Flak, Zhigang Li, Shuang Wang, Virginia Rauh and Frederica Perera

An Estimate of the Global Burden of Anthropogenic Ozone and 
Fine Particulate Matter on Premature Human Mortality Using 
Atmospheric Modeling

Susan C. Anenberg, Larry W. Horowitz, Daniel Q. Tong and J. Jason West


Residential History and Groundwater Modeling: Gallagher et al. Respond

Lisa G. Gallagher, Thomas F. Webster, Ann Aschengrau and Verónica M. Vieira

Importance of Particle Size-Fraction Analysis in Suspensions

Loretta Müller, Peter Gehr and Andreas C. R. Mayer

Particle Size-Fraction Analysis: Gilmour et al. Respond

M. Ian Gilmour, Seung-Hyun Cho, Haiyan Tong, John K. McGee, Q. Todd Krantz and Richard W. Baldauf

Residential History and Groundwater Modeling

Laurel A. Schaider, Ruthann A. Rudel, Janet M. Ackerman and Julia G. Brody


Nine Years Later: Exposures after the World Trade Center Attacks, with Paul Lioy

Ashley Ahearn

Nine Years Later: Health Effects in World Trade Center Responders, with Philip Landrigan

Ashley Ahearn

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