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Environmental Health Perspectives

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January 2012 | Volume 120 | Issue 1


Paul Epstein: 1943-2011


Downscaling Climate Models: Sharpening the Focus on Local-Level Changes

Catherine M. Cooney

Science Selection

Atherosclerosis Predictor? Circulating Levels of POPs Linked to Arterial Effects

Julia R. Barrett

Big Biking Payoff: Alternative Transportation Could Net Midwest over $8 Billion

Kellyn S. Betts

The Traveling Libby Legacy: Minnesota Community Exhibits Nonoccupational Health Impacts Consistent with Asbestos Damage

Tanya Tillett

Mixed Metals Toxicity: More than the Sum of Its Parts?

Angela Spivey


Can Indoor Swimming Alter Hormones in Boys?

Bob Weinhold

Summit Ties Sustainability to Improved Public Health

Tanya Tillett

Remediating Soil Lead with Fish Bones

Kris S. Freeman

The Beat

Erin E. Dooley


Trending Now: Using Social Media to Predict and Track Disease Outbreaks

Charles W. Schmidt


Synthetic Food Colors and Neurobehavioral Hazards: The View from Environmental Health Research

Bernard Weiss

Conducting Research with Tribal Communities: Sovereignty, Ethics, and Data-Sharing Issues

Anna Harding, Barbara Harper, Dave Stone, Catherine O’Neill, Patricia Berger, Stuart Harris and Jamie Donatuto


European Birth Cohorts for Environmental Health Research

Martine Vrijheid, Maribel Casas, Anna Bergström, Amanda Carmichael, Sylvaine Cordier, Merete Eggesbø, Esben Eller, Maria P. Fantini, Mariana F. Fernández, Ana Fernández-Somoano, Ulrike Gehring, Regina Grazuleviciene, Cynthia Hohmann, Anne M. Karvonen, Thomas Keil, Manolis Kogevinas, Gudrun Koppen, Ursula Krämer, Claudia E. Kuehni, Per Magnus, Renata Majewska, Anne-Marie Nybo Andersen, Evridiki Patelarou, Maria Skaalum Petersen, Frank H. Pierik, Kinga Polanska, Daniela Porta, Lorenzo Richiardi, Ana Cristina Santos, Rémy Slama, Radim J. Sram, Carel Thijs, Christina Tischer, Gunnar Toft, Tomáš Trnovec, Stephanie Vandentorren, Tanja G.M. Vrijkotte, Michael Wilhelm, John Wright and Mark Nieuwenhuijsen

Ambient Temperature and Morbidity: A Review of Epidemiological Evidence

Xiaofang Ye, Rodney Wolff, Weiwei Yu, Pavla Vaneckova, Xiaochuan Pan and Shilu Tong

Risks and Benefits of Consumption of Great Lakes Fish

Mary E. Turyk, Satyendra P. Bhavsar, William Bowerman, Eric Boysen, Milton Clark, Miriam Diamond, Donna Mergler, Peter Pantazopoulos, Susan Schantz and David O. Carpenter


Akt Activation Is Responsible for Enhanced Migratory and Invasive Behavior of Arsenic-Transformed Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells

Zhishan Wang, Junling Yang, Theresa Fisher, Hua Xiao, Yiguo Jiang and Chengfeng Yang

The Impact of Regional Climate Change on Malaria Risk due to Greenhouse Forcing and Land-Use Changes in Tropical Africa

Volker Ermert, Andreas H. Fink, Andrew P. Morse and Heiko Paeth

The in Vitro Estrogenic Activities of Polyfluorinated Iodine Alkanes

Chang Wang, Thanh Wang, Wei Liu, Ting Ruan, Qunfang Zhou, Jiyan Liu, Aiqian Zhang, Bin Zhao and Guibin Jiang

Exposure to Silver Nanoparticles Inhibits Selenoprotein Synthesis and the Activity of Thioredoxin Reductase

Milan Srivastava, Sanjay Singh and William T. Self

Subchronic Pulmonary Pathology, Iron Overload, and Transcriptional Activity after Libby Amphibole Exposure in Rat Models of Cardiovascular Disease

Jonathan H. Shannahan, Abraham Nyska, Mark Cesta, Mette C.J. Schladweiler, Beena D. Vallant, William O. Ward, Andrew J. Ghio, Stephen H. Gavett and Urmila P. Kodavanti

Associations of Toenail Arsenic, Cadmium, Mercury, Manganese, and Lead with Blood Pressure in the Normative Aging Study

Irina Mordukhovich, Robert O. Wright, Howard Hu, Chitra Amarasiriwardena, Andrea Baccarelli, Augusto Litonjua, David Sparrow, Pantel Vokonas and Joel Schwartz

Solar UV Doses of Young Americans and Vitamin D3 Production

Dianne Eyvonn Godar, Stanley James Pope, William Burgess Grant and Michael Francis Holick

Associations of Early Childhood Manganese and Lead Coexposure with Neurodevelopment

Birgit Claus Henn, Lourdes Schnaas, Adrienne S. Ettinger, Joel Schwartz, Héctor Lamadrid-Figueroa, Mauricio Hernández-Avila, Chitra Amarasiriwardena, Howard Hu, David C. Bellinger, Robert O. Wright and Martha María Téllez-Rojo

Air Pollution Exposure During Pregnancy, Ultrasound Measures of Fetal Growth, and Adverse Birth Outcomes: A Prospective Cohort Study

Edith H. van den Hooven, Frank H. Pierik, Yvonne de Kluizenaar, Sten P. Willemsen, Albert Hofman, Sjoerd W. van Ratingen, Peter Y.J. Zandveld, Johan P. Mackenbach, Eric A.P. Steegers, Henk M.E. Miedema and Vincent W.V. Jaddoe

Complex Factors in the Etiology of Gulf War Illness: Wartime Exposures and Risk Factors in Veteran Subgroups

Lea Steele, Antonio Sastre, Mary M. Gerkovich and Mary R. Cook

Traffic-Related Air Toxics and Term Low Birth Weight in Los Angeles County, California

Michelle Wilhelm, Jo Kay Ghosh, Jason Su, Myles Cockburn, Michael Jerrett and Beate Ritz

Benzene Metabolite 1,2,4-Benzenetriol Induces Halogenated DNA and Tyrosines Representing Halogenative Stress in the HL-60 Human Myeloid Cell Line

Takuro Nishikawa, Emiko Miyahara, Masahisa Horiuchi, Kimiko Izumo, Yasuhiro Okamoto, Yoshichika Kawai, Yoshifumi Kawano and Toru Takeuchi

Air Quality and Exercise-Related Health Benefits from Reduced Car Travel in the Midwestern United States

Maggie L. Grabow, Scott N. Spak, Tracey Holloway, Brian Stone Jr., Adam C. Mednick and Jonathan A. Patz

Transportation Noise and Blood Pressure in a Population-Based Sample of Adults

Julia Dratva, Harish C. Phuleria, Maria Foraster, Jean-Michel Gaspoz, Dirk Keidel, Nino Künzli, L.-J. Sally Liu, Marco Pons, Elisabeth Zemp, Margaret W. Gerbase and Christian Schindler

Prenatal Exposure to Residential Air Pollution and Infant Mental Development: Modulation by Antioxidants and Detoxification Factors

Mònica Guxens, Inmaculada Aguilera, Ferran Ballester, Marisa Estarlich, Ana Fernández-Somoano, Aitana Lertxundi, Nerea Lertxundi, Michelle A. Mendez, Adonina Tardón, Martine Vrijheid and Jordi Sunyer on behalf of the INMA (INfancia y Medio Ambiente) Project

Radiographic Evidence of Nonoccupational Asbestos Exposure from Processing Libby Vermiculite in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Bruce H. Alexander, Katherine K. Raleigh, Jean Johnson, Jeffrey H. Mandel, John L. Adgate, Gurumurthy Ramachandran, Rita B. Messing, Tannie Eshenaur and Allan Williams

Circulating Levels of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) and Carotid Atherosclerosis in the Elderly

P. Monica Lind, Bert van Bavel, Samira Salihovic and Lars Lind

A Prospective Study of Organochlorines in Adipose Tissue and Risk of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

Elvira Vaclavik Bräuner, Mette Sørensen, Eric Gaudreau, Alain LeBlanc, Kirsten Thorup Eriksen, Anne Tjønneland, Kim Overvad and Ole Raaschou-Nielsen


Artificial Food Color Additives and Child Behavior

Mitchell A. Cheeseman

Artificial Food Color Additives and Child Behavior: Weiss Responds

Bernard Weiss

Nanotoxicology: in Vitro–in Vivo Dosimetry

Günter Oberdörster

Nanotoxicology: Gangwal et al. Respond

Sumit Gangwal and Elaine A. Cohen Hubal

Bisphenol A in Thermal Paper Receipts: An Opportunity for Evidence-Based Prevention

Andrea W. Schwartz and Philip J. Landrigan

Bisphenol A in Thermal Paper Receipts: Taylor et al. Respond

Julia A. Taylor, Frederick S. vom Saal, Wade V. Welshons, Bertram Drury, George Rottinghaus, Patricia A. Hunt, Pierre-Louis Toutain and Céline M. Laffont




Mixed Metals Exposures in Children, with Robert O. Wright

Ashley Ahearn

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