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Environmental Health Perspectives

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May 2012 | Volume 120 | Issue 5


Stephen M. Levin: 1941–2012


Environment and Reproductive Health in China: Challenges and Opportunities

Weihua Li, Bo Chen and Xuncheng Ding


Offshore Exploration in the Arctic: Can Shell’s Oil-Spill Response Plans Keep Up?

Charles W. Schmidt

Spheres of Influence

Wrangling Reactive Nitrogen: Strategies for Mitigating Pollution

Tim Lougheed

Science Selection

Suspect Sweetener: Arsenic Detected in Organic Brown Rice Syrup

Wendee Holtcamp

Landscape Fire Smoke as a Cause of Death: Burning Vegetation Estimated to Kill Hundreds of Thousands Worldwide

Bob Weinhold

Hearts over Time: Cardiovascular Mortality Risk Linked to Long-Term PM2.5 Exposure

Tanya Tillett

Migration Associated with Climate Change: Modern Face of an Ancient Phenomenon

Julia R. Barrett


Common Bacterium Induces Histamine Production in Neutrophils

Carol Potera

Shark Fin Consumption May Expose People to Neurotoxic BMAA

Wendee Holtcamp

Studies Raise Questions about Pavement Sealers

Bob Weinhold

The Beat

Erin E. Dooley


Arsenic, Organic Foods, and Brown Rice Syrup

Brian P. Jackson, Vivien F. Taylor, Margaret R. Karagas, Tracy Punshon, and Kathryn L. Cottingham

Mercury Production and Use in Colonial Andean Silver Production: Emissions and Health Implications

Nicholas A. Robins, and Nicole A. Hagan

Conducting Environmental Health Research in the Arabian Middle East: Lessons Learned and Opportunities

Karin B. Yeatts, Mohamed El-Sadig, Habiba I. Ali, Fatma Al-Maskari, Alan Campbell, Shu Wen Ng, Lisa Reeves, Ronna L. Chan, Christopher A. Davidson, William E. Funk, Maryanne G. Boundy, David Leith, Barry Popkin, Jacqueline MacDonald Gibson, Ivan Rusyn, and Andrew F. Olshan


Who Adopts Improved Fuels and Cookstoves? A Systematic Review

Jessica J. Lewis and Subhrendu K. Pattanayak

An Ill Wind? Climate Change, Migration, and Health

Celia McMichael, Jon Barnett, and Anthony J. McMichael


Prenatal Exposure to Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Benzo[a]pyrene–DNA Adducts, and Genomic DNA Methylation in Cord Blood

Julie B. Herbstman, Deliang Tang, Deguang Zhu, Lirong Qu, Andreas Sjödin, Zheng Li, David Camann, and Frederica P. Perera

Estimated Global Mortality Attributable to Smoke from Landscape Fires

Fay H. Johnston, Sarah B. Henderson, Yang Chen, James T. Randerson, Miriam Marlier, Ruth S. DeFries, Patrick Kinney, David M.J.S. Bowman, and Michael Brauer

Indoor Air Pollutants and Health in the United Arab Emirates

Karin B. Yeatts, Mohamed El-Sadig, David Leith, William Kalsbeek, Fatma Al-Maskari, David Couper, William E. Funk, Taoufik Zoubeidi, Ronna L. Chan, Chris B. Trent, Christopher A. Davidson, Maryanne G. Boundy, Maamoon M. Kassab, Mohamed Y. Hasan, Ivan Rusyn, Jacqueline MacDonald Gibson, and Andrew F. Olshan

Serum Perfluorooctanoate (PFOA) and Perfluorooctane Sulfonate (PFOS) Concentrations and Liver Function Biomarkers in a Population with Elevated PFOA Exposure

Valentina Gallo, Giovanni Leonardi, Bernd Genser, Maria-Jose Lopez-Espinosa, Stephanie J. Frisbee, Lee Karlsson, Alan M. Ducatman, and Tony Fletcher

Variability of Urinary Phthalate Metabolite and Bisphenol A Concentrations before and during Pregnancy

Joe M. Braun, Kristen W. Smith, Paige L. Williams, Antonia M. Calafat, Katharine Berry, Shelley Ehrlich, and Russ Hauser

Prenatal Lead Levels, Plasma Amyloid β Levels, and Gene Expression in Young Adulthood

Maitreyi Mazumdar, Weiming Xia, Oliver Hofmann, Matthew Gregas, Shannan Ho Sui, Winston Hide, Ting Yang, Herbert L. Needleman, and David C. Bellinger

Cadmium Exposure and Neurodevelopmental Outcomes in U.S. Children

Timothy Ciesielski, Jennifer Weuve, David C. Bellinger, Joel Schwartz, Bruce Lanphear, and Robert O. Wright

Relationships of Perfluorooctanoate and Perfluorooctane Sulfonate Serum Concentrations between Mother–Child Pairs in a Population with Perfluorooctanoate Exposure from Drinking Water

Debapriya Mondal, Maria-Jose Lopez-Espinosa, Ben Armstrong, Cheryl R. Stein, and Tony Fletcher

Prioritization of Biomarker Targets in Human Umbilical Cord Blood: Identification of Proteins in Infant Blood Serving as Validated Biomarkers in Adults

Nicole Hansmeier, Tzu-Chiao Chao, Lynn R. Goldman, Frank R. Witter, and Rolf U. Halden

Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) Exposure and Diabetes: Results from the Anniston Community Health Survey

Allen E. Silverstone, Paula F. Rosenbaum, Ruth S. Weinstock, Scott M. Bartell, Herman R. Foushee, Christie Shelton, Marian Pavuk, and for the Anniston Environmental Health Research Consortium.

Chronic Air Pollution Exposure during Pregnancy and Maternal and Fetal C-Reactive Protein Levels: The Generation R Study

Edith H. van den Hooven, Yvonne de Kluizenaar, Frank H. Pierik, Albert Hofman, Sjoerd W. van Ratingen, Peter Y.J. Zandveld, Jan Lindemans, Henk Russcher, Eric A.P. Steegers, Henk M.E. Miedema, and Vincent W.V. Jaddoe

Comparison of Trihalomethanes in Tap Water and Blood: A Case Study in the United States

Zorimar Rivera-Núñez, J. Michael Wright, Benjamin C. Blount, Lalith K. Silva, Elizabeth Jones, Ronna L. Chan, Rex A. Pegram, Philip C. Singer, and David A. Savitz

Environmental Risks to Public Health in the United Arab Emirates: A Quantitative Assessment and Strategic Plan

Jacqueline MacDonald Gibson and Zeinab S. Farah

Inorganic Arsenic and Basal Cell Carcinoma in Areas of Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia: A Case–Control Study

Giovanni Leonardi, Marie Vahter, Felicity Clemens, Walter Goessler, Eugen Gurzau, Kari Hemminki, Rupert Hough, Kvetoslava Koppova, Rajiv Kumar, Peter Rudnai, Simona Surdu, and Tony Fletcher

Residential Black Carbon Exposure and Circulating Markers of Systemic Inflammation in Elderly Males: The Normative Aging Study

Shona C. Fang, Amar J. Mehta, Stacey E. Alexeeff, Alexandros Gryparis, Brent Coull, Pantel Vokonas, David C. Christiani, and Joel Schwartz

Evaluation of a Heat Vulnerability Index on Abnormally Hot Days: An Environmental Public Health Tracking Study

Colleen E. Reid, Jennifer K. Mann, Ruth Alfasso, Paul B. English, Galatea C. King, Rebecca A. Lincoln, Helene G. Margolis, Dan J. Rubado, Joseph E. Sabato, Nancy L. West, Brian Woods, Kathleen M. Navarro, and John R. Balmes

Prenatal Exposure to Perfluorooctanoate and Risk of Overweight at 20 Years of Age: A Prospective Cohort Study

Thorhallur I. Halldorsson, Dorte Rytter, Line Småstuen Haug, Bodil Hammer Bech, Inge Danielsen, Georg Becher, Tine Brink Henriksen, and Sjurdur F. Olsen

Risk of Nonaccidental and Cardiovascular Mortality in Relation to Long-term Exposure to Low Concentrations of Fine Particulate Matter: A Canadian National-Level Cohort Study

Dan L. Crouse, Paul A. Peters, Aaron van Donkelaar, Mark S. Goldberg, Paul J. Villeneuve, Orly Brion, Saeeda Khan, Dominic Odwa Atari, Michael Jerrett, C. Arden Pope III, Michael Brauer, Jeffrey R. Brook, Randall V. Martin, David Stieb, and Richard T. Burnett


Environmental Lead after Hurricane Katrina

Howard W. Mielke

Environmental Lead: Rabito et al. Respond

Felicia A. Rabito, Janet C. Rice and Whitney Arroyave


Bite of Arsenic, with Kathryn Cottingham

Ashley Ahearn

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