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Environmental Health Perspectives

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August 2013 | Volume 121 | Issue 8


The Vision of a Green(er) Scientific Conference

Nino Künzli, Martina S. Ragettli, and Martin Röösli


Modernizing Artisanal Brick Kilns: A Global Need

Charles W. Schmidt

Spheres of Influence

Our Shared Code: The Myriad Decision and the Future of Genetic Research

Sharon Levy

Science Selection

BPA and Altered Airway Cells: Association Seen in Rhesus Macaques after Third-Trimester Exposure

Lindsey Konkel

Germ Warfare? Strategies for Reducing the Spread of Antibiotic Resistance

Carol Potera

Infectious Diseases Associated with Livestock Production: Mitigating Future Risks

Carrie Arnold

Oral Argument: Sublingual Findings Challenge Key Assumptions about BPA Exposure

Julia R. Barrett


Understanding and Managing Zoonotic Risk in the New Livestock Industries

Marco Liverani, Jeff Waage, Tony Barnett, Dirk U. Pfeiffer, Jonathan Rushton, James W. Rudge, Michael E. Loevinsohn, Ian Scoones, Richard D. Smith, Ben S. Cooper, Lisa J. White, Shan Goh, Peter Horby, Brendan Wren, Ozan Gundogdu, Abigail Woods, and Richard J. Coker


Management Options for Reducing the Release of Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance Genes to the Environment

Amy Pruden, D.G. Joakim Larsson, Alejandro Amézquita, Peter Collignon, Kristian K. Brandt, David W. Graham, James M. Lazorchak, Satoru Suzuki, Peter Silley, Jason R. Snape, Edward Topp, Tong Zhang, and Yong-Guan Zhu


Perinatal Air Pollutant Exposures and Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Children of Nurses’ Health Study II Participants

Andrea L. Roberts, Kristen Lyall, Jaime E. Hart, Francine Laden, Allan C. Just, Jennifer F. Bobb, Karestan C. Koenen, Alberto Ascherio, and Marc G. Weisskopf

Relative Effect Potency Estimates of Dioxin-like Activity for Dioxins, Furans, and Dioxin-like PCBs in Adults Based on Two Thyroid Outcomes

Tomáš Trnovec, Todd A. Jusko, Eva Šov̌cíková, Kinga Lancz, Jana Chovancová, Henrieta Patayová, L’ubica Palkovǐcová, Beata Drobná, Pavel Langer, Martin Van den Berg, Ladislav Dedik, and Soňa Wimmerová

Design, Methods, and Population for a Study of PFOA Health Effects among Highly Exposed Mid-Ohio Valley Community Residents and Workers

Andrea Winquist, Cathy Lally, Hyeong-Moo Shin, and Kyle Steenland

Ulcerative Colitis and Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA) in a Highly Exposed Population of Community Residents and Workers in the Mid-Ohio Valley

Kyle Steenland, Liping Zhao, Andrea Winquist, and Christine Parks

Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, and Obesity in Relation to Serum Dioxin Concentrations: The Seveso Women’s Health Study

Marcella Warner, Paolo Mocarelli, Paolo Brambilla, Amelia Wesselink, Steven Samuels, Stefano Signorini, and Brenda Eskenazi

Fetal Exposure of Rhesus Macaques to Bisphenol A Alters Cellular Development of the Conducting Airway by Changing Epithelial Secretory Product Expression

Laura S. Van Winkle, Shannon R. Murphy, Miriam V. Boetticher, and Catherine A. VandeVoort

Lifetime Pesticide Use and Telomere Shortening among Male Pesticide Applicators in the Agricultural Health Study

Lifang Hou, Gabriella Andreotti, Andrea A. Baccarelli, Sharon Savage, Jane A. Hoppin, Dale P. Sandler, Joseph Barker, Zhong-Zheng Zhu, Mirjam Hoxha, Laura Dioni, Xiao Zhang, Stella Koutros, Laura E. Beane Freeman, and Michael C. Alavanja

Validating Satellite-Derived Land Surface Temperature with in Situ Measurements: A Public Health Perspective

Jalonne L. White-Newsome, Shannon J. Brines, Daniel G. Brown, J. Timothy Dvonch, Carina J. Gronlund, Kai Zhang, Evan M. Oswald, and Marie S. O’Neill

Associations between Fine and Coarse Particles and Mortality in Mediterranean Cities: Results from the MED-PARTICLES Project

Evangelia Samoli, Massimo Stafoggia, Sophia Rodopoulou, Bart Ostro, Christophe Declercq, Ester Alessandrini, Julio Díaz, Angeliki Karanasiou, Apostolos G. Kelessis, Alain Le Tertre, Paolo Pandolfi, Giorgia Randi, Cecilia Scarinzi, Stefano Zauli-Sajani, Klea Katsouyanni, and Francesco Forastiere, the MED-PARTICLES Study group

Ambient Ozone Concentrations and the Risk of Perforated and Nonperforated Appendicitis: A Multicity Case-Crossover Study

Gilaad G. Kaplan, Divine Tanyingoh, Elijah Dixon, Markey Johnson, Amanda J. Wheeler, Robert P. Myers, Stefania Bertazzon, Vineet Saini, Karen Madsen, Subrata Ghosh, and Paul J. Villeneuve

Recruitment of Normal Stem Cells to an Oncogenic Phenotype by Noncontiguous Carcinogen-Transformed Epithelia Depends on the Transforming Carcinogen

Yuanyuan Xu, Erik J. Tokar, Rachel J. Person, Ruben G. Orihuela, Ntube N.O. Ngalame, and Michael P. Waalkes

High Bioavailability of Bisphenol A from Sublingual Exposure

Véronique Gayrard, Marlène Z. Lacroix, Séverine H. Collet, Catherine Viguié, Alain Bousquet-Melou, Pierre-Louis Toutain, and Nicole Picard-Hagen

Gestational Exposure of Mice to Secondhand Cigarette Smoke Causes Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia Blocked by the Nicotinic Receptor Antagonist Mecamylamine

Shashi P. Singh, Sravanthi Gundavarapu, Kevin R. Smith, Hitendra S. Chand, Ali Imran Saeed, Neerad C. Mishra, Julie Hutt, Edward G. Barrett, Matloob Husain, Kevin S. Harrod, Raymond J. Langley, and Mohan L. Sopori

Blood Lead Level and Measured Glomerular Filtration Rate in Children with Chronic Kidney Disease

Jeffrey J. Fadrowski, Alison G. Abraham, Ana Navas-Acien, Eliseo Guallar, Virginia M. Weaver, Susan L. Furth

Differential DNA Methylation in Umbilical Cord Blood of Infants Exposed to Low Levels of Arsenic in Utero

Devin C. Koestler, Michele Avissar-Whiting, E. Andres Houseman, Margaret R. Karagas, and Carmen J. Marsit


Protecting the Cancer Susceptibility Curve

Adam M. Finkel


Erratum: “Phthalates and Childhood Asthma: Revealing an Association through Urinary Biomarkers”

Erratum: “Unsafe Harbor? Elevated Blood Lead Levels in Refugee Children”

Erratum: “Arsenical Association: Inorganic Arsenic May Accumulate in the Meat of Treated Chickens”

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