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Environmental Health Perspectives

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June 2016 | Volume 124 | Issue 6


Emerging Waste-to-Energy Technologies: Solid Waste Solution or Dead End?

Nate Seltenrich

Science Selection

New Home, New Prognosis? Reduced Hypertension Risk after Moving to a High-Walkability Neighborhood

Nancy Averett

Making Sense of Carcinogens: A New Method for Navigating Mechanistic Data

Carol Potera

Impeded Immunity? Reduced Tuberculosis Vaccine Response with Exposure to Environmental Chemicals

Lindsey Konkel

On the Vapor Trail: Examining the Chemical Content of E-Cigarette Flavorings

Carrie Arnold


Computational Exposure Science: An Emerging Discipline to Support 21st-Century Risk Assessment

Peter P. Egeghy, Linda S. Sheldon, Kristin K. Isaacs, Halûk Özkaynak, Michael-Rock Goldsmith, John F. Wambaugh, Richard S. Judson, and Timothy J. Buckley


Human Health Effects of Biphenyl: Key Findings and Scientific Issues

Zheng Li, Karen A. Hogan, Christine Cai, and Susan Rieth

Key Characteristics of Carcinogens as a Basis for Organizing Data on Mechanisms of Carcinogenesis

Martyn T. Smith, Kathryn Z. Guyton, Catherine F. Gibbons, Jason M. Fritz, Christopher J. Portier, Ivan Rusyn, David M. DeMarini, Jane C. Caldwell, Robert J. Kavlock, Paul F. Lambert, Stephen S. Hecht, John R. Bucher, Bernard W. Stewart, Robert A. Baan, Vincent J. Cogliano, and Kurt Straif

The History, Status, Gaps, and Future Directions of Neurotoxicology in China

Tongjian Cai, Wenjing Luo, Diyun Ruan, Yi-Jun Wu, Donald A. Fox, and Jingyuan Chen


Flavoring Chemicals in E-Cigarettes: Diacetyl, 2,3-Pentanedione, and Acetoin in a Sample of 51 Products, Including Fruit-, Candy-, and Cocktail-Flavored E-Cigarettes

Joseph G. Allen, Skye S. Flanigan, Mallory LeBlanc, Jose Vallarino, Piers MacNaughton, James H. Stewart, and David C. Christiani

Evolution of Minimum Mortality Temperature in Stockholm, Sweden, 1901–2009

Daniel Oudin Åström, Andreas Tornevi, Kristie L. Ebi, Joacim Rocklöv, and Bertil Forsberg

A Time-Stratified Case-Crossover Study of Ambient Ozone Exposure and Emergency Department Visits for Specific Respiratory Diagnoses in California (2005–2008)

Brian J. Malig, Dharshani L. Pearson, Yun Brenda Chang, Rachel Broadwin, Rupa Basu, Rochelle S. Green, and Bart Ostro

Moving to a Highly Walkable Neighborhood and Incidence of Hypertension: A Propensity-Score Matched Cohort Study

Maria Chiu, Mohammad-Reza Rezai, Laura C. Maclagan, Peter C. Austin, Baiju R. Shah, Donald A. Redelmeier, and Jack V. Tu

Air Pollution and Pulmonary Tuberculosis: A Nested Case–Control Study among Members of a Northern California Health Plan

Geneé S. Smith, Stephen K. Van Den Eeden, Cynthia Garcia, Jun Shan, Roger Baxter, Amy H. Herring, David B. Richardson, Annelies Van Rie, Michael Emch, and Marilie D. Gammon

Soy-Based Infant Formula Feeding and Ultrasound-Detected Uterine Fibroids among Young African-American Women with No Prior Clinical Diagnosis of Fibroids

Kristen Upson, Quaker E. Harmon, and Donna D. Baird

Effects of Chrysotile Exposure in Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells: Insights into the Pathogenic Mechanisms of Asbestos-Related Diseases

Giulia Rossana Gulino, Manuela Polimeni, Mauro Prato, Elena Gazzano, Joanna Kopecka, Sebastiano Colombatto, Dario Ghigo, and Elisabetta Aldieri

Ischemic Heart Disease Mortality and Long-Term Exposure to Source-Related Components of U.S. Fine Particle Air Pollution

George D. Thurston, Richard T. Burnett, Michelle C. Turner, Yuanli Shi, Daniel Krewski, Ramona Lall, Kazuhiko Ito, Michael Jerrett, Susan M. Gapstur, W. Ryan Diver, and C. Arden Pope III

Temperature Observation Time and Type Influence Estimates of Heat-Related Mortality in Seven U.S. Cities

Robert E. Davis, David M. Hondula, and Anjali P. Patel

Associations of Cognitive Function Scores with Carbon Dioxide, Ventilation, and Volatile Organic Compound Exposures in Office Workers: A Controlled Exposure Study of Green and Conventional Office Environments

Joseph G. Allen, Piers MacNaughton, Usha Satish, Suresh Santanam, Jose Vallarino, and John D. Spengler

A Birth Cohort Study of Maternal and Infant Serum PCB-153 and DDE Concentrations and Responses to Infant Tuberculosis Vaccination

Todd A. Jusko, Anneclaire J. De Roos, Sue Y. Lee, Kelly Thevenet-Morrison, Stephen M. Schwartz, Marc-André Verner, Lubica Palkovicova Murinova, Beata Drobná, Anton Kočan, Anna Fabišiková, Kamil Čonka, Tomas Trnovec, Irva Hertz-Picciotto, and B. Paige Lawrence

Prenatal Organophosphorus Pesticide Exposure and Child Neurodevelopment at 24 Months: An Analysis of Four Birth Cohorts

Stephanie M. Engel, Asa Bradman, Mary S. Wolff, Virginia A. Rauh, Kim G. Harley, Jenny H. Yang, Lori A. Hoepner, Dana Boyd Barr, Kimberly Yolton, Michelle G. Vedar, Yingying Xu, Richard W. Hornung, James G. Wetmur, Jia Chen, Nina T. Holland, Frederica P. Perera, Robin M. Whyatt, Bruce P. Lanphear, and Brenda Eskenazi

Urinary Phthalate Metabolite Concentrations and Reproductive Outcomes among Women Undergoing in Vitro Fertilization: Results from the EARTH Study

Russ Hauser, Audrey J. Gaskins, Irene Souter, Kristen W. Smith, Laura E. Dodge, Shelley Ehrlich, John D. Meeker, Antonia M. Calafat, Paige L. Williams, for the EARTH Study Team

Infant Infections and Respiratory Symptoms in Relation to in Utero Arsenic Exposure in a U.S. Cohort

Shohreh F. Farzan, Zhigang Li, Susan A. Korrick, Donna Spiegelman, Richard Enelow, Kari Nadeau, Emily Baker, and Margaret R. Karagas

Perfluoroalkyl Acids in Maternal Serum and Indices of Fetal Growth: The Aarhus Birth Cohort

Cathrine Carlsen Bach, Bodil Hammer Bech, Ellen Aagaard Nohr, Jørn Olsen, Niels Bjerregård Matthiesen, Eva Cecilie Bonefeld-Jørgensen, Rossana Bossi, and Tine Brink Henriksen

Maternal Occupational Exposure to Noise during Pregnancy and Hearing Dysfunction in Children: A Nationwide Prospective Cohort Study in Sweden

Jenny Selander, Maria Albin, Ulf Rosenhall, Lars Rylander, Marie Lewné, and Per Gustavsson

Thyroid Hormones and Moderate Exposure to Perchlorate during Pregnancy in Women in Southern California

Craig Steinmaus, Michelle Pearl, Martin Kharrazi, Benjamin C. Blount, Mark D. Miller, Elizabeth N. Pearce, Liza Valentin-Blasini, Gerald DeLorenze, Andrew N. Hoofnagle, and Jane Liaw

Childhood Blood Lead Levels and Symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): A Cross-Sectional Study of Mexican Children

Siying Huang, Howard Hu, Brisa N. Sánchez, Karen E. Peterson, Adrienne S. Ettinger, Héctor Lamadrid-Figueroa, Lourdes Schnaas, Adriana Mercado-García, Robert O. Wright, Niladri Basu, David E. Cantonwine, Mauricio Hernández-Avila, and Martha María Téllez-Rojo

Air Pollution and Preterm Birth in the U.S. State of Georgia (2002–2006): Associations with Concentrations of 11 Ambient Air Pollutants Estimated by Combining Community Multiscale Air Quality Model (CMAQ) Simulations with Stationary Monitor Measurements

Hua Hao, Howard H. Chang, Heather A. Holmes, James A. Mulholland, Mitch Klein, Lyndsey A. Darrow, and Matthew J. Strickland


Response to “Comment on ‘Flavoring Chemicals in E-Cigarettes: Diacetyl, 2,3-Pentanedione, and Acetoin in a Sample of 51 Products, Including Fruit-, Candy-, and Cocktail-Flavored E-Cigarettes’”

Joseph G. Allen, Skye S. Flanigan, Mallory LeBlanc, Jose Vallarino, Piers MacNaughton, James H. Stewart, and David C. Christiani

Comment on “Flavoring Chemicals in E-Cigarettes: Diacetyl, 2,3-Pentanedione, and Acetoin in a Sample of 51 Products, Including Fruit-, Candy-, and Cocktail-Flavored E-Cigarettes”

Jennifer S. Pierce, Anders Abelmann, and Brent L. Finley

Comment on “Effects of Arsenite during Fetal Development on Energy Metabolism and Susceptibility to Diet-Induced Fatty Liver Diseases in Male Mice” and “Mechanisms Underlying Latent Disease Risk Associated with Early-Life Arsenic Exposure: Current Trends and Scientific Gaps”

Paul A. Fowler, Amanda J. Drake, Peter J. O’Shaughnessy, Siladitya Bhattacharya, Andrea Raab, Kevin D. Sinclair, Jörg Feldmann, and Andrew A. Meharg


Erratum: “Marking a New Understanding of Climate and Health”

Linda S. Birnbaum, John M. Balbus, and Kimberly Thigpen Tart

Erratum: “Associations of Fine Particulate Matter Species with Mortality in the United States: A Multicity Time-Series Analysis”

Lingzhen Dai, Antonella Zanobetti, Petros Koutrakis, and Joel D. Schwartz

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