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Environmental Health Perspectives

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December 2017 | Volume 125 | Issue 12


Tracking Trachoma: How The Gambia Is Eliminating an Ancient Disease

Jori Lewis

Science Selection

Manure Irrigation: Environmental Benefits, Potential Human Health Risks

Nate Seltenrich

In the Neighborhood of 18 Million: Estimating How Many People Live Near Oil and Gas Wells

Lindsey Konkel

Mix Masters: Using a New Tool to Identify Commonly Occurring Chemical Mixtures

Carrie Arnold

Compound Interest: Assessing the Effects of Chemical Mixtures in Vivo

Lindsey Konkel


Uterine Artery Flow and Offspring Growth in Long-Evans Rats following Maternal Exposure to Ozone during Implantation

Colette N. Miller, Janice A. Dye, Allen D. Ledbetter, Mette C. Schladweiler, Judy H. Richards, Samantha J. Snow, Charles E. Wood, Andres R. Henriquez, Leslie C. Thompson, Aimen K. Farraj, Mehdi S. Hazari, and Urmila P. Kodavanti

Association of Low-Moderate Arsenic Exposure and Arsenic Metabolism with Incident Diabetes and Insulin Resistance in the Strong Heart Family Study

Maria Grau-Perez, Chin-Chi Kuo, Matthew O. Gribble, Poojitha Balakrishnan, Miranda Jones Spratlen, Dhananjay Vaidya, Kevin A. Francesconi, Walter Goessler, Eliseo Guallar, Ellen K. Silbergeld, Jason G. Umans, Lyle G. Best, Elisa T. Lee, Barbara V. Howard, Shelley A. Cole, and Ana Navas-Acien

The Sister Study Cohort: Baseline Methods and Participant Characteristics

Dale P. Sandler, M. Elizabeth Hodgson, Sandra L. Deming-Halverson, Paula S. Juras, Aimee A. D’Aloisio, Lourdes M. Suarez, Cynthia A. Kleeberger, David L. Shore, Lisa A. DeRoo, Jack A. Taylor, Clarice R. Weinberg, and the Sister Study Research Team.

Urine Arsenic and Arsenic Metabolites in U.S. Adults and Biomarkers of Inflammation, Oxidative Stress, and Endothelial Dysfunction: A Cross-Sectional Study

Shohreh F. Farzan, Caitlin G. Howe, Michael S. Zens, Thomas Palys, Jacqueline Y. Channon, Zhigang Li, Yu Chen, and Margaret R. Karagas

Using Microsimulation to Estimate the Future Health and Economic Costs of Salmonellosis under Climate Change in Central Queensland, Australia

Dimity Maree Stephen, and Adrian Gerard Barnett


Erratum: “Sanitary Sewer Overflows and Emergency Room Visits for Gastrointestinal Illness: Analysis of Massachusetts Data, 2006–2007”

Jyotsna S. Jagai, Stephanie DeFlorio-Barker, Cynthia J. Lin, Elizabeth D. Hilborn, and Timothy J. Wade

Erratum: “New Blood: The Promise of Environmental Health Citizen Science Projects”

Nancy Averett

Erratum: Associations between Ambient Fine Particulate Oxidative Potential and Cardiorespiratory Emergency Department Visits

Joseph Y. Abrams, Rodney J. Weber, Mitchel Klein, Stefanie E. Sarnat, Howard H. Chang, Matthew J. Strickland, Vishal Verma, Ting Fang, Josephine T. Bates, James A. Mulholland, Armistead G. Russell, and Paige E. Tolbert

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