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Environmental Health Perspectives

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March 2017 | Volume 125 | Issue 3


Net Loss? Agrochemicals and Insecticide Resistance in the Fight against Malaria

Winifred A. Bird

Science Selection

Phytoestrogens in Soy Infant Formula: Association with DNA Methylation in Girls Has Unknown Implications

Nate Seltenrich

Your Grandchildren’s Pollen? Modeling the Future of Ragweed Sensitization in Europe

Charles W. Schmidt

The “Typical” Asian Diet Is Anything But: Differences in Dietary Exposure to Metals among Subgroups of U.S. Asians

Lindsey Konkel

Brief Communication

Rethinking Environmental Protection: Meeting the Challenges of a Changing World

Thomas A. Burke, Wayne E. Cascio, Daniel L. Costa, Kacee Deener, Thomas D. Fontaine, Florence A. Fulk, Laura E. Jackson, Wayne R. Munns Jr., Jennifer Orme-Zavaleta, Michael W. Slimak, and Valerie G. Zartarian


Climate and Health Co-Benefits in Low-Income Countries: A Case Study of Carbon Financed Water Filters in Kenya and a Call for Independent Monitoring

Amy J. Pickering, Benjamin F. Arnold, Holly N. Dentz, John M. Colford Jr., and Clair Null

Health Risk Assessment of Dietary Cadmium Intake: Do Current Guidelines Indicate How Much is Safe?

Soisungwan Satarug, David A. Vesey, and Glenda C. Gobe

An Integrated Experimental Design for the Assessment of Multiple Toxicological End Points in Rat Bioassays

Fabiana Manservisi, Clara Babot Marquillas, Annalisa Buscaroli, James Huff, Michelina Lauriola, Daniele Mandrioli, Marco Manservigi, Simona Panzacchi, Ellen K. Silbergeld, and Fiorella Belpoggi


Relative Contributions of Agricultural Drift, Para-Occupational, and Residential Use Exposure Pathways to House Dust Pesticide Concentrations: Meta-Regression of Published Data

Nicole C. Deziel, Laura E. Beane Freeman, Barry I. Graubard, Rena R. Jones, Jane A. Hoppin, Kent Thomas, Cynthia J. Hines, Aaron Blair, Dale P. Sandler, Honglei Chen, Jay H. Lubin, Gabriella Andreotti, Michael C. R. Alavanja, and Melissa C. Friesen


Biomarker Levels of Toxic Metals among Asian Populations in the United States: NHANES 2011–2012

Hiroshi Awata, Stephen Linder, Laura E. Mitchell, and George L. Delclos

Association of Dietary Intake and Biomarker Levels of Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, and Mercury among Asian Populations in the United States: NHANES 2011–2012

Hiroshi Awata, Stephen Linder, Laura E. Mitchell, and George L. Delclos

Passive Sampling for Indoor and Outdoor Exposures to Chlorpyrifos, Azinphos-Methyl, and Oxygen Analogs in a Rural Agricultural Community

Jenna L. Gibbs, Michael G. Yost, Maria Negrete, and Richard A. Fenske

Estimating State-Specific Contributions to PM2.5‐ and O3-Related Health Burden from Residential Combustion and Electricity Generating Unit Emissions in the United States

Stefani L. Penn, Saravanan Arunachalam, Matthew Woody, Wendy Heiger-Bernays, Yorghos Tripodis, and Jonathan I. Levy

Association of Ambient Air Pollution with Depressive and Anxiety Symptoms in Older Adults: Results from the NSHAP Study

Vivian C. Pun, Justin Manjourides, and Helen Suh

Air Pollution and Deaths among Elderly Residents of São Paulo, Brazil: An Analysis of Mortality Displacement

Amine Farias Costa, Gerard Hoek, Bert Brunekreef, and Antônio C.M. Ponce de Leon

Associations between Environmental Quality and Mortality in the Contiguous United States, 2000–2005

Yun Jian, Lynne C. Messer, Jyotsna S. Jagai, Kristen M. Rappazzo, Christine L. Gray, Shannon C. Grabich, and Danelle T. Lobdell

Nitarsone, Inorganic Arsenic, and Other Arsenic Species in Turkey Meat: Exposure and Risk Assessment Based on a 2014 U.S. Market Basket Sample

Keeve E. Nachman, David C. Love, Patrick A. Baron, Anne E. Nigra, Manuela Murko, Georg Raber, Kevin A. Francesconi, and Ana Navas-Acien

Poultry Consumption and Arsenic Exposure in the U.S. Population

Anne E. Nigra, Keeve E. Nachman, David C. Love, Maria Grau-Perez, and Ana Navas-Acien

The Association between Ambient Fine Particulate Air Pollution and Lung Cancer Incidence: Results from the AHSMOG-2 Study

Lida Gharibvand, David Shavlik, Mark Ghamsary, W. Lawrence Beeson, Samuel Soret, Raymond Knutsen, and Synnove F. Knutsen

Climate Change and Future Pollen Allergy in Europe

Iain R. Lake, Natalia R. Jones, Maureen Agnew, Clare M. Goodess, Filippo Giorgi, Lynda Hamaoui-Laguel, Mikhail A. Semenov, Fabien Solomon, Jonathan Storkey, Robert Vautard, and Michelle M. Epstein

Combined Effects of in Utero and Adolescent Tobacco Smoke Exposure on Lung Function in C57Bl/6J Mice

David Drummond, Mélissa Baravalle-Einaudi, Guillaume Lezmi, Shamila Vibhushan, Marie-Laure Franco-Montoya, Alice Hadchouel, Jorge Boczkowski, and Christophe Delacourt

Historical Trends in PM2.5-Related Premature Mortality during 1990–2010 across the Northern Hemisphere

Jiandong Wang, Jia Xing, Rohit Mathur, Jonathan E. Pleim, Shuxiao Wang, Christian Hogrefe, Chuen-Meei Gan, David C. Wong, and Jiming Hao

Occupational Asbestos Exposure and Incidence of Colon and Rectal Cancers in French Men: The Asbestos-Related Diseases Cohort (ARDCo-Nut)

Christophe Paris, Isabelle Thaon, Fabrice Hérin, Benedicte Clin, Aude Lacourt, Amandine Luc, Gaelle Coureau, Patrick Brochard, Soizick Chamming’s, Antoine Gislard, Pilar Galan, Serge Hercberg, Pascal Wild, Jean-Claude Pairon, and Pascal Andujar

A Study of Reverse Causation: Examining the Associations of Perfluorooctanoic Acid Serum Levels with Two Outcomes

Radhika Dhingra, Andrea Winquist, Lyndsey A. Darrow, Mitchel Klein, and Kyle Steenland

Long-Term Exposure to Traffic-Related Air Pollution and Risk of Incident Atrial Fibrillation: A Cohort Study

Maria Monrad, Ahmad Sajadieh, Jeppe Schultz Christensen, Matthias Ketzel, Ole Raaschou-Nielsen, Anne Tjønneland, Kim Overvad, Steffen Loft, and Mette Sørensen

Chronic Exposure to Low Doses of Dioxin Promotes Liver Fibrosis Development in the C57BL/6J Diet-Induced Obesity Mouse Model

Caroline Duval, Fatima Teixeira-Clerc, Alix F. Leblanc, Sothea Touch, Claude Emond, Michèle Guerre-Millo, Sophie Lotersztajn, Robert Barouki, Martine Aggerbeck, and Xavier Coumoul

Sex-Dependent Effects of Cadmium Exposure in Early Life on Gut Microbiota and Fat Accumulation in Mice

Qian Ba, Mian Li, Peizhan Chen, Chao Huang, Xiaohua Duan, Lijun Lu, Jingquan Li, Ruiai Chu, Dong Xie, Haiyun Song, Yongning Wu, Hao Ying, Xudong Jia, and Hui Wang

Soy Formula and Epigenetic Modifications: Analysis of Vaginal Epithelial Cells from Infant Girls in the IFED Study

Sophia Harlid, Margaret Adgent, Wendy N. Jefferson, Vijayalakshmi Panduri, David M. Umbach, Zongli Xu, Virginia A. Stallings, Carmen J. Williams, Walter J. Rogan, and Jack A. Taylor

Ambient Temperature and Early Delivery of Singleton Pregnancies

Sandie Ha, Danping Liu, Yeyi Zhu, Sung Soo Kim, Seth Sherman, and Pauline Mendola

A Longitudinal Study of Peripubertal Serum Organochlorine Concentrations and Semen Parameters in Young Men: The Russian Children’s Study

Lidia Mínguez-Alarcón, Oleg Sergeyev, Jane S. Burns, Paige L. Williams, Mary M. Lee, Susan A. Korrick, Luidmila Smigulina, Boris Revich, and Russ Hauser

Prenatal Exposure to Perfluoroalkyl Substances and Adiposity in Early and Mid-Childhood

Ana María Mora, Emily Oken, Sheryl L. Rifas-Shiman, Thomas F. Webster, Matthew W. Gillman, Antonia M. Calafat, Xiaoyun Ye, and Sharon K. Sagiv

Polychlorinated Biphenyl and Organochlorine Pesticide Concentrations in Maternal Mid-Pregnancy Serum Samples: Association with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Intellectual Disability

Kristen Lyall, Lisa. A. Croen, Andreas Sjödin, Cathleen K. Yoshida, Ousseny Zerbo, Martin Kharrazi, and Gayle C. Windham

Early-Life Exposure to Perfluoroalkyl Substances and Childhood Metabolic Function

Abby F. Fleisch, Sheryl L. Rifas-Shiman, Ana M. Mora, Antonia M. Calafat, Xiaoyun Ye, Heike Luttmann-Gibson, Matthew W. Gillman, Emily Oken, and Sharon K. Sagiv

Mediation of the Relationship between Maternal Phthalate Exposure and Preterm Birth by Oxidative Stress with Repeated Measurements across Pregnancy

Kelly K. Ferguson, Yin-Hsiu Chen, Tyler J. VanderWeele, Thomas F. McElrath, John D. Meeker, and Bhramar Mukherjee

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