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Environmental Health Perspectives

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July 2017 | Volume 125 | Issue 7


Updating the NIEHS Strategic Plan

Linda S. Birnbaum

Science Selection

Location Is Everything: The Pollutants in Yellowfin Tuna Depend on Where It’s Caught

Lindsey Konkel

Northern Trek: The Spread of Ixodes scapularis into Canada

Sharon Levy

Maiden Voyage of the Collaborative Cross Mouse: Exploring Variability in Animals’ Response to Perchloroethylene

Charles W. Schmidt

Brief Communication

The Imperial County Community Air Monitoring Network: A Model for Community-based Environmental Monitoring for Public Health Action

Paul B. English, Luis Olmedo, Ester Bejarano, Humberto Lugo, Eduardo Murillo, Edmund Seto, Michelle Wong, Galatea King, Alexa Wilkie, Dan Meltzer, Graeme Carvlin, Michael Jerrett, and Amanda Northcross


Nature Contact and Human Health: A Research Agenda

Howard Frumkin, Gregory N. Bratman, Sara Jo Breslow, Bobby Cochran, Peter H. Kahn Jr, Joshua J. Lawler, Phillip S. Levin, Pooja S. Tandon, Usha Varanasi, Kathleen L. Wolf, and Spencer A. Wood


Assessing Exposure to Household Air Pollution: A Systematic Review and Pooled Analysis of Carbon Monoxide as a Surrogate Measure of Particulate Matter

Ellison Carter, Christina Norris, Kathie L. Dionisio, Kalpana Balakrishnan, William Checkley, Maggie L. Clark, Santu Ghosh, Darby W. Jack, Patrick L. Kinney, Julian D. Marshall, Luke P. Naeher, Jennifer L. Peel, Sankar Sambandam, James J. Schauer, Kirk R. Smith, Blair J. Wylie, and Jill Baumgartner

Strategies to Improve Private-Well Water Quality: A North Carolina Perspective

Jacqueline MacDonald Gibson, and Kelsey J. Pieper


Exposure to Ambient Particulate Matter during Specific Gestational Periods Produces Adverse Obstetric Consequences in Mice

Jason L. Blum, Lung-Chi Chen, and Judith T. Zelikoff

Ambient Coarse Particulate Matter and the Right Ventricle: The Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis

Jennifer C. D’Souza, Steven M. Kawut, Laura R. Elkayam, Lianne Sheppard, Peter S. Thorne, David R. Jacobs, Jr., David A. Bluemke, Joao A.C. Lima, Joel D. Kaufman, Timothy V. Larson, and Sara D. Adar

Serum Vaccine Antibody Concentrations in Adolescents Exposed to Perfluorinated Compounds

Philippe Grandjean, Carsten Heilmann, Pal Weihe, Flemming Nielsen, Ulla B. Mogensen, and Esben Budtz-Jørgensen

Race/Ethnicity, Socioeconomic Status, Residential Segregation, and Spatial Variation in Noise Exposure in the Contiguous United States

Joan A. Casey, Rachel Morello-Frosch, Daniel J. Mennitt, Kurt Fristrup, Elizabeth L. Ogburn, and Peter James

Weekly Personal Ozone Exposure and Respiratory Health in a Panel of Greek Schoolchildren

Anna Karakatsani, Evangelia Samoli, Sophia Rodopoulou, Konstantina Dimakopoulou, Despina Papakosta, Dionisios Spyratos, Georgios Grivas, Sofia Tasi, Nikolaos Angelis, Athanasios Thirios, Anastasios Tsiotsios, and Klea Katsouyanni

The Prevalence of Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamase-Producing Multidrug-Resistant Escherichia coli in Poultry Chickens and Variation According to Farming Practices in Punjab, India

Charles H. Brower, Siddhartha Mandal, Shivdeep Hayer, Mandeep Sran, Asima Zehra, Sunny J. Patel, Ravneet Kaur, Leena Chatterjee, Savita Mishra, B.R. Das, Parminder Singh, Randhir Singh, J.P.S. Gill, and Ramanan Laxminarayan

The Saliva Exposome for Monitoring of Individuals’ Health Trajectories

Vincent Bessonneau, Janusz Pawliszyn, and Stephen M. Rappaport

Pesticide Use and Age-Related Macular Degeneration in the Agricultural Health Study

Martha P. Montgomery, Eric Postel, David M. Umbach, Marie Richards, Mary Watson, Aaron Blair, Honglei Chen, Dale P. Sandler, Silke Schmidt, and Freya Kamel

High-Throughput Analysis of Ovarian Cycle Disruption by Mixtures of Aromatase Inhibitors

Frederic Y. Bois, Nazanin Golbamaki-Bakhtyari, Simona Kovarich, Cleo Tebby, Henry A. Gabb, and Emmanuel Lemazurier

Indoor Wood-Burning Stove and Fireplace Use and Breast Cancer in a Prospective Cohort Study

Alexandra J. White and Dale P. Sandler

Pesticide Exposure and Risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis among Licensed Male Pesticide Applicators in the Agricultural Health Study

Armando Meyer, Dale P. Sandler, Laura E. Beane Freeman, Jonathan N. Hofmann, and Christine G. Parks

A Longitudinal Analysis of the Influence of the Neighborhood Environment on Recreational Walking within the Neighborhood: Results from RESIDE

Hayley Christian, Matthew Knuiman, Mark Divitini, Sarah Foster, Paula Hooper, Bryan Boruff, Fiona Bull, and Billie Giles-Corti

First-Trimester Urinary Bisphenol A Concentration in Relation to Anogenital Distance, an Androgen-Sensitive Measure of Reproductive Development, in Infant Girls

Emily S. Barrett, Sheela Sathyanarayana, Omar Mbowe, Sally W. Thurston, J. Bruce Redmon, Ruby H.N. Nguyen, and Shanna H. Swan

Prostate Cancer Risk and DNA Methylation Signatures in Aging Rats following Developmental BPA Exposure: A Dose–Response Analysis

Gail S. Prins, Shu-Hua Ye, Lynn Birch, Xiang Zhang, Ana Cheong, Han Lin, Esther Calderon-Gierszal, Jacob Groen, Wen-Yang Hu, Shuk-Mei Ho, and Richard B. van Breemen

Levels and Determinants of DDT and DDE Exposure in the VHEMBE Cohort

Fraser W. Gaspar, Jonathan Chevrier, Lesliam Quirós-Alcalá, Jonah M. Lipsitt, Dana Boyd Barr, Nina Holland, Riana Bornman, and Brenda Eskenazi

Heat-Related Mortality in Japan after the 2011 Fukushima Disaster: An Analysis of Potential Influence of Reduced Electricity Consumption

Yoonhee Kim, Antonio Gasparrini, Masahiro Hashizume, Yasushi Honda, Chris Fook Sheng Ng, and Ben Armstrong

Serum Vitamin D and Risk of Breast Cancer within Five Years

Katie M. O’Brien, Dale P. Sandler, Jack A. Taylor, and Clarice R. Weinberg

Estimates of Soil Ingestion in a Population of Chinese Children

Chunye Lin, Beibei Wang, Xiaoyong Cui, Dongqun Xu, Hongguang Cheng, Qin Wang, Jin Ma, Tuanyao Chai, Xiaoli Duan, Xitao Liu, Junwei Ma, Xuan Zhang, and Yanzhong Liu

Effects of Inorganic Arsenic, Methylated Arsenicals, and Arsenobetaine on Atherosclerosis in the apoE-/- Mouse Model and the Role of As3mt-Mediated Methylation

Luis Fernando Negro Silva, Maryse Lemaire, Catherine A. Lemarié, Dany Plourde, Alicia M. Bolt, Christopher Chiavatti, D. Scott Bohle, Vesna Slavkovich, Joseph H. Graziano, Stéphanie Lehoux, and Koren K. Mann

Effects of Coal Fly Ash Particulate Matter on the Antimicrobial Activity of Airway Surface Liquid

Luis G. Vargas Buonfiglio, Imali A. Mudunkotuwa, Mahmoud H. Abou Alaiwa, Oriana G. Vanegas Calderón, Jennifer A. Borcherding, Alicia K. Gerke, Joseph Zabner, Vicki H. Grassian, and Alejandro P. Comellas

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