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Environmental Health Perspectives

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September 2017 | Volume 125 | Issue 9

In Memoriam

In Memoriam: Herbert L. Needleman

Linda S. Birnbaum, William A. Suk, and Philip J. Landrigan

Science Selection

Inequality of Noise Exposures: A Portrait of the United States

Nate Seltenrich

From Ambient to Personal Temperature: Capturing the Experience of Heat Exposure

Nate Seltenrich

Estimated Deficiencies Resulting from Reduced Protein Content of Staple Foods: Taking the Cream out of the Crop?

Nate Seltenrich

Brief Communication

Conducting Science in Disasters: Recommendations from the NIEHS Working Group for Special IRB Considerations in the Review of Disaster Related Research

Joan P. Packenham, Richard T. Rosselli, Steve K. Ramsey, Holly A. Taylor, Alice Fothergill, Julia Slutsman, and Aubrey Miller

Portable Functional Neuroimaging as an Environmental Epidemiology Tool: A How-To Guide for the Use of fNIRS in Field Studies

Joseph M. Baker, Daniel Rojas-Valverde, Randall Gutiérrez, Mirko Winkler, Samuel Fuhrimann, Brenda Eskenazi, Allan L. Reiss, and Ana M. Mora

Integrating Health into Local Climate Response: Lessons from the U.S. CDC Climate-Ready States and Cities Initiative

Mary C. Sheehan, Mary A. Fox, Charlotte Kaye, and Beth Resnick


Scientific Challenges in the Risk Assessment of Food Contact Materials

Jane Muncke, Thomas Backhaus, Birgit Geueke, Maricel V. Maffini, Olwenn Viviane Martin, John Peterson Myers, Ana M. Soto, Leonardo Trasande, Xenia Trier, and Martin Scheringer


Association between Exposure to p,p′-DDT and Its Metabolite p,p′-DDE with Obesity: Integrated Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

German Cano-Sancho, Andrew G. Salmon, and Michele A. La Merrill

Application of Adverse Outcome Pathways to U.S. EPA’s Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program

Patience Browne, Pamela D. Noyes, Warren M. Casey, and David J. Dix


Traffic-Related Air Pollution and All-Cause Mortality during Tuberculosis Treatment in California

Robert J. Blount, Lisa Pascopella, Donald G. Catanzaro, Pennan M. Barry, Paul B. English, Mark R. Segal, Jennifer Flood, Dan Meltzer, Brenda Jones, John Balmes, and Payam Nahid

Residential Air Pollution and Associations with Wheeze and Shortness of Breath in Adults: A Combined Analysis of Cross-Sectional Data from Two Large European Cohorts

Dany Doiron, Kees de Hoogh, Nicole Probst-Hensch, Stéphane Mbatchou, Marloes Eeftens, Yutong Cai, Christian Schindler, Isabel Fortier, Susan Hodgson, Amadou Gaye, Ronald Stolk, and Anna Hansell

Effects of Orally Ingested Arsenic on Respiratory Epithelial Permeability to Bacteria and Small Molecules in Mice

Michael W. Henderson, Jennifer H. Madenspacher, Gregory S. Whitehead, Seddon Y. Thomas, Jim J. Aloor, Kymberly M. Gowdy, and Michael B. Fessler

Long-Term Air Pollution Exposure and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis in Netherlands: A Population-based Case–control Study

Meinie Seelen, Rosario A. Toro Campos, Jan H. Veldink, Anne E. Visser, Gerard Hoek, Bert Brunekreef, Anneke J. van der Kooi, Marianne de Visser, Joost Raaphorst, Leonard H. van den Berg, and Roel C.H. Vermeulen

Sex- and Dose-Specific Effects of Maternal Bisphenol A Exposure on Pancreatic Islets of First- and Second-Generation Adult Mice Offspring

Amita Bansal, Cetewayo Rashid, Frances Xin, Changhong Li, Erzsebet Polyak, Anna Duemler, Tom van der Meer, Martha Stefaniak, Sana Wajid, Nicolai Doliba, Marisa S. Bartolomei, and Rebecca A. Simmons

Long-Term Exposure to Road Traffic Noise and Nitrogen Dioxide and Risk of Heart Failure: A Cohort Study

Mette Sørensen, Olav Wendelboe Nielsen, Ahmad Sajadieh, Matthias Ketzel, Anne Tjønneland, Kim Overvad, and Ole Raaschou-Nielsen

Serum Polybrominated Biphenyls (PBBs) and Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) and Thyroid Function among Michigan Adults Several Decades after the 1973–1974 PBB Contamination of Livestock Feed

Melanie H. Jacobson, Lyndsey A. Darrow, Dana Boyd Barr, Penelope P. Howards, Robert H. Lyles, Metrecia L. Terrell, Alicia K. Smith, Karen N. Conneely, M. Elizabeth Marder, and Michele Marcus

Regulation of Chromatin Assembly and Cell Transformation by Formaldehyde Exposure in Human Cells

Danqi Chen, Lei Fang, Shenglin Mei, Hongjie Li, Xia Xu, Thomas L. Des Marais, Kun Lu, X. Shirley Liu, and Chunyuan Jin

Prenatal Exposure to Perfluoroalkyl Substances and Cardiometabolic Risk in Children from the Spanish INMA Birth Cohort Study

Cyntia B. Manzano-Salgado, Maribel Casas, Maria-Jose Lopez-Espinosa, Ferran Ballester, Carmen Iñiguez, David Martinez, Dora Romaguera, Silvia Fernández-Barrés, Loreto Santa-Marina, Mikel Basterretxea, Thomas Schettgen, Damaskini Valvi, Jesus Vioque, Jordi Sunyer, and Martine Vrijheid

Prenatal Fluoride Exposure and Cognitive Outcomes in Children at 4 and 6–12 Years of Age in Mexico

Morteza Bashash, Deena Thomas, Howard Hu, E. Angeles Martinez-Mier, Brisa N. Sanchez, Niladri Basu, Karen E. Peterson, Adrienne S. Ettinger, Robert Wright, Zhenzhen Zhang, Yun Liu, Lourdes Schnaas, Adriana Mercado-García, Martha María Téllez-Rojo, and Mauricio Hernández-Avila

Lifelong Residential Exposure to Green Space and Attention: A Population-based Prospective Study

Payam Dadvand, Christina Tischer, Marisa Estarlich, Sabrina Llop, Albert Dalmau-Bueno, Monica López-Vicente, Antònia Valentín, Carmen de Keijzer, Ana Fernández-Somoano, Nerea Lertxundi, Cristina Rodriguez-Dehli, Mireia Gascon, Monica Guxens, Daniela Zugna, Xavier Basagaña, Mark J. Nieuwenhuijsen, Jesus Ibarluzea, Ferran Ballester, and Jordi Sunyer

Respiratory, Dermal, and Eye Irritation Symptoms Associated with Corexit™ EC9527A/EC9500A following the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: Findings from the GuLF STUDY

Craig J. McGowan, Richard K. Kwok, Lawrence S. Engel, Mark R. Stenzel, Patricia A. Stewart, and Dale P. Sandler

Prenatal Exposure to Nonpersistent Endocrine Disruptors and Behavior in Boys at 3 and 5 Years

Claire Philippat, Dorothy Nakiwala, Antonia M. Calafat, Jérémie Botton, Maria De Agostini, Barbara Heude, Rémy Slama, and the EDEN Mother–Child Study Group

Adipogenic Effects and Gene Expression Profiling of Firemaster® 550 Components in Human Primary Preadipocytes

Emily W.Y. Tung, Vian Peshdary, Remi Gagné, Andrea Rowan-Carroll, Carole L. Yauk, Adéle Boudreau, and Ella Atlas

Changes in Transportation-Related Air Pollution Exposures by Race-Ethnicity and Socioeconomic Status: Outdoor Nitrogen Dioxide in the United States in 2000 and 2010

Lara P. Clark, Dylan B. Millet, and Julian D. Marshall

Maternal Exposure of BALB/c Mice to Indoor NO2 and Allergic Asthma Syndrome in Offspring at Adulthood with Evaluation of DNA Methylation Associated Th2 Polarization

Huifeng Yue, Wei Yan, Xiaotong Ji, Rui Gao, Juan Ma, Ziyu Rao, Guangke Li, and Nan Sang

Randomized Trial of Interventions to Improve Childhood Asthma in Homes with Wood-burning Stoves

Curtis W. Noonan, Erin O. Semmens, Paul Smith, Solomon W. Harrar, Luke Montrose, Emily Weiler, Marcy McNamara, and Tony J. Ward

Children’s Lead Exposure: A Multimedia Modeling Analysis to Guide Public Health Decision-Making

Valerie Zartarian, Jianping Xue, Rogelio Tornero-Velez, and James Brown

Early-Life Phthalate Exposure and Adiposity at 8 Years of Age

Jessica Shoaff, George D. Papandonatos, Antonia M. Calafat, Xiaoyun Ye, Aimin Chen, Bruce P. Lanphear, Kimberly Yolton, and Joseph M. Braun

Combined Prenatal Pesticide Exposure and Folic Acid Intake in Relation to Autism Spectrum Disorder

Rebecca J. Schmidt, Vladimir Kogan, Janie F. Shelton, Lora Delwiche, Robin L. Hansen, Sally Ozonoff, Claudia C. Ma, Erin C. McCanlies, Deborah H. Bennett, Irva Hertz-Picciotto, Daniel J. Tancredi, and Heather E. Volk

In Utero Exposure to Select Phenols and Phthalates and Respiratory Health in Five-Year-Old Boys: A Prospective Study

Céline Vernet, Isabelle Pin, Lise Giorgis-Allemand, Claire Philippat, Meriem Benmerad, Joane Quentin, Antonia M. Calafat, Xiaoyun Ye, Isabella Annesi-Maesano, Valérie Siroux, Rémy Slama, and the EDEN Mother–Child Cohort Study Group

Rice Consumption and Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Skin in a United States Population

Anala Gossai, M. Scot Zens, Tracy Punshon, Brian P. Jackson, Ann E. Perry, and Margaret R. Karagas

Exposure to Road, Railway, and Aircraft Noise and Arterial Stiffness in the SAPALDIA Study: Annual Average Noise Levels and Temporal Noise Characteristics

Maria Foraster, Ikenna C. Eze, Emmanuel Schaffner, Danielle Vienneau, Harris Héritier, Simon Endes, Franziska Rudzik, Laurie Thiesse, Reto Pieren, Christian Schindler, Arno Schmidt-Trucksäss, Mark Brink, Christian Cajochen, Jean Marc Wunderli, Martin Röösli, and Nicole Probst-Hensch

Estimated Changes in Life Expectancy and Adult Mortality Resulting from Declining PM2.5 Exposures in the Contiguous United States: 1980–2010

Neal Fann, Sun-Young Kim, Casey Olives, and Lianne Sheppard

Insecticide Use and Breast Cancer Risk among Farmers’ Wives in the Agricultural Health Study

Lawrence S. Engel, Emily Werder, Jaya Satagopan, Aaron Blair, Jane A. Hoppin, Stella Koutros, Catherine C. Lerro, Dale P. Sandler, Michael C. Alavanja, and Laura E. Beane Freeman

Neural Mechanisms Underlying the Disruption of Male Courtship Behavior by Adult Exposure to Di(2-ethylhexyl) Phthalate in Mice

Carlos Dombret, Daphné Capela, Kevin Poissenot, Caroline Parmentier, Emma Bergsten, Cédric Pionneau, Solenne Chardonnet, Hélène Hardin-Pouzet, Valérie Grange-Messent, Matthieu Keller, Isabelle Franceschini, and Sakina Mhaouty-Kodja

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