Urban Tree Canopy and Asthma, Wheeze, Rhinitis, and Allergic Sensitization to Tree Pollen in a New York City Birth Cohort


Table 2. Neighborhood characteristic correlation matrix.
Neighborhood characteristic Population density Area poverty Area racial composition Traffic volume Park coverage
Neighborhood characteristics shown were assessed for a 0.25-km buffer around the prenatal address for 549 participants with one or more outcomes assessed.
*p < 0.05.
Population density (thousands/km2)        
Area poverty (percent of residents below federal poverty line) –0.32*      
Area racial composition (percent of residents reporting black race) –0.55* 0.31*    
Traffic volume (estimated average daily traffic in thousands of vehicles) –0.15* –0.18* 0.09*  
Park coverage (percent of land area covered by park land) –0.28* 0.04 –0.04 0.13*
Tree canopy coverage (percent of land area covered by tree canopy) –0.42* 0.14* 0.25* 0.14* 0.59*