Phthalate Concentrations and Dietary Exposure from Food Purchased in New York State

Table 1. Food group consumption rate and group sample content.
Food group Consumption rate
No. of samplesb Group sample content Container type
aAll consumption rates are from the Exposure Factors Handbook (U.S. EPA 2011b), except condiments, which are from Dinovi and Brookmire (2011), and infant foods, from U.S. EPA (2008). bTotal n = 65, 12 of 13 samples included in “meat and meat products” group are included in other groups as well. Also, 7 other samples (for a total n of 72 in the survey) were not included in any food group; see text for more detail. cAssumes 1.4 L/day average adult water consumption for 70 kg adult. dIncludes all samples included in the beef, pork, and poultry groups plus 1 hot dog sample (not included in any other group); concentration assumed to be the average of all meat concentrations. eBased on 11.5 g/day provided by Dinovi and Brookmire (2011) divided by an assumed adult body weight of 70 kg. fTotal infant foods not including breast milk, ages 6 months to 1 year from the U.S. EPA (2008).
Beveragesc 13.0 8 Diet lemon tea, lemonade, soda, bottled water, green tea, apple juice, sports drink (80 calories) and sports drink (0 calories) All in plastic
Milk 2.3 2 Two brands of milk All in plastic
Other dairy 1.2 9 Pudding, sliced cheese, shredded cheese and two brands each of ice cream, butter, and yogurt Two ice creams and two butters in paper; the rest in plastic
Fish 0.23 5 Salmon fillet, tuna, raw shrimp, chopped clams, and sardines Salmon in foam tray and plastic wrap; tuna and shrimp in paper; the rest in metal
Fruits/vegetables 3.4 5 Two brands of vegetable soups, two brands of canned fruits, and canned tomato sauce All in plastic except for tomato sauce and canned fruits in metal
Grain 2.2 7 Bread, cake mix, cereals, rice, three brands of cookies Bread and one brand of cookies in plastic; the rest in paper
Beef 0.73 2 Ground beef and beef Ground beef in plastic and paper; beef in foam tray with a pad and plastic wrap
Pork 0.36 4 Sausage links, pork, pork bacon, and ham Pork bacon in plastic and paper; ham in plastic; the rest in foam tray and plastic wrap
Poultry 0.71 6 Ground turkey, ground chicken, chicken drumsticks, turkey breast, turkey bacon, and chicken franks Turkey bacon in plastic and paper; turkey breast and chicken franks in plastic; the rest in foam tray and plastic wrap
Meat and meat productsd   13 Hot dog plus all 12 food samples in above beef, pork, and poultry groups Hot dog in plastic; other container types as listed in above beef, pork, and poultry
Vegetable oils 0.39 3 Canola oil, virgin olive oil, and vegetable oil Virgin olive oil in glass; the rest in plastic
Condiments 0.2e 6 Pancake syrup, marinade, barbecue sauce, Italian dressing, ranch dressing, and tomato ketchup Marinade in glass; the rest in plastic
Infant foodsf 56.0 7 Rice cereal, vegetable homogenate, food homogenate, two brands of fruit homogenate, ready-made meal for babies (chicken/carrot ravioli), and ready-made meal for babies (cheese ravioli) Rice cereal in paper; food homogenate and fruit homogenate in glass; the rest in plastic