Exposure to Perfluoroalkyl Acids and Markers of Kidney Function among Children and Adolescents Living near a Chemical Plant


Table 3. Associations between estimated serum PFOA concentrations at birth and eGFR.a
Covariates IQR n Change in eGFR (95% CI) p-Value
aExpressed as the mean change in eGFR per interquartile range (IQR) increase in estimated, natural log-transformed, serum PFOA concentrations at birth. bModel 1: adjusted for age, sex, race, and household income. cModel 2: adjusted for model 1 covariates plus maternal age, maternal smoking, and maternal education. dModel 3: adjusted for model 2 covariates plus maternal exercise and maternal BMI.
PFOA at birth        
Model 1b 1.83 4,787 –0.11 (–0.96, 0.74) 0.80
Model 2c 1.83 3,527 –0.05 (–1.02, 0.91) 0.91
Model 3d 1.83 3,527 –0.01 (–0.96, 0.98) 0.99