Exposure to Perfluoroalkyl Acids and Markers of Kidney Function among Children and Adolescents Living near a Chemical Plant


Table 4. Spearman correlation coefficients among measured and historical estimates of serum PFOA concentrations.
Serum PFOA Measured at enrollment Predicted at enrollment Predicted at birth Predicted early life Predicted recent
aAmong 6,060 subjects. bAmong 4,787 subjects born in 1990 or later.
Measured at enrollment 1.00        
Predicted at enrollment 0.73a 1.00      
Predicted at birth 0.43b 0.53b 1.00    
Predicted early life 0.66b 0.87b 0.68b 1.00  
Predicted recent 0.73a 0.997a 0.53b 0.88b 1.00