Roxarsone, Inorganic Arsenic, and Other Arsenic Species in Chicken: A U.S.-Based Market Basket Sample

Table 1. Previous studies of arsenic in poultry.
Study Analytical method Tissue n Total arsenic
Abbreviations: IC-ICP-MS, ion chromatography inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry; ICP-MS, inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry; NA, not applicable; ND, not detected; NR, not reported.
aAll chickens in the study by Morrison (1969) were treated with roxarsone, and the FDA study (FDA 2011b) was an experi­mental study using roxarsone-treated and control chickens; the studies by Lasky et al. (2004) and Wallinga (2006) were not able to definitively determine which chicken samples had been treated with roxarsone. bAnnual mean concentrations from Food Safety and Inspection Service National Residue Program monitoring; the full range was not reported. cResults are for roxarsone-treated chickens with a 5-day withdrawal period.
Morrison 1969a NR Liver 181 150–790 NA
Kidney 117 < 100–240 NA
Muscle 181 < 100 NA
Skin 144 < 100 NA
Lasky et al. 2004 NR Liver 20,559 330–430b NA
Muscle (estimated) 20,559 NR NA
Wallinga 2006 ICP-MS Liver 151 ND–21.2 NA
Muscle (cooked) 90 ND–46.5 NA
FDA 2011bc ICP-MS and IC-ICP-MS Liver 21 275–2,940 0.1–9.1
Muscle (uncooked) 21 13.9–48.4 NA