Modeled PFOA Exposure and Coronary Artery Disease, Hypertension, and High Cholesterol in Community and Worker Cohorts

Table 2. Cardiovascular outcome frequencies (n).
Outcome Reporting outcome Reporting current medication or validateda (% of reported) Included in the primary retrospective analysisb Included in the prospective analysisc
aValidation was done only for coronary artery disease. Current medication includes self-reported use of current medication at the time of either survey round, or any medication use reported by a proxy. bHad age at diagnosis and all other model covariates. cHad age at diagnosis and all other model covariates, and age at diagnosis was after the age at the time of the C8 Health Project.
Hypertension 14,795 12,325 (83) 11,798 2,226
Hypercholesterolemia 15,825 9,909 (63) 9,653 1,825
Coronary artery disease 3,147 2,550 (81)a 2,468 515