Enablers and Barriers to Large-Scale Uptake of Improved Solid Fuel Stoves: A Systematic Review


Table 1. Basic characteristics of included studies.
Type of evidence/study ID Referencea Country Setting Adoption Sustained use
Abbreviations: GERES, Groupe Energies Renouvelables, Environnement et Solidarités; ID, identification; USAID, U.S. Agency for International Development.
aFor more information, see Supplemental Material, Table S1. bJagoe K, Bromley H, Chengappa C, Bruce NG, unpublished data. bJagoe K, Bromley H, Dutta K, Bruce NG, unpublished data. dConducted in a peri-urban setting.
(A) Qualitative studies          
A1 Anderson 2007 India Rural  
A2 Chowdhury et al. 2011 Bangladesh Rural
A3 Christoff 2010 Mexico Rural  
A4 Gordon et al. 2007 Mongolia Urban  
A5 Jagoe et al.b India Rural  
A6 Jagoe et al.c India Rural  
A7 Pandey 1989 Nepal Rural
A8 Person et al. 2012 Kenya Rural  
A9 Sesan 2012 Kenya Urband  
A10 Simon 2007 India Rural
A11 Sovacool and Drupady 2011 Bangladesh Rural/urban
A12 Troncoso et al. 2007 Mexico Rural  
A13 Troncoso et al. 2011 Mexico Rural  
A14 Velasco 2008 Mexico Rural  
(B) Quantitative studies          
B1 Agurto-Adrianzen 2009 Peru Rural  
B2 Bensch and Peters 2011 Senegal Urban  
B3 Damte and Koch 2011 Ethiopia Urban  
B4 El Tayeb Muneer and Mukhtar Mohammed 2003 Sudan Rural/urban  
B5 George and Yadla 1995 India Rural  
B6 Inayatullah 2011 Pakistan Rural  
B7 Jagoe et al.b India Rural  
B8 Jagoe et al.c India Rural  
B9 Levine and Cotterman 2012 Uganda Urban  
B10 Miller and Mobarak 2011 Bangladesh Rural  
B11 Mwangi 1992 Kenya Rural  
B12 Pandey and Yadama 1992 Nepal Rural  
B13 Pine et al. 2011 Mexico Rural  
B14 Pushpa 2011 India Rural  
B15 Silk et al. 2012 Kenya Rural  
B16 Wallmo and Jacobson 1998 Uganda Rural  
(C) Case studies          
C1 Amarasekera 1989 Sri Lanka Rural/urban  
C2 Barnes et al. 2012a India, Western Maharashtra Rural/urban  
C3 Barnes et al. 2012b India, Haryana Rural/urban  
C4 Barnes et al. 2012c India, Karnataka Rural/urban  
C5 Barnes et al. 2012d India, Gujarat Rural/urban  
C6 Barnes et al. 2012e India, Andhra Pradesh Rural/urban  
C7 Barnes et al. 2012f India, West Bengal Rural/urban  
C8 GERES 2009 Cambodia Urban
C9 Kürschner et al. 2009 Bangladesh Rural/urban
C10 Masera et al. 2005 Mexico Rural  
C11 Mounkaila 1989 Niger Urban  
C12 Namuye 1989 Kenya Urban  
C13 Osei 2010 Ghana Rural/urban  
C14 Sawadogo 1989 Burkina Faso Urban  
C15 Shastri et al. 2002 India Rural  
C16 Shrimali et al. 2011 India Rural/urban  
C17 Simon 2010 India Rural
C18 Sinton et al. 2004 China Rural/urban  
C19 Sudjarwo et al. 1989 Indonesia Rural
C20 USAID/Winrock 2008 Peru Rural  
C21 USAID/Winrock 2009 Bangladesh Urban  
C22 World Bank 2004a Guatemala Rural  
C23 World Bank 2004b Guatemala Rural  
C24 World Bank 2004c Guatemala Rural  
C25 World Bank 2010a Bangladesh Rural/urban  
C26 World Bank 2010b Bangladesh Rural/urban  
C27 World Bank 2010c Bangladesh Urban