Survey of County-Level Heat Preparedness and Response to the 2011 Summer Heat in 30 U.S. States

Table 1. Summaries of county-level preparedness and response to the extreme heat of 2011 in 30 U.S. states.
Preparedness or response action Percent of responding counties that responded “yes” No. of counties responding “yes”/no. of counties responding
Each row gives both the percent of counties responding “yes” of all counties with nonmissing responses for the factor as well as the absolute number of counties responding “yes” and responding with any nonmissing answer.
Preparedness for heat in 2011    
Existing heat plan in 2011 40 76/188
Existing heat wave definition in 2011 30 56/185
Response to heat in 2011    
Communicated about heat risks 73 132/180
Provided outreach/education on heat to public 64 113/177
Collaborated with other organizations 46 66/145
Opened cooling centers 40 61/152
Activated heat plan 24 46/188
Assisted with relocation during electrical outages 4 7/177
Provided financial assistance 3 6/177
Provided transportation 2 4/179
Hired new staff in response to heat 1 1/167