Public Health Stops at the School House Door

Table 2. U.S. EPA documents providing guidance on environmental health in schools.
U.S. EPA Product Content URL
IAQ Tools For Schools Action Kit Recommendations for managing IAQ, including radon, molds, cleaning, inspections
IAQ Design Tools For Schools Designing new buildings with IAQ in mind
HealthySEAT (version 2) Comprehensive recommendations for schools, including all federal regulations, customizable by states and districts
Voluntary Guidelines for States: Development and Implementation of a School Environmental Health Program Help states develop or expand environmental health programs for K–12 schools
Programs to reduce exposure to diesel exhaust from school buses Address the issue of pollutants from diesel school buses
School siting guidelines Provide information on how to evaluate environmental factors to make the best possible school siting decisions
Toolkit for Safe Chemical Management Provides information to start or improve a program to reduce chemical hazards and prevent future chemical mismanagement issues
Drinking Water at Schools Focuses on lead and copper in drinking water