Flavoring Chemicals in E-Cigarettes: Diacetyl, 2,3-Pentanedione, and Acetoin in a Sample of 51 Products, Including Fruit-, Candy-, and Cocktail-Flavored E-Cigarettes


Table 1. Flavors that contain diacetyl according to OSHA (OSHA 2010).
Flavor type Flavors in this group
Dairy flavorings Butter, cheese, cream cheese, cheesecake, milk, yogurt, ice cream, egg, ranch dressing, sour cream, buttermilk
Brown flavorings Butterscotch, caramel, vanilla coffee, tea, toffee, chocolate, cocoa, cocoa butter, maple, brown sugar, marshmallow, peanut butter, praline, hazelnut, other nut flavors
Fruit flavorings Strawberry, cranberry, raspberry, boysenberry, other berry flavors, fruit flavors—nearly any kind (e.g., banana, apple, grape, pear), cider, tomato
Alcohol flavorings Brandy, rum, whisky, tequila, pina colada
Miscellaneous flavorings Nutmeg, honey, graham cracker, vinegar, meat flavors